Vape Review of Raincheck E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Raincheck E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

Vape Review of Raincheck E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Menthol vape juice is a debatable concept among vapers everywhere. For those who love a cool refreshing icy menthol vape, Rain Check is your e-liquid. Among landing on the front note, a sweet and creamy vanilla delivers a deceptively sugary note. As the e juice levels off, a nearly overwhelming peppermint note floods the back note providing a fresh vape experience. Get your 30ML bottle of Raincheck by Vampire Vape today!

Vape Review of Raincheck E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Raincheck E-liquid by Vampire Vape (30ML)

it gets welcome back you're watching DVR
on YouTube I'm going to be doing the
deuce review on three flavors from
vampire lips today now these are the
flavors that I've got here we've got
Heisenberg we have Pinkman and we've
also got attraction now Heisenberg and
Pinkman are limited edition flavors
these liquids are all 60/40 pg/vg and
I've just done a couple of reviews on
the high VG range that vampire VIPs do
the fantasy and rainbow skull so check
those videos out as well these are part
of their standard range so they are
higher in PG more designed for using in
kind of RBA's clearomizer x' tanks
because they're going to wick so well
and these flavors are all fruity menthol
type flavors and yeah let's take a VIP
and let's tune in and find out exactly
what they're all about
okay so fruity mentals right up my
street really are right up my street the
first flavor that we're going to try is
the Heisenberg not surprisingly perhaps
if you're a fan of Breaking Bad this is
a brewery liquid and as I say 6040 PG VG
they do come in a range of nicotine
strength so you can get these in zero
six twelve and eighteen milligram
nicotine strengths as well price-wise a
10 ml bottle is going to set you back
three pounds 99 so not an expensive
liquid at all and you can also get these
in 30ml walls for $9.99 and they come
with the childproof caps that you see
here tactile warning triangle and all
the usual warnings that you'd expect on
the label as well now I'm going to be
vaping these on the quasar RDA I've got
this on the IP v3 running a dual micro
coil at point five arms and I'm vaping
these at 50 watts
ates it doesn't disappoint this one it
really doesn't disappoint this is a
stunning flavor and as I say Heisenberg
and penguin a limited edition I really
hope they continue to produce this
liquid because it's just a wonderful
flavor it's like a blueberry menthol
that's what I'm getting from it I am
really really fruity and just packs an
absolute ton of flavor into it now on
the inhale it's just fruit it's just you
know that that blueberry flavor comes
through so strongly and really does fill
the mouth and it's an absolute
mouth-watering flavor there is a really
nice cooling throat hit to this as well
and you know that's the kind of mental
element to this flavor it's not a mental
flavor as such you know this isn't a
really strong really hard-hitting
menthol at all but there is that cooling
element to it that goes along with the
fruit and works really well I think in
fruit flavors to give you that
satisfying throughout it and that
satisfying vibe that you want and these
are the six milligram nicotine strengths
that I've got here and the throw I hit
that I'm getting from it is exactly what
I would want and expect from a liquid of
this type of six milligram now although
these are higher mpg you're still
getting a great amount of vapor from
them that is obviously going to come
down to what you're vaping in the one
but these flavors have also vaped in our
ears and clearomizers I've got the
Heisenberg in the Lima drop that's how
I've been vaping it and it's just a
wonderful wonderful all day of if it
really is the next flavor we're going to
try is Pinkman again this is a fruity
menthol flavour and but it's going to be
slightly different to the Heisenberg one
thing to mention as well they do come
with a really fine needle nose bottle so
these are ideal for filling tanks and
clearomizer z' with I'm going to go
ahead I'll get the cotton cleaned out
I'll be back in just a second and we'll
take a bit of
one okay so this is Pinkman but it
loaded up on the dripper let me take a
bit I'll tell you what I think - it
again really nice amount of vapor from
it it's not quite as much throughout
here on this one as there is with the
Heisenberg and I think that's to do with
the fact that there's not quite as much
menthol coming through in this and it's
not exactly what I expected actually I
was expecting the kind of pink grip
through menthol like quite a sharp taste
the flavor that I'm getting from it the
really strong flavor that I'm getting on
the initial inhale excuse me is a
strawberry flavor yeah it's it's
strawberries and red berries that are
coming through it's still a stunning
flavor and absolutely tons of fruit
coming through in this but it is more of
a fruity flavor than a menthol this one
the Heisenberg is probably as much
mental as it is fruit and this one yeah
I still look there's still a satisfying
throw at it but not as much throw it as
there is with the Heisenberg
really nice really really nice and
fruity and strawberry is the main flavor
that I'm getting from it but there are
other red berries in there as well that
you pick up in the aftertaste and just
hang around in your mouth afterwards
again it's a really nice flavor and
personally I prefer the Heisenberg
that's more up my street because you've
got that very cooling
menthol flavor coming through really
prominently this one you do still have
that but it's just a little bit more
subtle I'm really impressed with the
vapor I'm getting from these really
impressed it's 60 60 PG and I think the
vapor production is fantastic and as I
say I have vape these include misers and
couple of cartomizers as well actually
and the vapor production has been really
good on everything I've vape them on so
that's really nice to see now the final
one we're going to try in this range is
the attraction so once again I'll go
ahead I'll get the cotton cleaned out in
the dripper I'll be back in just a sec
and we'll take a bit off that one
okay so we're all loaded up with
attraction let me go straight ahead I'll
take a vape and I'll say what I think to
this one now this one again steps up the
menthol a little bit from the Pinkman
and it is more in line with the
Heisenberg for the the fruit and menthol
balance it's a very fruity flavor again
nice amount of menthol so you getting a
great throughout hit with it and as you
can see a really good amount of vapor as
well from this what's nice about these
three flavors actually is that although
they're all fruity menthols they're all
very different very unique and I've got
to admit when I read the descriptions of
these and I saw they were all fruity
menthols I was a little bit um concerned
as to what I'd be able to talk about and
tell you about them you know they're all
fruity menthols but as I said they're
all very very different now Heisenberg
and to say I'm getting a blue berry
menthol from that that's the prominent
flavor that's coming through and it
blueberry maybe a little hunt maybe a
little hint of blackcurrant in there as
the Pinkman is very much a straw
and red berry flavor but the
strawberries the really prominent flavor
in that one now this one is a berry vape
this is red berries through and through
with a really nice amount of menthol
coming through in it as well it's still
wonderful throw a on that wonderful
wonderful throw and a really full flavor
the flavor from these is just phenomenal
absolutely the amount of flavor that I'm
getting from it's just wonderful
absolutely wonderful it's like taking a
drink of the liquid in a way you know
that's the only way I can describe it
and I've said that a few times in my
reviews because it absolutely fills your
mouth that's the impression I get from
it you know that the flavor really does
fill your mouth and it's just like
taking it taking a drink of it and
that's really all I can tell you about
it guys the attraction is very much red
berries and a nice amount of menthol as
well I've really enjoyed all of those
flavors now the arm right up my street
I'm a big fan of fruity menthol and
sweet flavors it you know really enjoyed
them really enjoyed them so a big thank
you to vampire VIPs for sending them out
if you do try and easy liquids leave a
comment down below let me know what you
think to them as well as we are all
aware taste is a very subjective thing
so I'm always interested to hear how you
find the liquids and what your
experience with them is as well a huge
thank yous always to you guys for
watching and I will see you in the next

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