Vape Review of Propaganda Illuminati E-Liquid

April 23, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Propaganda Illuminati E-Liquid

Vape Review of Propaganda Illuminati E-Liquid

By Elena Ognivtseva

A vape juice masterfully manipulating your senses, this flavor is so powerfully appetizing, you’ll be all for the mind control upon experiencing its heady waves of potent fruit flavor! An intoxicating blend of ripe blood orange, paired with the sweetest strawberries and juicy pineapple, get ready for a new world order of deliciousness!

Vape Review of Propaganda Illuminati E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Propaganda Illuminati E-Liquid

what's going on everybody my name is
Nick from Santa Ana California and we're
at Beit Capital studios
when did I have the idea to start
propaganda well I was 18 I just started
vaping I was working at a vape shop and
I saw you know all these brands that
were starting to pop up I saw how
expensive juice was so I personally
wanted to make juice for myself and so I
kind of just started making some flavors
that way and started just messing around
and checking out what there was out
there the name and the branding for
propaganda came about my partner and I
were tossing around some ideas on what
would be cool we were going down the
list and a buddy threw out an idea to us
to name it propaganda and we were like
cool that'd be awesome you know and we
thought it would be a cool branding idea
to do a spin on like government
propaganda we've always liked the style
of artwork that they put out there and
stuff like that and we thought it would
be a good point to kind of play on like
the stuff that they put out there
because it's how ridiculous it is me and
a lot of my friends and a lot of the
people that work for me we enjoy staying
up with like fashion trends in LA
staying up with things that are coming
out in New York and LA and stuff like
that and so we try to incorporate like
the urban style and like the street wear
style into our branding and try to stay
current in that direction
how do we set ourselves apart and keep
selling honest answer to that question
and we just be ourselves man we don't
follow what other people do we don't try
to be anybody else we just be ourselves
My partner and I were messing around
mixing with some flavors I mean kind of
the whole focal point that we wanted to
keep was that we wanted to create an
all-day base because what we noticed was
it wasn't really a flavor out at that
time that you could just put in your
tank and just go all day with
was it hard starting a business at 18
yeah I kind of got that response like
hey you need to go sit at the kids table
you know for a while but I think through
the branding and through the effort that
me and my team have put forth we've
really kind of shown that like hey we're
adults we're here to make a splash in
the industry and regardless if you
respect us or not that's what we're
doing you know
you don't I think we are as ready as
anybody could be for the regs you know
we still don't know exactly what's
coming down the pipeline but we're
deeply involved with Sephora we just ran
a flavor for not blowing smoke that
donated to the advocacy groups you know
we're on top of everything and we're
trying to be as informed as possible so
that we can withstand these regulations
I would say we're in about 2,000
locations in about 35 different
countries and we're growing every day
you know still on the rise My partner
and I sat down for about six months and
sat in our kitchen and just grinded out
the flavors until there was something
that we felt would be good enough for
even ourselves today it is our baby it
is something that we take a lot of pride
in because we did create it
propaganda strongest seller and always
has been strong accelerated Illuminati
it's a blood orange pineapple strawberry
that's that's the original flavor that
we created and it's my personal favorite
it's a lot of a staffs personal favorite
and it's definitely our top seller you
know originally when we started we had
five different artworks that we use for
different labels for each flavor and you
know that's cool it grabs your attention
it gives us that kind of like artist
approach and people like that you know
but something that we realized we were
lacking was brand recognition you know
and that's to say that you pick up a
bottle of propaganda and you know it's a
bottle of propaganda we really wanted to
ensure that no matter which flavor you
were vaping you knew you were vaping
propaganda and that's kind of the
direction we went with it I mean we
definitely don't want to overcrowd our
line that we have right now so we're
looking into the direction of adding on
in different collections and different
editions and just cool stuff like that I
can't really talk too much about it but
2016 is gonna be a big year for
propaganda once again guys this is Nick
Tunisia with propaganda eliquid and
you're watching behind the brand

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