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Strawberry Pixe by PIXE E-Liquid features juicy bunches of strawberries collected by delicate yet aggressive pixies. These yummy berries are squeezed into a smooth e-liquid and immediately bottled for freshness. The 70/30 blend will have you puffing huge clouds that the pixies acknowledge as thanks for their hard work.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of PIXE E-LIQUID | STRAWBERRY PIXE EJUICE

today's review
pigs T&S ho
coming I'm coming that child with a
review no honey why this you know I like
the drip I like the drip and drive I can
trip the ride like exuberant walk you
know that's what I do 50 wagons and
enough for me
they look just like that you see that
that's fine I come back
dude if you feel like I do all other
team no speech reviews I'm gonna do this
team test the fall test to the taste
then I'm gonna see if it's hassle-free
up to par worth the price then after
that I'm gonna see if this team no sleep
pooping now you went deck out with that
come on y'all let's get flip dead anyway
I got this teacher today
oh I got this juice last week pitched so
I'm gonna do two flavors two picks it
for you man I'm gonna do strawberry and
I'm gonna do rainbow hi I'm gonna start
out with the armed robber I got him I'm
Swiss picture up today man I got the arm
regulated minds I see a lot of people
watching my busy like regulated minds to
be asked me a lot of questions about
regular minds so I'm gonna show you how
I get down
you don't talk about but I'm a triplet
oh so you gotta understand that I trip
all the time
I so today is a new day I got some new
coils in the mailman from the homie um
Jenny Jenny wire getting coils right so
when I got stainless steel runners were
saying this bill today guys here Danny
got some stainless steel Yeti coils man
check that out uh-huh
see that that's them stainless steel
Yeti calls right here that is the juice
mmm that I've been trying today you know
and uh I'm gonna do the UH strauber I'm
gonna do I got the rx to third on here I
got the rx to third and I got the
Heracles 24-hour DEA on top looking real
sexy right there you hear me
I got it had 115 wipes out of 0.15 build
you don't talk about real nice and sexy
with the RX two-thirds I'm a dripper
you feel me - Steve test guys on that
stainless steel Yeti why
Oh Sam - no hi
that's all right dear my sister that's
theme test you know what that smelled
like guys it's my legs frog burrs
strawberries and you know how I feel
about strawberries man if you mess the
strawberry up guess we'll go No
me that's who I'm gonna know you messed
it up with you myself
you can't sneak one bastard down on the
strawberries man I pick a strawberry out
of file you can tell what my wife's Gaea
strawberry blonde that's how I roll
I think do boobs wait I'm open for tests
now this right here is max DG guys it's
a 730 Blin 7:30 plenty room talking
about 7:30 I think is 7:30 here this 120
mil father this is 6 mg nice big nice
big bottles with the adult proof cap on
the top I'm sad
fog test bed now this right here all
jokes aside no doubt indeed I was
rocking with it all day long today all
day long today yes I have I've been
stripping it all day today man not to
download some not look Knoxville oh fuck
nice little top off it like that you
don't throw him out anyway I knocked it
down a little bit
anyway I knocked it down like that you
don't talk about now this right here
tastes like a strawberry pixie stick got
no bitch these things I should have
known by the name pixie what it was
gonna be when I started vaping it and
the strawberry flavors a little pointing
these claws was rocking
yeah it causes Rocketman if you don't
know you're gonna hire Yeti anyway
it tastes like this throat bread mix
this thick guy they don't keep it too
move on to the next one now I guess
they've doubled up on them now I got
some special sneak peek for y'all today
guys special sneak peek with the rainbow
look coming up in the review at the end
of the week is this right here guys this
is the BMI v1 r1 you see that hybrid
baby b1 are one hybrid stabilized wood
joint look at that see you say yeah baby
I got number 177 man it's a limited run
yeah a review coming up this week guys
and I got the Buddha I got the mini
Buddha on top of their mini Buddha on
top and guess what I got more food yeah
this is beautiful right here change
buckland alien calls man I'm going to
paint today I got Yeti wired one I got
James buckling in the of us with the BMI
VR 1 D 1 R 1 yeah that's it
B you're mine now you can find this BMI
preface my comments my unicorn man it
was mine but I got it
your happy birthday to me anyway now
this rainbow so I guess this boat tastes
like a rainbow pixie stick man you know
man open up there don't proof cap man
and glue steam test beyond this point
0.09 bill right here man Luvdisc just
beyond my so far then take off nothing
I'm gonna get you out rolling with this
man review coming up stay tuned to the
channel er that's stabilized well you
know how we go anyway still test guys on
that 15 watts
oh my color smell good guys
yeah get ready go hard baby go hard in
the paint baby with me on top man let me
um see if I fuck this up for y'all now
to story to story I you know I'm gonna
fire on you
I got no tick on intro no whistling
outro and if you better follow of me and
you'll be watching the team know steep
reviews you know I'll call I got a
problem coughing you're choking out
somebody saying yo something wrong with
you boy he be coffee ain't nothin wrong
with me
it's so wrong with that juice I think I
said that before but it's true and this
is system G man is working get back in
here real quick and fuck it up and then
imma let you know if it's hassle free up
the bar work the price this turn right
here taste like a rainbow fixing stick
it's a bunch of flavors in it this
string right that TechNet pink pixie
stick that little Tang you got a nice
little twang on the strawberry nice
little tray in here like that pixie dust
okay here's a hassle free I mean no
doubt I snatched one of them up take the
works I know I was gonna do two review
tonight you film I gotta keep going on
got juice ready to review all day for
you out here
and I snatched up with the work I wasn't
mad I had to back up dope has the team
knows deeper proof in a in another joint
on the backup cuz like not stay to mine
so I had a tank animal that attack Anna
Mac you'll me anyway if it didn't
disappoint me man faked it all day long
man - strawberry pixie you feel me now
the rainbow pixie man tastes good man
tastes like a rainbow pixie man rainbow
pixie dust man I think I like the
rainbow pixie dust reading the
strawberry that's kind of crazy I'll
never say nothing like that anyway is it
hassle-free I mean no doubt indeed is it
up to par I mean I just describe the
flavor description to you man I'm
thinking if you go to eat juice
cocktails that's what it's gonna read
underneath man it tastes like Pixy Stix
now is it worth the price check this out
right over there a Jew steals is $24.99
for this one 20 $24.99 for this one 20
we roll up then give you all for favors
in a pixie
you know I ain't gonna record recommend
nothing that's from trash you feel me
they give you all the full of flavors of
the pixie they got some blue rash jump
off and they got a great pixie they got
a great pic see a blue rats pixie the
strawberry pixie and the rainbow pixie
so I'm thinking if you get all four you
have all four flavors man but they got
the whole all four things for $70 and
for one 2470 man I sound like a goddamn
commercial right now man if I had a
whatever man eNOS big troub Wolfpack
back out of I got a hook out but the
deals but I got more for y'all on to
stock deals Matthews coupon code team no
speak take 10% off that order baby
so that $24.99 gonna be affordable and
if you get that $70 for 120 jump ball
it's gonna be affordable
anyway that's has to bris up to par and
it's worth the price is it team those
people prove denied us to question
yes it's team no sleep approved and you
know why because your boy the trip angel
dining MF and G says so that's why do me
a favor guys like comment share
subscribe get online with team nose
steep T&S only the best and if they got
nothing to do on a Monday night
hey I already know about the truth
callin ain't no show without you ain't
no meat to whoop back stand up if you
don't stand for something you'll fall
for anything
two months up only the best I'm Maddie

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