April 24, 2018

Vape Review of Raspberry Menthol E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

Raspberry Menthol E-Liquid by Liquorice Fruits is a fragrant and fruity vape with tangy raspberries, invigorating ice-cool menthol and spicy liquorice. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strength About Liquorice Fruits Delightfully nostalgic and bursting with face-twisting flavour - Liquorice Fruits is the latest range of liquids from UK industry-leading experts Vapouriz Labs. Four mouth-watering flavours provide fully-saturated taste and colossal clouds. Perfect for any sub-ohm setup.

Vape Review of Raspberry Menthol E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Raspberry Menthol E-Liquid Multipack by Liquorice Fruits

all right really rip tippers now to
adduce reviews look in the last three
years I've probably tried two thousand
different juices I'm not just faith most
stuff guys I'm always constantly trying
other brand and I'm always looking for
that something special and it's very
very hard because a lot of these used
companies a lot of these manufacturers
are using the same ingredient mm oh I've
tried okay that is a lot of juice and
I'm going to say this most of it was
average most of it tastes the same but
then you come across something that's
different and that's what this juice
line is now if you ever heard of the
naked line there's a naked original line
and then there's a naked candy line now
the candy line I tried and I was like
huh shit this stuff is good that's what
I'm going to be reviewing for you today
the naked original line is really good
too but that's what intrigued me because
their stuff it just tasted better than
most out there to me they're naked
original is like a book up for most
juice lines and what I like about their
stuff their packaging their labeling
it's very clean it's classy
so this naked candy line comes in glass
dropper bottle 60 ml bottle you're not
going to leave the price point 22 95 for
each 60 ml that's a steal in my opinion
but there are 70 VG juices every single
one of them 70 VG 30 PG juices you got
zero three six and 12 milligram nicotine
options so here's the packaging for the
yummy gum again very simple and classy
and here's the packaging for the sour
sweet again simple and classy
and last but not least the berry belt
simple and classy as well
so for each of these juices that I
review for you guys I'm going to take it
in three different levels so for the
first one the yummy gum I'm going to pop
it into a sub ohm tank vape it then I'm
going to pop it into an RTA in vape it
and I'm going to pop it into an RDA and
vape it and I'm going to go down the
line to do for the other two juices sub
ohm tank RTA RDA do it in three
different levels baby
so the first use that I'm going to start
off with is this yummy gum now this is
my least favorite and that's why I'm
starting off with a but it's still
fantastic for the vapor that bike's
bubble gum when I pop the lid it smells
like original bubblicious smells good
original bubblicious I'm not really a
bubble gum babe guy though so I loaded
up some of this yummy gum in the UL
crown version 3 I got her sitting on the
smock o sub 80 watt vapor and 80 watts
the cool head that's in here is the
point mm cool head airflow halfway open
next set up I got the Visnjic predator
two to eight and sitting on top is the
art ta the build I have in here is a
single fuse class and she's reading at
0.35 on the paper 50 watts of star
bottom airflow open up halfway top
airflow open up just a smidge and the
last setup that I have this yummy gum
loaded into is the farro dripper tank
which is basically an RDA got are
sitting on the Al 85 by snog vapor at
fifty five point five watts the build I
have in here as a point three five ohms
Clapton and I got the air flow for this
chuck-a-luck ur all the way open oh yeah
and I'll post link down in the
description to all the stuff that I just
showed you the RDA the RTA the sub ohm
tank and the mod first things first
though let's tape on this yummy gum and
this uo crown sub ohm tank sitting on
the O sub 80 watt shall we
when I first baked on the yummy gum it
tastes like bubblicious like original
bubblicious then I let it sit for a week
and after a week I'm getting that
original bubblicious
and then on the tail end strawberries
now this is a subtle bubblegum in my
opinion it's not a strong sweet
bubblegum it's a subtle slightly sweet
