Vape Review of Red by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Red by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Red by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

Red by Beard e juice is a combination of two classic flavors that you will not be able to get enough of. Sweet, freshly picked ripe strawberries are layered with a velvety layer of cream for a perfect all day vape. The decadent and smooth taste of the sweet cream elegantly compliments the bold strawberry flavor for an ultimate dessert experience. Available in 60mL bottles and an MAX VG formulation, Red by Beard vape juice is a must vape so make sure to buy yours today!

Vape Review of Red by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Red by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

today's review being read by beard
colors C&S only the bed all coming I'm
coming that tower with a review no more
honey why do you know I like to drip my
like the group and drive I can good for
I like exuberant walk you know that's
what I do
busy watching me ain't enough to me
today look it's like that you see that
that's fine
alright then I'm back I'm gonna do if
you feel like I do all other team no
seat reviews now I'm gonna steam test of
all tests to take tests can imma see if
this hassle free up to par or price then
after that I will see if the team no see
proved enough you with that up with that
come on Sam let's get quit - I then I
got an intro today's review beard colors
guys I got beard red you know I'm
talking about it got the whole
description on the bottle it's a freshly
sliced strawberries later and delicious
cream now I'm kinda excited about this
man that's in the bottom of the pile
from flat package I got you know come
out that's okay
let me get at this see what's going on
so I'm doing like old school today bad
guy stuff old something new you fill me
I'm using my sigelei
og 150 look at that guy classic look at
that mint condition classic how you like
that beer as I'm going I got it with the
new joint on a note um I got a
stormtrooper going on top I got a nice
little Clapton build in there to going
in like that you know something like
tight den get in here man come shake
your fake man get on in here get on a
fire hating on somebody to be read wrong
flanks fresh strawberries in skin cream
we're strawberries and cream guys you
know how long strawberry face masculine
strawberry fan some of you guys I know
y'all tell me y'all follow me just cuz
we got the same palette so strawberries
it is steamed test real quick though
Skelly still found all that love pops
the jelly jelly 150 red I did not had to
go all red just one baby look at that
calf idea team no steepening I did fall
test and this right here is like a 70/30
80/20 a matter of fact I'm line is there
right here 85 15 on the beard red
getting here going in going up out of
here man real quick like and it's kind
of falling 85/15 you know I will take
them big long fools you know time I know
cloud blower I asked somebody count on a
vid 1 x equals you flow baby clouds no
doubt yeah I'm dead you know I'm saying
I'm like a review at all you know
something like a reviewers whole
clowning really all that for me for real
I like a nice big homey calcloud though
look at here going here man
ain't mad at it I would say that right
here right now hmm
take some fresh strawberry I take fresh
strawberries I taste the fresh cream you
know I'm soaked them up it tastes good
to me - mango fake it it's nice enough
you can eat in its fresh strawberries
and cream but I can't take nothing away
from again and then to it and this is
6mg guys 6mg you know told my I can take
them three that's how I roll yes i
strawberries and cream big colors red I
can go with this man for a minute you
know now let's get up in here look at
one more hit though man
this right here too easy man can decide
I got a little kick on in trooping that
nightmare that I'm talking about I feel
I got juices that got a harder tickling
that that I that I baby don't throw my
it takes good man I like it you know
there's a fresh strawberry come right
through with the cream on the back and
fresh strawberries and cream I'm liking
that you know talk about yeah ball
bearing the carnation milk Elsa stuff
that I'd and I got this it to be for
your base class icon' 14 little secret
do you fill me as a team no see cool
calm let me get in here is going here
real quick though is it hassle-free I
mean no doubt I take the bait master Bob
Capra honey I know about I pull the
platform for Big Bang normal through all
that like that no well I got
reminiscence I hate it the whole bottom
with plastics up you know childproof
like that you feel me
so it wasn't no hassle for me though
it's a slippery bit up the ball I like
it you know it's alright definitely up
the ball that's it worth to play now
opening on preface by that comedy no
seafood I kinda enjoy by tears like 2195
for 60 ml bottle guy 2195 for them 60 ml
bottom right here nice and up you know
look at the label row you can tell us a
grown man feet break beer got a man with
a beard on it just red and white you
know throw them out forget have some
free up to par 2195 on 2195 if you go
over there you big slice iconic efficacy
nosey cool calm it's gonna be like 20%
off that 25 2195 2195 and that's gonna
make you what like 20 percent 20 percent
- 2195 is gonna make it affordable if
you see no people proven not as a
yes 50 mil people pool and you know why
cuz your boy the drip angel signing your
message II said so that's why
do me a favor guys like comment share
subscribe get online with Tino steep
hearing that only the best al don't do
drugs drugs are bad
through Wolfpack stand up because if you
don't stand for something you'll fall
for anything seem no see I'm out

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