Vape Review of Reaver by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

April 21, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Reaver by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Reaver by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

Experience a cornucopia of juicy fruits fused with a base of heavy cream in Reaver by ANML Unleashed. Reaver provides a simplistic yet overwhelmingly delicious smoothie that will consistently provide an authentic experience. The inhale is painted with a delightful blend of strawberries and pineapples. Following the initial front note is a base of dense cream blended with a crisp coconut exhale found exclusively in Reaver. Be sure to buy a 60ML of Reaver by ANML Unleashed E-Liquid today!

Reaver by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Reaver by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

the fuck is up in CV squad bait BAM it's
your host your friendly neighbourhood
vapor Pat bringing another ejuice review
here today we got animal Unleashed
reader this is River now this juice was
sent to us for the purpose of this
review by drip Club so you can find the
stuff off of their website which is
so Reber by animal unleash this new
tropical smoothie flavor will refresh
your face off with both strawberries and
pineapples fresh coconut and indulgent
cream it's an excellent summer vape but
no law says you can enjoy it year round
created with the highest level of
craftsmanship and expertise Reaver is
absolutely is an absolute excellent and
a bottle just a must-try perfect all day
vape okay so we got strawberry coconut
pineapple cream gonna go ahead and give
you guys I'm gonna smell it let you guys
not smells here and I've already baked
like the fuck out of this bottle it's
like pretty much gone give you guys a
little close-up of the bottle and yeah
I've been I've been I've been enjoying
it it's pretty good anyways the smell
you pretty much get everything they said
in the description which is the
strawberry pineapple coconut cream I can
smell it all in there
and it smells like it's like perfectly
balanced and well blended
smells good anyways we're gonna be
vaping this off of the smock X cube
I got
the frickin smock cloudy stank on here
they've been at a hundred watts
101 watts I mean leave it out 100 watts
now I've already baked enough of this to
have a pretty good perspective on the
GSN I like it the only problem with it
is I wish I would be like have more
flavor it's not it's very like muted and
it's not it's not it's not it's not as
bold as I would like it to be like how
they said in the description of bold
strawberries yeah the strawberries
definitely the most dominant flavor out
of it but you do get the cream pineapple
and the coconut with it too but and it's
all like very well blended and stuff too
but it's just too muted for me I wish it
like I wish I could actually taste it
more but that didn't stop me from
fucking vape in the whole bottle and
stuff like what I recommend buying it
like I wouldn't recommend buying it for
the price it's more on the expensive
side I mean it is a good juice and I
couldn't babe it all day but it being 30
bucks for 30 milliliter bottle I think
he could get better juices for cheaper
so I wouldn't recommend buying it but it
is overall a good juice I'm gonna give
it a 7 I would give it a higher rating
if it wasn't for the pricing and yeah
just the only thing that they really
have to change with it I think is just
making it like strong like a like a
stronger tasting juice like it's like
too muted for my taste buds so it's
pretty much all I gotta say about this
juice hopefully this helps you decide
whether or not you want to try it out or
not if this video helps you make sure
you hit that like button like the video
leave a comment below let us know what
you thought and make sure you subscribe
if you're not already and stay tuned for
more reviews in the future peace out

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