Vape Review of Propaganda Truth E-Liquid

April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Propaganda Truth E-Liquid

Vape Review of Propaganda Truth E-Liquid

Propaganda has returned with a brand new flavor offering in Truth E-Liquid. This delicious vape juice begins with a mouthwatering berry note upon arriving on the front note. Crisp and tart lemonade emerges on the flavor body providing your palate with a classic flavor note in e-juice form. Truth finishes with a refreshing combination of berries fused with a cool lemonade reminiscent of a summer drink. Discover the Truth by Propaganda today!

Vape Review of Propaganda Truth E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Propaganda Truth E-Liquid

hey guys it's melissa with newfound bait
i am super excited today because my
order from direct papers came in with a
couple of new england so we're going to
be testing out troops by propaganda
today real quick guys I wanted to take a
closer look at the bottle again this is
truth by propaganda I chose a 12
milligram nicotine bottle 30 mils and
then the information on the side they
didn't have anything on the other side
but all their information is right here
so it tells us not to drink it very
important keep out of reach of children
and it also goes into all of the
ingredients so you've got your VG which
is your vegetable glycerin and your PG
which is your propylene glycol again
you're going to see those and all of the
liquids that you buy and then in order
to find out the ratio between me g and
PG i had to read the fine print here
we're looking at you can see that or not
it's 60 VG 40 PG again I don't use max
VG because i am using a starter kit for
this the smaller coil and the lower
wattage just can't handle it this juice
is made in California let me go ahead
and get our coil primed and we will try
out truth alright so here is my new coil
and this is a coil for the evo-stik
basics that i just did a review on a
couple days ago and as you can see on
the coil this is a point 75 ohm and is
good from eight to 25 watts so we need
to get her a little primed in these
little prime holes you see around the
side so i'm going to go ahead and open
up the juice and i'm going to shake it a
little bit
you know what let me move a paper towel
down here just in case all right so I'm
just going to hold her like this we're
going to take some of that ejuice and I
don't put a lot in the dripper when I'm
filling the little holes okay and it
won't even take that much so again just
on the sides here and I kind of wait for
it to soak in a little bit which is why
I've got the paper towel right there
this is a very yellow ejuice I don't
know if I've ever used one that was as
colorful as this one is all right so I'm
going to Turner I'm gonna get that next
a little hole on the side let that soak
in a little bit two more to go all right
here's number three and you always want
to make sure that your coils are
saturated before you go to vape once you
put this in otherwise you know that coil
on the inside is going to heat up and
it's going to burn the cotton and it
will not taste pleasant let me tell you
that from experience all right last
priming hole right here
and everything looks like it's soaking
in just fine so now what I'm going to do
is I'm going to take the base of my
atomizer and move that out of the way
all right so this is the base again this
is the magnetic part for the eb by stick
basic all i'm going to do is I'm going
to take the threaded portion of my coil
and I'm going to thread it into the
bottom of the atomizer and just hand
tight now on the top portion here I also
like to put in about four more drops
just to ensure that that coil is fully
saturated this is not something you have
to do some people say when they do it
like this they get some gurgling effects
I only get that if I put more than five
drops in all right there's one and one
got away 23 and you see it's steep and
right on down pretty fast
and for all right so we're going to let
this sit for a bit wipe off that one
that got away and now we take our main
portion of the body of the atomizer and
I cleaned it out normally you need to
wait for the whole thing to dry I only
have two of these the other one has a
peach flavor in it but i'll be reviewing
pretty soon and i just filled it so i
didn't want to ask you that one out so
we're going to go ahead and fill this up
i know it's got a little water in there
but it shouldn't affect the way it
tastes so again with the bottle and this
is a two milliliter atomizer body it
gets me through about three quarters of
a day I feel I'm filling it up once a
day like the sides in the morning and
then when I start in the morning I make
sure she is topped off and then I'll
have to put a little more in maybe right
before dinner and you don't want to fill
it all the way up you want to leave I
don't know if you can see it here you
want to leave a little bit you feel it
ninety percent otherwise your chimney
right here the chimney hole you'll get
some eliquid in there and when you go to
vape you'll have the e-liquid hit your
tongue it'll it'll be kind of nasty so
always ninety percent so I'm going to
take my coil and the bottom of my
atomizer and before I put it in it'll
feel funny when you go to do that this
piece right here is for our air intake
so you can see the hole here and this
has got the whole also i just want to
make sure that's down I just slip it on
there now we can put the atomizer back
and then my heir I don't keep it all the
way open right here I like to have it a
little off to the side right about there
so I can feel a little more of a throw
head we need to let this sit for about
15 minutes make sure that coil is fully
saturated and then we can test her out
and see what she tastes like here's what
propaganda has to say about their
illiquid truth this delicious vape juice
begins with a mouth-watering very note
upon arriving on the front note a crisp
and tart lemonade emerges on the flavor
body providing your palate with a
classic flavor note in a juice form the
truth finishes with a refreshing
combination of berries to use with a
cool lemonade reminiscent of a summer
drink discover the truth by propaganda
today it really does sound delicious
welcome back guys let's try some truth
that's pretty delicious I was not
expecting as much lemonade and it's very
tart this heart lemonade their
description does not lie you can tell
it's mixed with something because well
for me it reminds me of I don't know
like a like a frozen drink margarita a
daiquiri but with berries and lemonade
it's really delicious I could see myself
under a tiki hut at the beach
you've got to try some of this I'd offer
to you but you know sorry check out my
other videos i'm going to be reviewing
some more mods ejuice i'll try to do a
day in the life with this mod so you can
see how long the battery lasts and what
I have to fill it things like that to
compare for you pack of a smoker's what
I was and don't forget please subscribe
down below so you don't miss any of it
and like this video comment if you tried
anything like this it has that tart
flavor because I'm kind of in love and I
want to try some more thanks so much
guys I love you

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