Vape Review of Rainbow E-Liquid by Pocket Fuel (10ml)

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Rainbow E-Liquid by Pocket Fuel (10ml)

Vape Review of Rainbow E-Liquid by Pocket Fuel (10ml)

Taste the rainbow with Pocket Fuel's Rainbow e-liquid. This fruity blend is candy-coated for a sweet flavour with a juicy, zingy and vibrant hit of citrus and soft berry. This max VG blend is perfect for sub-ohm devices and serious cloud chasers. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths Suitable for sub-ohm devices only About Pocket Fuel Made in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapour Labs, Pocket Fuel is leading the way in accessible Sub-Ohm e-liquids. Specially made for cloud chasing, their range of 12 mouth-watering flavours are made using the finest UK-sourced ingredients.

Vape Review of Rainbow E-Liquid by Pocket Fuel (10ml)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Rainbow E-Liquid by Pocket Fuel (10ml)

what is up guys sir
vaping lot here and welcome back to
another video so today we're gonna be
doing a juice review for or is it
we have Rainbow Boy pocket fuel eliquid
right there's I'm gonna focus is it
gonna focus yeah there we have it
rainbow bar pocket fuel if you don't
heard that I don't know whereabouts all
from the UK but there was a massive
thunderstorm here last night and after
the rain I'm sure there was a rainbow so
I decided to pick this so yeah that all
some guys at vaporize sent me this over
I've not even smelled like that dark
color I didn't expect it to be that sort
of them that sort of dark yellow any
darken it would remind me of a a desert
flavor but I don't think this is a
flavor to be rainbow rainbow cheesecake
let's give it a little sniff sniff
and that kind of smells quite citrusy
just knocking everything over anyway
we've got this awesome new rdta from the
guys at Adam just here I'm going to fill
this up it's freshly wicks so we're
gonna drip this up check out that cool
awesome way of filling just from the top
there you just push it down and you feel
straight in to the chamber
I haven't baked yet but just pulsing it
and this tank does take some little bit
a little bit of fiddling around to get
working properly so I'll explain that
when I do the review specifically for
this tank but yeah we're gonna work in
and now we are going to have a vape of
rainbow vape the rainbow Cal let's give
it a go
plan around the air flawless this is a
max VG liquid 80/20 blend I think that
you might be six milligrams
nope three milligrams so what might you
get with this it's it's a citrusy sort
of candy bond there's a lot of different
fruits in this I can taste and then out
it kind of reminds me of skittles but a
bit more citrusy than that not as sweet
there is sweetness there but it's a bit
more citrusy release that's what I'm
picking up you know Tacy's objective
I don't know everyone's taste is
different as long as everyone's taste is
is different so field might pick up
different flavors this is just my
opinion like any any Jewish review it
feels a bit like it tastes sorry it
feels it tastes a bit like skittles but
a bit more citrusy than that and there's
some pick up some berries in there as
well now this might just be me it might
just be me but I feel like there's a
little bit of sugar in there yeah
yeah it does feel like there's a mixture
of fruits definitely some berries yeah
it reminds me of skittles but a bit more
citrusy than skittles so not to start
the normal skittles life they've done
like a citrus mix of skittles I don't
know if they do or not but that's kind
of really what it reminds me of you're
getting it's like a blended concoction
of fruit on the way in and on the way
out there's not really any kind of fruit
that really jumps out at me if you like
your your citrusy fruits and your fruity
cocktails then you will I'm sure you'd
correct kind of like you like this juice
I do like it don't in wrong I do like
it's not my favorite from pocket fuel or
the vaporize range which includes like
pure evil double drip pocket fuel I
think that there might be some more I'm
not sure but I think there's some more
it's not my favorite but it's not my
least favorite you know I do like it I
can't see myself finishing this bottle I
will leave it in there and it says I
think that's for miltank I'll bake this
for the rest of the day with an extra
little we're with the rest of the bowl
with me of courses for meal was not
gonna last me too too long but I do like
it and thank you so much the guy that
vaporizes sending me this out I really
appreciate it it's getting Connor other
names you can see it's getting quite
foggy in here for me it's a cloudy juice
but yeah really really nice juice and
again thank you to vaporize to sending
me this out and they send me a lot of
juices out so we're gonna take awhile to
get through all the review Cupid juices
is very very large I am getting really
gradually slowly but surely I'll get
through this alright guys I hope you
liked this video if you did hit that
thumbs up button hit that like button
hit that serve open that logo when it
does appear it's not this one anymore
it's the new one so hit that to
subscribe to my channel and again till I
see you next time peace

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