Vape Review of Propaganda Wildfire E-Liquid

April 18, 2018 11 min read

Vape Review of Propaganda Wildfire E-Liquid

Vape Review of Propaganda Wildfire E-Liquid

Wildfire: like a ferocious, out of control force of nature, this vape juice will captivate you with its sweet, fresh flavor magnificently reminiscent of Italian Mezzaluna cookies! Warm flaky sweetness crossed with rich, aromatic almond essence and a final note of vanilla bean results in the finest taste of freshly baked cookies, straight outta the oven!

Vape Review of Propaganda Wildfire E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Propaganda Wildfire E-Liquid

what's up guys run good vapes here at
again on this beautiful Tuesday we are
gonna be going over a liquid that has
literally blown me away I have been on
the hunt for a premium illiquid you know
I was getting so sick of the word
premium every single company has the
word premium on their page but I've been
on the hunt for a truly premium premium
juice that completely separates itself
you know I've tried the one-hit wonder
I've tried kilo I've tried
cosmic fog you know all these juices
that you think are gonna be right at the
top and they're like yeah they're
alright they're good I can vape them but
I've been looking for the truly premium
eliquid line you know Nighthawk was
close a stash sauce right up there but I
think I finally found one that fits
exactly what they call themselves
propaganda premium eliquid
so they use the word premium in their
name that meant nothing we hear that all
the time they did send me their line to
review for for the purposes of this
review they sent it in great little
packaging here a nice little box kind of
similar to like a sample box packaging
but even a little nicer very clean look
very clean look if you can see that they
are a company out of Santa Ana
California down on MacArthur Boulevard
um big company big company I'm gonna put
a couple links where you can buy these
products in the info below one sites got
their two juices that I believe they've
taken out of the line still available so
you might want to try those out I have
the four juices in the current line two
of these juices are pretty freakin new
they've revamped the
the labeling pretty much the company as
a whole they're already a pretty large
and successful illiquid company and I
think this is just going to put them
over the top because one of their new
flavors maybe my number one of all time
and we will get into that but a
propaganda eliquid let's jump right into
it guys we are going to start with
Illuminati Illuminati is they have it
listed as a refreshing blood orange
complemented by sweet undertones of
pineapples and strawberries and I will
show you their bottle all their bottles
are the same except for the name of the
juice at the top it is a very very clean
looking bottle I love that eye of a
circle um these are all going to be
three milligrams 15 milliliter bottles
they've got the dark amber on the side
allows for that flavor to just hold
forever there drippers are pretty
high-quality they aren't using the cheap
stuff they came sealed excellently no
problems with the packaging pretty sweet
flavor card gave me the profile on all
four if you were to get all four you'd
probably get that thrown in there as
well but we are gonna go ahead and vape
the Illuminati on the RX 200 with the
Herakles plus and the third a drip tip
which is amazing but let's go ahead and
give Illuminati a couple polls here
and you you can you can get that blood
orange instantly I mean there's no
waiting on that yeah what what I love
about this juice is there's a big hit of
the blood orange that's definitely the
primary flavor but that the sweet
undertones of pineapples and
strawberries when I read that I was like
sweet undertones like how is that going
to affect you know the come down from
from the vape and maybe it's excellent
so it's blood orange and then literally
like as you exhale the blood orange
lowers and you get these sweet hints I'm
definitely a little pineapple even less
strawberry but I like that combination
of the pineapple and the strawberry on
the exhale it really pulls it together
the blood orange fades and then you just
get this sweet aftertaste
it's an excellent excellent juice I
think they probably worked on this one
for ever because that it's just like
blood orange and then sweet and it's
just such a gentle slide down that it's
an unbelievable vape
definitely an all day vape I mean I
could all day vape this I mean I could
buy one twenty of us and sit on it until
it was gone and that's rare
I switched uses all the time but I think
all four of these I could order at 120
and just vape it if it was my only
bottle and be completely satisfied
but yeah I mean this is crazy but zero
to ten I'm gonna give it at ten they hit
exactly what they say and that's rare um
it is a blood orange with hints of that
sweet strawberry see that one I have an
aftertaste of strawberry the prior few
it was an aftertaste of pineapple with a
little strawberry so I think that's
gonna change I'm vaping it about 70
watts 0.42
it's the Tri camp Thal coil in my
Herakles Plus here and this tanks also
amazing on flavor so it helps but I vape
these in the velocity at a little lower
and a little higher and it's just
everything is just so smooth
unbelieveable alumini zero to ten of ten
all day vape for sure blood orange
strawberry pineapple head on the exhale
absolutely love it next we're gonna take
a look at wildfire okay yeah it's next
up we are taking a look at propagating a
wildfire and I love the name it's
applicable to the taste and I'm gonna
