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Red's E-Juice Apple 60ml ejuice from 7 Daze is an apple juice flavored e-liquid. It delivers the crisp sweetness of a freshly plucked apple into an all-day e-juice flavor. This Reds Apple Ejuice flavor has become one of the most popular flavors on the market, and that's all because of its spot on, authentic taste to that of a real apple juice box. Keep that doctor away by bringing your daily apple to the next level. The orchard sized clouds won't disappoint! If you really enjoy Reds E-Juice by Vape 7 Daze, also try their other flavors within this brand like Reds E-Juice Iced Apple.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of REDS E-JUICE APPLE EJUICE

what's going on everyone welcome back to
another juice review who that smells as
always joining me my lovely co-host and
partner sexual partner I'm the wife
Angela there you go
today we're gonna check out some liquids
that were sent over by veep society
supply links for all the liquids posted
in the description today these juices
are coming from a company called 7-days
breads apple juice I'm pretty sure you
guys have seen this stuff by now we have
four juices we have reds apple juice we
have grape Reds we have grape Reds with
was it called freeze or icers and iced
ice grape breads and iced apple juice
hopefully it does not contain never mind
I'm not gonna say no because I don't
want a video pulled out all right um
also at the end of this video we will be
announcing a giveaway for the Reds line
we're not doing any winter announcements
because we've done that in a previous
video so if you missed it go check it
out and with all that said take it away
co-host this whole line comes in zero
three six milligrams nicotine levels
it's a 70/30 VG PG ratio and basically
the register for iishe oh my goodness
the price is $15.99 for a what size
bottle 60 ml bottle 60 ml all right um
let me starting off with we are starting
off with the Reds ice actually let's
save the iced let's do the round iced
okay so Reds which is just a crisp apple
juice there we go Crisp apple juice
that's that's a complicated uh juice
description what is this mod that is the
serous or serious I want to say serous
from it's not launched fake who's it
I forgot and I want to say loss feet but
I think it's by another company
I think it's a new company I don't think
it's lost fate or maybe it is lost
fjords lhasa fades partner company and
where you want to be at where we at I
mean it watch we had Sun I don't know
how to change the wattage you have to
just click on there and then what you
highlight this right here hit the button
and then you just down to I guess we're
going to 80 watts this time because 90
might be a little too high for this
lovely apple juice
alrighty I'm scared remember don't say
anything's as you'll give it away for me
and then my mind will be just destroyed
with bad thoughts oh you gave it away
how I get God
you're supposed to wait I'd get beep I
didn't say what it tasted like
but you said you'd like it now so now
I'm gonna mom make me think it's good
what if I don't think it's ever done
I've had wrens before I already know
that I like it so hopes hmm very good
there's a really good apple flavor who
you think the joke no what kind of Apple
Flay we have to be you have to give them
details on the apple flavor it's not a
candied apple it tastes more like a like
a green a yellow red of rotten apple I
think it's like a tart green apple maybe
I could be wrong though yeah I'm not an
apple professional so I don't know the
really the difference between them but I
know they have some tartness to it so
I'm gonna say green apple cuz the green
ones are like the sour ones right yeah
this one's kind of tart but it is a
really really good apple Veit what no
one what are you smiling about
so all you're gonna say just it tastes
like apples that's all it is it's apple
juice all right this is a really good
apple flavor it's it's good there's no
funky aftertaste to it there's no nice
please throat hit feels clean going down
not like peppery or raunchy oh we forgot
to show the bottles where's the package
yet where did you shop you showed the
bar did I show the bargain oh my god no
child appealing labels whatsoever we
have a beautiful presentation of an
apple and yeah really nice bottles so
the bottles are a-okay in my book all
right all right we're gonna try the icer
we're going through the let's go with
the Apple all right so this one's same
thing this way - a menthol I'm assuming
right yeah yeah oh let me go first
because I want to be the experiencer on
this one all right experience away are
we all set up
yeah let me smell I don't smell the
menthol that's a good thing
whoa Wow
that meant thought watch when you get
all about immunity nyet you'll feel what
I just fell holy hell whoa
wow I can't even vape it here try it
let's see if you can move it no it's not
about the flavor it just opens you up
immediately go ahead Wow
doesn't it open you up like the menthol
like just hits your long like an ice
pick yeah it does
you don't taste the menthol do ya not
