Vape Review of Police Man (180ml) by One Hit Wonder

April 17, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Police Man (180ml) by One Hit Wonder

Vape Review of Police Man (180ml) by One Hit Wonder

Police Man is a treat of a vape juice made particularly for the dessert loving vapers. Upon taking your first drag, the marshmallow blares through with a sugary cereal back note. Mixed into the equation is a scrumptious glazed donut finishing off on the back note. Don't miss this sweet dessert vape juice!

Vape Review of Police Man (180ml) by One Hit Wonder

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Police Man (180ml) by One Hit Wonder

milkman muffin net rocket man my man
stay tuned making to the people produce
hello and welcome to the vapor
Chronicles we are back this time with a
ejuice review we got a review for the
brand new just released policeman from
one-hit wonder and well I'm gonna let
you know what I think so if you haven't
had a one-hit wonder before they've had
milkman muffin man Rocket Man my man and
now policeman which is what we're gonna
review today when one-hit-wonder hit the
scene nobody was doing huge bottles like
this with the unicorns you know the
flavors were intense they were different
and they killed it I mean the buzz
that's created by one-hit wonder at this
point when they have a new juice release
is one of the biggest if not the biggest
in the the juice game so when I heard
about policeman I went online and I
ordered two bottles they're not here yet
but one-hit-wonder sent me this bottle
for free for the purpose of this review
so that's what I'm gonna do but I had
enough faith in them that I already
ordered 280 mils day one from them with
my own money
is it good though does it live up to
because I got to tell you and and flavor
subjective so you might not even like
some of the flavors but I love every
single one I could make them all day
they've been flavorful enjoyable they're
just unique good flavors
this one is a glazed doughnut inhale
with a marshmallow cereal exhale and the
cereal is Lucky Charms if I'm not
mistaken 80/20 VG PG 100% made in the
USA and it's available in zero three and
six milligrams of nicotine so if you're
interested in picking this up there's
links below directly to one-hit-wonder
and you can pick it up today it's in
stock and let's let's get on with the
review so when you get your package you
have this container and you open it and
you get your little
squeeze bottle top what you're gonna
need you get a sticker which is a
policeman sticker you get your 180
milliliters of liquid and they give you
two of these unicorn bottles and in
police fashion you get a red top and a
blue top but they both say policeman on
them they're both childproof on the
Unicorn bottles and the main bottle is
also child birth so to fill this what
you want to do and thanks to all my
viewers because in one of my videos like
50 people said the same thing on how to
fill these bottles and it makes it a lot
easier so you put your little squeeze
top on make sure this is nice and tight
I like to shake my liquid and I've
already made this so give it a shake now
this is that this is the easy but tricky
part so you take your bottle and if you
try to just drift in the bottle you're
gonna be in trouble so you take the
unicorn top off you take the little drip
tip top off you can use your nail and
just sort of Bend and pull and it comes
off just like that and then what you
want to do is open this all the way up
all the way up all right if you do it
too far it'll drop back down again so
you want to open it up all the way take
your bottle put it right on top straight
up okay then you want to carefully flip
it over right and don't squeeze the big
bottle you want to squeeze the little
bottle with a lot of air you'll see
bubbles go up to the top let go
and then it'll start to fill pretty
quick to squeeze again squeeze again
and just watch you don't want it to pour
out of the top and after a couple
squeezes hold this spin back flip back
and you should be good to go
grab your top pop it in and then there
you go your filled all the way up and
with very little if any leaking so how
does she date well let's find out mm-hmm
so for this review I'm gonna be using
the noisy cricket with the velocity RDA
let's get it nice and wet
pop the top let's give it a vape all
okay so the flavors that they went after
here is glazed donut marshmallow cereal
and sort of inhale with the donut and
exhale with the cereal I do not taste
donut I taste some sweetness which might
be the glazing and I definitely taste
the Lucky Charms cereal they now that
the marshmallow and the dis cereal are
completely now so if you're a big fan of
marshmallow if you're a big fan of
cereal vapes like Lucky Charms
it's definitely got that that oat you
know throat hit not like a throat hit in
a bad way but it's got that o dienes
that you get in the back of your throat
now I want to share with you depending
on where you buy your juice from how
long it's been sitting where it's
sitting in the shop if it's sitting out
in the Sun what milligram and Nick level
you get what build you have it on do you
have it on an RDA do you have it on an
RTA do you have it in a sub ohm tank
what mod are you vaping it on what
wattage are you vaping it on is your
coil clean is your cotton clean all that
stuff matters in terms of flavor
replications so I have this on the r200
from smoke and in this super tech mini
so let's take this for a bit this is at
about 68 watts and I have a point 3 ohm
aspire Triton coil on here let's take
this for a bit
super-flavorful an excellent vape
one-hit-wonder has done it again
there in the serial game and donut game
they couldn't release two different
juices one cereal one donut they had to
combine them both and really put forth
two of the most popular flavors in the
market right now and come up with their
own rendition it is probably the most
unoriginal flavor-wise of any of the
liquids they've made so far it doesn't
mean it's bad at all it's actually
excellent but it's not like when I first
tasted milk man and Rocket Man and
muffin man I'd never tasted anything
like them before even my man this one
I've tasted this cereal flavor before
and I've tasted this marshmallow flavor
for the only thing a little different is
that sweet glazed flavor but it's tasty
it's delicious but it's definitely not
the most original flavor that one has
come out with in my opinion all right so
do I recommend it 100% definitely if
you're a survey fan please don't have a
fan I think I said fan but whatever you
know it's it's definitely a tasty juice
you get a ton sixty bucks or 59.99 it's
available right now click the link below
high quality flavorful deliver to your
door one-hit wonder that's all I got for
so have a great weekend everybody I'll
see you soon

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