explain here in a second propagating a
wildfire they have listed as freshly
baked cookies with a hint of toasted
almonds so this juice hit me hard
so it literally takes me back to when I
was a kid grandma was baking cookies
take them out you eat them fresh I mean
it's a warmer vape from the get-go and I
think the taste just has a part of
playing into that you know sometimes it
just tastes warmer and it literally
tastes like a fresh-baked cookie my only
hiccup with the description as it says
with the hint of toasted almonds and I
feel like this is a pretty heavy almond
flavored cookie I get quite a bit of
almond on this but man if you like fresh
baked cookies and you're an almond fan
which I am this is a juice like no other
I mean it is just completely different
from anything I've ever had yeah I've
had some fresh-baked cookie juices but
that almond is the perfect accent on
this flavor profile it is just it brings
it all together you get that cookie warm
fresh-baked feel but you get that real I
believe I'm finding at least at 67 watts
on this juice I'm finding a pretty heavy
almond as well which I'm finding super
man just the more I vape it the more I
fall in love with it
I haven't vaped a lot of this one so
this is kind of a newer experience but I
am absolutely loving that warm baked
with heavy almond it's crazy zero to ten
another ten when I all day vape it
absolutely multiple days in a row again
super super stoked on this wildfire we
are two for two
man that's great next we're going to
take a look at subliminal I'm gonna go
over some pricing at the end but we've
got propaganda subliminal coming at you
next so now we're gonna take a look at
propaganda subliminal again the same
packaging on that amber bottle with that
eye and the circle loving that packaging
lovin the bottles this one is going to
be a sweet and sour raspberry belts as
you saw in the picture it's like a sweet
and sour raspberry candy of this one in
the next one or the reason I had to get
this review up today cuz I am just I'm
gonna be out if I don't and I finally
found a place I can get some hands on
some more ASAP probably this afternoon
because the one I'm gonna review last I
am gonna need to get a bunch of but uh
this is propaganda subliminal
the only thing I found about this
subliminal is I'm getting a little less
vapor and I noticed that pretty pretty
ongoing with the subliminal but I'm okay
with that because the flavor is just
rich I mean as you saw in the picture
the candy the the what they call them
this the raspberry belts I think the
sweet-and-sour belts um it's exactly
like that it's almost like I have one in
my mouth
because you know with the vape you get
that kind of juicy feel juicy I said
juicy I've been vaping some juicy but uh
you get you get some of that feel in
your mouth and it's just it's it's
spot-on I don't know what else to say
about this I feel like I'm just raving
like I own propaganda or something but I
don't obviously I live in Iowa they're
in Santa Ana California and that didn't
even really know who they were until
they sent this out for review but I
absolutely loving it it is truly just it
you get the sweet you get the sour and
it's all raspberry and I'm loving it
it's just like that sweet and sour
raspberry belt candy absolutely loving
this zero to ten yet again a ten an all
day vape for sure I'm almost out of this
fuse so I had to get this review up
absolutely loving it absolutely love it
last but not least we are gonna take a
look at propaganda reform I have saved
if you can believe it the best for a
life okay that's so last we are gonna
take a look at propaganda reform we have
saved the best for last surprisingly
what are we a 10 out of 10 10 out of 10
10 out of 10
this is reform it is an apple cinnamon
crumb cake so in my experience with
everybody's got you know
an apple jacks or an apple with another
fruit or this or that I've never found
anything that really makes me feel like
I'm taking a bite out of an apple and
I'm an Apple guy I like apples I like
apples I like bananas I got some
strawberry banana vapes I'm vaping on
one from Texas travel that I'm enjoying
but I never found a really true Apple
that I've that I've loved and this is
apple cinnamon crumb cake
oh man
do you guys love vaping or what I
absolutely love vaping this is another
juice that I'm really glad that the
vapor provides that like almost wet
texture because I literally feel like
I'm taking a bite out of an apple oh man
this is the first juice I've had
probably sends flavor savors - dose that
I don't want to put down I have to force
myself to stop vaping I mean I will sit
here and go through a tank like that
especially on this Herakles Plus that
soft snooze but it's worth the flavor
but like this reform is just on freaking
believable it's an apple and it's got a
small hint of that like crumb cake on
the end but it's mostly it's prominently
an apple I mean there's there's some
it's cinnamon
my girlfriend VAP says she says it's
like the inside of an apple pie you know
the Apple goodness that's inside of the
pie because you get that cinnamon you
get that Apple
some people might call it an Apple Jacks
taste but uh I like that the apple
cinnamon crumb cake crumb cake better
cuz it's like a crumb cake with cinnamon
apple inside of it like the little apple
so a few times over the last couple
months I've had a couple juices that
have separated themselves from anything
I've had in the past they've gone to the
top you know we've had a custard Cloney
or whatever the custard was from
nighthawk we've had stash sauces flavor
savor you know we've had a few that have
just separated themselves GCD from Nikko