really it's just it's very cold Wow it
is whoo holy hell is it
cold as hell you're leaking yeah I'm
leaking I'm a weird rags over there
my pattern your rag oh this is by seven
days so I'm gonna say that there is too
much they said they're using menthol but
I don't know if it's like the cool lot
of stuff for the menthol but you really
don't taste the menthol part but you
feel it like Apple I know it's hard to
taste the Apple behind it it's really
powerful man Wow
this like force yourself to vape it take
a full vape and like your entire long
just like opens up then that weird
feeling yeah there's a lot in there man
there's a lot you don't taste actually I
don't think nothing no it's just cold
it's just cold you just that's it you
don't taste menthol taste Apple you just
get a burst of like someone stabbing you
in an ice pick that's what it's like wow
that's way too much Wow I'm very
disappointed so yeah if you want
absolutely no flavor and if you're sick
or your sinuses are acting up and you
need to clear don't even go towards the
cough drops yeah seven days you guys put
way too much in there I think you
overdid it
Wow alright let's go to uh great Fred
you know let's get the grape high-style
because it might be the same exact thing
let's do that real I'll let you do it
hopefully they didn't overdo it they
overdo it
I'm just want to know do I'm like losing
my voice
Fred stuff I don't know I don't know if
it's because of the first one I would
just take it I don't think it's as
powerful or just my lungs are frozen
I get it I think it's creepy it's as
powerful but the grape is stronger yeah
you could taste the grape at least in
this one but it's just as powerful Wow
yeah I can't even and it's not really
even a grape taste it's kind of like a
Roma that's already in your mouth but
there's no taste to it
I don't know if that makes sense but
I've had juices that were like iced with
like menthol or Coolatta but they only
put like a very tiny itty-bitty drop in
there so that way it doesn't hit but
they put too much in there Wow you can't
even vape it you can't take deep breaths
I need to have a drink of water before
we continue this ooh wow I feel so we're
going down there's a lot in there
my lungs Oh throat is frozen my flung
feel refreshed and my voice I'm losing
my voice all right whoo all right let's
try the street great all right there we
all right right what is it what is it
straight great we didn't read the
description oh my god the straight the
grape is a mixture of apple and grapes
you sure it's just not straight grape is
an apple and grape grips all right we're
if you say so we're gonna go buy exactly
what you say if you get it wrong there's
gonna be people crisp red apples juicy
concord grapes all right so now we know
they're red apples not green okay these
tart okay well maybe they're more like
spoiled they are not spoiling actually
no it is a good Apple
I think my lungs hurt now
I'm going into a panic attack alright
wait wait for me we
hmm that's good there's good it's really
it's got a very well blended apple and
grape like you don't taste it it's not
too eppley it's not too great be like
it's a nice it's really good yeah that
is nice oh it meant oh man wow yeah that
was strong really really really strong
warning like purposely like did that to
the bottle just because they knew it was
I would be getting on I guess everybody
I don't know I mean I guess if you
wanted it to feel like you're Bruce was
on ice but it's so harsh like you don't
taste what's behind you don't taste the
apples that's crazy
this grape apple is awesome yeah I like
dan that's good it is really good yeah
even if you're a menthol smoker and you
like menthol still it's too much it's
way too much yeah I can't even enjoy the
liquid but the regular Reds apple and
the grape Reds is very good very very
good it's very delicious good job I
think I should probably throw the robe
out or put them into the clearance bin
because no there's no way yeah alright
so that's it
so giveaway of course three bottles of
reds and what you guys got to do make
sure that your subscriber liked the
video and in the description let us know
or not the description the comments
section let us know which one do you
think would you would enjoy the Apple
the grape Apple or the ice versions of
them I don't see who would enjoy that
but yeah and then not next week because
we'll be in Alabama next week at the
Southside vape aureum pot hey if
anybody's out in the Alabama area come
by hang out with us everybody's gonna be
there but we'll be there next week so
there won't be a juice review next week
unless we do one in the shop but the
next time we do a video we'll announce
all the winners for the previous and for
this one alright
yes is it it you just want this over
without you bet menthol adjusts yeah I'm
feeling weird right help me I think my
lungs have seat I think my are uh like I
stuck yeah
so you can crank my lung oh my god just
hit it see the cracks Oh God alright
alright guys we'll see you next week or
and we can have week five two weeks

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