April 24, 2018

Vape Review of Raspberry Sherbet Coil Sauce 10ml by Double Drip

10ml E-Liquid | Get on the raz with this tongue popping juicy fizz!

Vape Review of Raspberry Sherbet Coil Sauce 10ml by Double Drip

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Raspberry Sherbet Coil Sauce 10ml by Double Drip

as it goes up a fantastic day so as
you'll see if of the splash screen again
at the video which should pop up above 1
to 2 seconds and Michelle it agassi be
dr. Adani this is an review of a product
it is not in any way shape or form of
promotion for the product they will be
/b the beginning of every one of my
videos to say such a thing
I'm not in english' perform trying to
promote anything I'm just trying to give
you my opinion for informational
purposes that way if you like it you can
do what you wish with us so today we're
going to take a look at don't go to a
crowd source there must a shared a
station now the previous video you
looked out the lemon sugar patients
which they're going to look at the wasp
a shepherd we all first a gift upon here
very bay Jill huge clusters come out not
with one with couple of inside to the
inside and then sell information
leaflets later sugar is half of them
look at the box - the box again all the
ones they're 3 milligram strand it tells
you what doses left and I thought 10 mil
bottle it's got the flavor these be GPG
content or the ones on the back all the
ingredients there yeah all includes on
that and you've got again the negative
warning and other social medias on that
side so class alongside
can or bottle my shiny label and this
has not been a them so ought to be
fairly to the other one
so going to be a personal look at our
and give my honest opinion of what they
taste like
now I will say out of all the foods that
are on the market and your black corn
Lyons you mind doing is whatever whilst
they see a bit of one but isn't the
biggest represented so you don't see all
that many flies basically absorber so
it's nice to see equalled right babe
I've never had a white page share but
way about since I've sort of a them so
this will be undue experience
straight away straight away and it
automatically identity while stay on the
inhale straight away or while that's a
very nice birthday
Oh lovely taste business take the
business of our can taste the share bit
very well
it's weird sort of tingles on the a on
the exhale we wouldn't agree that wha
space is extremely extremely pleasant
and present Reds upon that inherits so
last day is a lovely flavor you might
own or to have a bit of like a face with
it's just perfect if I go last there's
champagne to be paid Napa ties wonder
what wall carpeting four days again that
might because I've got on on makin a
quick man walks bought to be fair let's
pop this down to seventy two watts
since you are there on the G f-350 with
the Judea audio okay a cloud peace
even on safety what the clapper took
some basic brilliant it is native eg as
done as lady d g20 PG liquid search
welcome to expect nice cloud production
board the flame 8 is out of this world
really really nice very very with
version and to prepare what I would
think all day so there's no guys that
may review on the by stationary then you
party would be formed at the lemon ry
page i pierce through the base every day
double to a coil sort of do an excellent
job thank you very much as I paid as
these for the well I can sing for the
sake of review of them and professionals
they've got a fantastic day babe say the
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