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Reds E-Juice Grape 60ml ejuice is the latest creation from Vape 7 Daze and this delicious mix of apple and grape is a fantastic combination. Bottle Size: 60ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of REDS E-JUICE GRAPE EJUICE

what's up guys tony Hannity's here no
tronco hi everybody this is lazy Tony
beeps here we're gonna do a review on
Red's great today this is what I have to
work with what's up guys lazy Tony vapes
here backup these sons of cloud vapors
HQ alongside Matt we are taking a look
at some of the new liquids from Redd's
Apple ale Ikhwan I'm super excited about
this because I love their Apple line and
their apple with ice line so let's go
ahead and give it a shot we're gonna
start with the standard one you know
without kind of ice Reds grape did I
even mention that I didn't mention it
hey we're doing great now
good times everybody let's give it a
shot yeah yeah okay we can be you know
full honestly out on the board here I've
been vaping this for about a week now
then they did this for about a week it
was kind of my adv for like two days
it was my adv not out of choice but out
of necessity because I did run out of
other D liquid it's one of those bottles
you're like oh I'm not a fan but I don't
want to go out and buy anything else
right now
it's neither of those okay let me be
perfectly frank with you what this
reminds me of and I'm this one reminds
me of it I'm certain this would remind
me of that as well - just with a little
ice or menthol is that you know those
drinks that it's basically syrup but
then you have to dilute it with water No
okay so my friends over across the pond
in England Ribena you know how
disgusting Urbina and Lukas Aid is
that's what this kind of tastes like
look the guys over at Reds you guys are
awesome the Apple is great but this
tastes a little bit too much like thick
syrup almost to the point that it kind
of tastes like cough medicine
aka Vicks so I'm not quite sure if I
want to be vaping on Vicks on a daily
now here's a thing when it comes to
synthetic grape flavoring that is very
difficult we did try one that had like a
white grape flavoring that was not bad
those okay but like your your average
purple grapes or your green grapes those
are the flavors that tend to be you know
very common they try to do well yeah god
I'm like vultures no it's too it's too
much it's too much like sugar and all
this other like chemical and bull crap
and they say it's like you know
concentrated you it's not it's yeah it's
BS so yeah I just not a fan of this what
let's just see how this one goes
okay that's a lot of menthol that kind
of step but honestly because there's a
lot of menthol in there it kind of makes
it a little bit better oh it doesn't
fully retract my statement I'm still not
a fan of it but it makes it better so
you know that one like that that one
dish or food that you don't like until
you put a lot of spices on it or like a
lot of salt on it and it's just because
of all that like extra stuff it makes it
that's what ice did to this it just made
it better it just made not so good a
liquid better to something that is a
little bit more palatable
now speaking strictly from an objective
standpoint of the flavors themselves yes
it's very syrupy to me yes it's also
very thick on the grape supposedly you
said there's a little bit of apple I
don't I don't taste the Apple definitely
taste the ice with the ice one what I
would I know I give I'm a down yeah I'm
like if you're gonna go this direction
just go a just go with what what they do
best and that's reds apple ice and that
can be found here you sense your cloud
so links as always are going to be in
the description below if you have any
questions or comments or you completely
disagree with us let us know in the
comment section below Matt how can
people follow you and as for me you can
find me on Instagram lazy Tony Bates or
obviously here on youtube at lazy Tony
vapes I'll talk to you guys in the next
one thanks again wait

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