Vape Review of Pound Cake E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

April 18, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Pound Cake E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

Vape Review of Pound Cake E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

By Ekaterina Mironova

Pound Cake E-Liquid has warm, sweet cake blends with bright notes of fresh lemon zest and fragrant Madagascar vanilla. A timeless decadence that is named after the centuries old traditional recipe. Great for vapers who like a balance of creamy and subtle taste. Details 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Glas Vapor Based in Los Angeles, California; Glas Vapor was born from a passion to create the finest products possible while deploying craftsmanship that is committed to quality. With award winning flavours such as Pound Cake, Glas Vapor is ideal for vapers looking for sweet or creamy flavours that come to life.

Vape Review of Pound Cake E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Pound Cake E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

what's up ladies and gentlemen Maddy ice
here from convicted babes in the flesh
trust me
also from convicted babes in the beard
there you go he's not he's not lying
holy shit
anyway we're coming back at you with
another ejuice review tonight we're
gonna be doing one by glass a liquid
glass is better known for their mods
they make a mechanical tube mod very
pricey overpriced if you want my honest
opinion tube mod they're like 400 bucks
for a fucking tube yeah it's crazy I
know we're gonna be doing
pound it I believe it's called not pound
pound pound cake it's just called Pat
pound it is a whole different juice I
don't know what I'm talking about but
comes in 30 ml bottles it's a lemon
pound cake flavor to give them all the
information Tristen bottle for $22
nicotine levels are as follows zero
three six and twelve and let's see here
named after the centuries-old
traditional recipe pound cake has marked
value it's creamy and balanced flavor
this liquid captures the same subtle
taste that notes a fresh citrus and
vanilla on the inhale followed by
handsome warm cake and lemon zest on the
exhale so we're gonna be doing vapor
production we're gonna be doing throat
hit on a scale of low medium and high
and we're gonna talk about flavor
let's give it a smell test here's the
it's 30 they're really fancy it looks
like a fucking cologne bottle yeah it's
got a wax seal on it a fake wax seal
it's actually rubber but pull it off and
there's a dripper underneath
it smells like lemon pound cake smells I
get is it like a zesty lemon and I get
that cake right I got this in the vape
breed atomizer with dual alien coils now
I believe this is like a 50/50 blend
this is like tank juice I believe
doesn't say this is not I mean I people
do drip this stuff but it's really thin
guys it's like water they it's got
spring water consistencies like a bottle
of fucking water it looks like maybe
even a 60 VG 40 PG I don't know but
anyway let's do a little vapor
production test here this has been
steeping forever - when I first got this
it was so harsh
I couldn't vape it so I let it sit for
months it's been sitting for a good six
months it's so thin guys it's water it's
like water
vapor production is okay clouds
dissipate fairly quickly I'm going to
give it like a three a two and a half
three vapor production isn't that good
throated is gone I let it steep for so
long the throat hit went away like I
said when I got this juice it was so
fucking harsh I couldn't even vape it I
tried it in a tank I tried it on the
drip and I just couldn't vape it the
harshness did go away you get to throw
hit I'm not getting to throat hit now
but it was really harsh so if you don't
want to throw hit you're gonna have to
let this sit for a long time a good six
months this has been sitting for years
deep torment I I feel like shit I don't
feel good right now the whatever I don't
know if it's the nicotine or the flavor
itself I'm starting to sweat I just feel
like shit from the juice yeah I don't
feel too good I feel like I want to lay
down from vaping this this is uh flavor
isn't that great I mean it does taste
like a pound cake but it's not it's like
almost perfumey its generic at best yeah
this is not good for twenty two dollars
a bottle this is this is to be fired
yeah this is like trash honestly this
juice fucking sucks they got some
fucking nerve charging twenty two
dollars a bottle for this shit really
and I had the strawberry one too there
was a strawberry and cream I think it
was called strawberry milk or the
milkman or something that was sucked so
I gave the bottle away before I could
she was called you like milk it's called
milk and it was not good at all
very perfumey I'm sweating like a
motherfucker right now from this juice I
feel like shit I'm gonna have to can't
breather it's just this stuff fucking
sucks guys come on $22 a bottle for this
bullshit first of all I mean no one's
buying $22 a bottle juice anymore like
even when you hear $20 for a 30ml people
are like hey but for $22 like come on I
mean this is just fucking crap I mean
you're paying for an overpriced fancy
fucking cologne bottle is what you're
paying for this juice sucks I
this is just generic bullshit I mean and
it's fucking it's like piss water look
at that
it's like fucking piss water like come
on how do you make a phone at all
fucking - money until you want to make
jeez like that yeah I feel like complete
crap right now whatever's in there it
made me feel like shit not good
it's probably the nigger I gotta take my
hat off that's how fucked up I am from
that shit would you let me look at me
and two thumbs down on the glass man
this shit sucks it's just generic
bullshit like it's fucking pissed water
it's it's fucking PG with some flavoring
in it it's just not good not good
definitely skip this one guys
I might have to kick you out dude I want
to go to sleep that works for me I gotta
lay down I feel like complete shit now
fuck this juice glass e-liquid fuck you
man this juice is dogs no good two
thumbs down subscribe comment like share
look I feel like terrible check me out
on Facebook the real convicted babes all
capital letters I feel like crap dude I
don't blame you
yeah I'm aggravated the nicotine must
have stuck in here and like I said it
was so harsh
when I first baked it was like fire in
my throat but I mean the throat hit went
away because the nicotine probably
evaporated out of the juice it's been
sitting so long
crap total fucking crap that's all I got
for you guys Keep Calm vape on take a
deep don't take this deep though well
take this to the nearest bin place it in
there and walk the fuck away let me see
this in the garbage we needed that that
was just crap heavy metal

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