ticket but this reform from propaganda
it's in a whole different class I mean
if I had to choose right now one juice I
would vape on for the rest of my life
until I quit vaping though if I had to
have one juice this is the juice I would
want and I know that's a bold statement
but this is the very end of the bottle I
could not put this down I thought I was
gonna have to go get more just so I
could do the review but I was able to
save just enough to get about half a
tank here so I could really get an
enjoyable flavor for you guys it is
if you like apple cinnamon if you like
apple pie if you like apple cinnamon
crumb cake if you like apple this is a
juice you have to get I can't say it
enough on freakin believable I don't
never turn down to ten twelve out of ten
15 out of 10 the best juice I've ever
had I will be buying this and that says
a lot because I'm gonna go over some
stuff here in a minute
I've been down to three milligrams for a
while Nikolai's and no throw hit very
smooth all for juice is very very smooth
I'm really really enjoying the
propaganda experience their company
seems legit the guys have been great to
talk to
got a couple websites I'm gonna go over
I'm gonna throw them in the info I've
got hot yes pot what is this eise pot
vape shop calm there they are selling
let me give you the flavors they're
selling they're selling the Illuminati
subliminal and wildfire that we've
reviewed today and then to the two old
flavors treason and Widowmaker the
owners over a propaganda have also
informed me they have a 1-800 number at
the top of their website or somewhere on
their webs at the bottom of their
website Monroe Louisiana is where this
this supplier is out of its three one
eight eight five five three two zero
they said if you call that number you
should be able to order reform as well
it's just not on their website yet the
reason I bring up this site first the e
spot vape shop is because they have 15
milliliter bottles thirty milliliter
bottles in one 20s this is a little
pricey but this is this is a juice I
will pay a premium dollar for because it
is amazing 15 milliliters on the site
$13 30 milliliters $23 120 milliliters
$75 I know that's pricey but I probably
will call them at the end of this week
if it's not on the website I will be
getting a 120 milliliter bottle of
reform no questions asked I may get some
30s in the other three I like all the
other three but this reform is just
unbelievable I think it is truly worth
the money and it sucks that the price is
where it's at but I'm gonna say it's
worth it the other site that they
supplied also has a 1-800 number but
it's skyline vapor I'll include that
link and the info as well they are
selling the four juices I reviewed today
the new the new revamp line Illuminati
reformed sublimino subliminal and
wildfire the only downfall right now is
this site only has 30 milliliter bottles
available they are $22 so a dollar
cheaper if you're gonna go with those
available and 0 3 6 12 18 so it doesn't
really matter what level you're vaping
at but I will include both those below
also include their website because I
know I have a couple wholesalers on
there the only thing you can do through
their website currently though is
contact the company and do a wholesale
inquiry they do not sell from their own
website so I know they're getting in a
lot of shops so check with your local
shop they may have it a little cheaper
than these online sites do surprisingly
I know there's a shop here in town
that's actually carrying it I believe
for 20 a 30 milliliter I'm not positive
on that definitely worth that price but
Reform has taken the cake for me on
everything I have ever reviewed and
everything I've ever vaped on freakin
believable juice love it so yeah we got
a lot coming up guys I got a huge
package from tsunami up in Michigan not
too thrilled about everything I got but
we're gonna go over that I'll have a
video up on a mod 50 watt mob they put
out as well as a juice line I'm gonna be
going over the Herakles plus I'm gonna
be putting up a cleaning tutorial cuz it
looks like you guys ate that up with
1300 views and a couple days on the sub
tank cleaning so I'm gonna be doing that
I'm gonna vape and talk on the Herakles
plus in another video we've got three or
four lines also on top of tsunamis sit
and ready I believe I have three more
lines on top of that with expected
delivery of today so we are gonna be
having quite a few videos coming up
talking with a couple local shops here
in des moines about doing in-person kind
of walk through just interview some of
the staff talk with the owner a little
bit about their vision and the vape
industry and walk around their she
that might be a cool series of videos
we're gonna have coming up but I just
want to thank you guys for everything
you're doing I love that you guys love
the videos I love the support coming in
you guys have been awesome I just love
what I do to help you guys find juices
you like find mods you like find tanks
you like I'm hoping that we know we'll
start reviewing more mods more tanks
here shortly
some big things are happening and the
road run good vapes so uh I just want to
thank you guys you guys Rock if you
liked it hit the thumbs up please please
please hit the subscribe I will thank
you forever if you didn't like it hit
the thumbs down and jot down a comment
let me know what you didn't like but
yeah if it if you don't get anything
else from this video find you some
propaganda reform if you like apple
cinnamon because it is unbelievable and
as always guys they bond

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