bubblegum with a hint of strawberry on
the end vapor production is solid most
year 70 VG juices out there is going to
have solid vapor production now mind you
this yummy gum is sitting in the subtle
tanks so the flavor in the vapor it's
not going to be quite as intense is in
something like an RTA or an RDA now
let's try this yummy gum in the faroe
RTA stood on the Wiz mech 2 to 8
definitely more intense obviously you
see the vapor production you're going to
get more of that bubblegum it's going to
be sweeter and that obviously depends on
a build you have in here in the large
Applewood this build out the bumper up
to sixty Watts read that 0.35 and I shut
off the top airflow open up the bottom
and I'm getting a stronger bubblicious
note with even more strawberry on the
end a lot more it's almost like a Tom
and askew times more and if I take the
water jump even more over 70 watts I
want to see the flavor comes through you
more oh yeah that's sweeter and the
juice really kicks in when you take up
the wattage I get more of the strawberry
and I still get that bubblicious now I'm
going to give this yummy gum ago in the
Farrow dripper tank same builders in the
Farrow RTA and I'm vaping our 65 watts
whew that's aa debate we've got to take
the waters down this is the same as that
build in the dripper tank as it is in
the RTA and I to bump the waters down
but I've noticed a sweetener coming
through more in this RDA than it ever
did in the RTA this wheter actually
takes over and I taste left a bubble gum
I'm gonna try bumping down the wattage
you see that bubble gum comes to more so
you have 40 1.5 watts that bubble gum
comes through more and I still get a
strawberry on the end so for me out of
the three devices the three delivered
devices the one that I like the best is
the RTA final sauce of the yummy gum
it's not an all-day date for meat but
it's a good solid bubble gum as far as
throat hit for this yummy gum what I did
was I took a zero milligram I mixed it
with a three milligram I made a 1.5 and
the throat hit was smooth even with a
three milligram of throat hit was smooth
now on to the sour sweet
okay she's a 70 VG 30 PG juice just like
all the rest of them in this line and
smelling it right off the bat I get a
lemon-lime with a sour note something
else in there definitely something else
in there I can't really put my finger on
and just to let you guys know I've
already baked two at the 60 ml bottle
and I first smelled it I didn't really
put the pieces together until I've baked
it and then I've ate it I was like oh
sour patch kids sour patch kids without
the texture I mean on freakin point sour
patch kids just like the yummy gum I'm
going to be vaping this sour sweet in a
sub ohm tank and an RTA and in an RDA
and I'm going to start her off in the
sky on sub ohm tank by Innokin got the
airflow halfway open they for a 55 watt
coil head that a venir 0.5 ohm coil head
he's cool
it's for the Innokin sky on some of the
best cool heads that I've baked on man
as far as flavor I mean it's right up
there with the best of them but yeah you
guys know the drill let's go and hit her
up vapor you guys see it I mean it's
clouding up the room again 70 bg-30 PGD
throat hit this is a 1.5 milligram and
the throat heads nice and smooth even at
3 milligram the throat hit is nice and
smooth these are some of the best coil
heads out in the market right now in my
opinion but the flavor is just not what
it is in an RTA or an RDA I feel like
the flavor drops off in a sub on tank
you're just not getting the best of it
you're not getting every single note
actually I'm not even getting half I'm
just giving like a sour and then kind of
like a lemony lime but there's something
in the middle
something juicy that you get off of an
RTA in an RDA that you just don't want
to sub ohm tank now on to the feral RTA
we're going to bump it up a notch okay
so I'm vapor at sixty two point five
watts got two point three five on
building your same build as I have with
a yummy gum and I've got the airflow at
the bottom halfway open and just a
little bit open at the top so I'm
telling you that is like double double
the flavor on the inhale I'm getting
that sour note on the exhale I'm getting
that sour note immediately in that
middle that juiciness is that that sour
patch candy like it's almost like the
gummy note mmm I'm telling you every hit
it just gets better and better and
better you know what I'm going to take
up the waters just for kiddies and
skittles okay I'm gonna take over 70
actually know what 75 watts oh that's
interesting okay that's our note it goes
away it diminishes you're losing that
sour patch kids special thing going on
if this juice has so at lower large is
like 60 2.5 watt yeah yeah that's all
money now into the sparrow dripper
tangyuan vapor even lower waters 45
watts for the same bill that I have in
the RTA 0.35 airflow two slots open at
the bottom you know the drill
okay with this RDA or there's dripper
tank more the sweeter notes are coming
out take her up 10 watts 55 watts oh
yeah right there 55 watts that's when
you start to get into it and that
lemon-lime that limit line that sour
note it starts to bump up as lower
wattage is on this this guy became
sweeter they're sweeter notes came out
but then as I bumped the water jump on
this the sour notes really started jump
out this is an all-day vapor me yeah all
day they I rate this thing four out of
five out of an RDA four out of five
that's exceptional three out of five on
an RTA two to two and a half out of five
on a sub own tank and that's where the
sour sweet now if we were to jump back
to this yummy gum off of a sub o tape
with the yummy gum I would give it about
a two and a half three out of five I'd
give this yummy gum a three and a half
out of five out of an RTA and then a
three off this dripper tank or an RDA
now last but certainly not least Barry
belts and to me this is the best juice
out of the candy line by far this stuff
right here is just crack got into Skylon
tanks in on the OS of 81 so good off the
sub own tank if you're a sub own take
vapor this juice fufufu it pops baby
what i'm getting out of this is sour
bill you know that sour bell candy
that's what I get oh yeah it's that sour
built on the inhale sour belts on the
exhale strawberry strawberry blackberry
sour belts is what I'm getting in a sub
ohm tank now it does change in an RTA
and it does change in an RDA for the
better now if I switch to an RTA in this
case the Pharaoh are chasing on the whiz
mech two to eight redditor two to eight
point three five on bill fifty seven
point five watts like I said like a sub
ohm tank or just a step now here's what
I'm getting on the inhale again
sour belts exhale tower bells but I'm
also getting fun dip now let's all my
friends try this and they say on the
exhale they're getting a creamy note
well that creamy note that I'm getting
it's not a creamy note it's fun depth
it's like a chalky powdery strawberry
very mentally shocky fun Death Note does
that make sense
I'm going to bother the waters to see if
the other flavour intensifies I mean I
already know but you don't know yet 68.5
was definitely get sweeter oh you have a
flavor still there it's even sweeter
though I like it uh okay it'll get
maybe in between maybe like 65 watts
that's only 65 watts 65 watts at point
three five ohm with the airflow halfway
closed off the bottom out of the park
now on to the RDA or the dripper tank so
I'm big refis loss of the 0.35 on bill
airflo two slots open at the bottom you
know the drill vapors great weather use
the sub ohm tank and RTA or an RDA to me
though I get just as good a flavor off
of an RTA with this juice as I do in an
RDA so off of this sub on tank I rate
this juice four and a half out of five
with the RTA I rate it five out of five
you never see any red juices but I Ray
juices on a daily off the camera and
I've never gotten a five out of five
that's how good this is all day every
day vase so that right there boys and
girls is my take on the naked ejuice
candy line I highly recommend two of the
three actually one of them the the yummy
gum for the bubble gum vapor I think
you're going to like it little too
subtle for me I'm not really a big
bubble gum vapor but the other two the
sour sweet and then the berry bill sour
sweet all day every day vape in a
dripper tank or an RDA and then for the
freakin berry bells that's a winter
winter winter all across the board
solid juices guys I'll post a link down
the description where you can get them
so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if
you liked it want to see more juice
reviews like this video down below and
if you want to see more of me subscribe
for more this is ripped rippers and
remember smoking is dead vaping is the
future and the future is now

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