Vape Review of PIXE E-LIQUID - 4 PACK BUNDLE 480ML

April 18, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of PIXE E-LIQUID - 4 PACK BUNDLE 480ML

Vape Review of PIXE E-LIQUID | 4 PACK BUNDLE 480ML

By Ekaterina Mironova

This 4 Pack e-juice bundle by PIXE E-Liquid is a premium 120ml vape juice with an affordable price! Each PIXE e-juice bundle will include all 4 flavors: Grape, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Rainbow. Stock up on the savings! 480ml total. Four 120ml bottles. 120ml Chubby Gorilla 70/30 Blend

Vape Review of PIXE E-LIQUID - 4 PACK BUNDLE 480ML

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of PIXE E-LIQUID | 4 PACK BUNDLE 480ML

today I bring you the whole line from
Pixy eliquid hey there ladies and
gentlemen kjn do is backed in the house
this time I have an illiquid review of
the entire line of flavors from Pixy
illiquid they're manufactured in Corona
California I want to give a big shout
out to Andy thank you so much for
sending them my way to review I greatly
appreciate it the price you guys 120 ml
bottle just like this is only eighteen
dollars over it a juice deals and if you
want you can get all four flavors and
it's only gonna be $60 and don't stop
there they set up a coupon code for you
guys my subscribers use the code KJ Andy
oh and you get 15% off the already super
low price and the shipping on these is
gonna cost you five dollars and 90 cents
it doesn't matter if you have one or if
you decide to get the whole collection
either way it's five dollars and ninety
cents it must be like a flat rate
shipping okay the ratio they're all a
70/30 blends 70 VG 30 PG nicotine
strengths available are zero three and
six milligrams I have mine in three
milligrams that is what I prefer there
are four flavors in the entire product
line the flavor intensity is definitely
moderate to high okay but it's not too
high they're still gonna be an all day
vape so long as you like the profiles
that I'm going to go over they
definitely come to your pre steeped and
they are pretty coil and cotton friendly
it actually really surprised me here's
what we're looking at after a whole
night and part of the morning of vaping
this juice
you could purchase these flavors by
visiting ejuice deals I will leave a
link to them in the description down
below so you can easily navigate there
and pick up your own bottles today
alright so these are all gonna be like
candy flavors like a pixie stick if you
ever had one of those I have definitely
gone through quite a few Pixy sticks in
my time I don't really eat candy anymore
but back in the day used to love those
alright so the first flavour I'm gonna
go over is blue raspberry then the
description reads blue raspberry Pixy
e-juice is a refreshing sweet and sour
flavor that will have you ordering extra
bottles as soon as it hits the coils
that's pretty bold statement right well
let's see if it's true here's what the
bottle looks like they're all chubby
gorilla bottles childproof safety caps
really simple to the point labeling they
got all the warning there's a barcode I
like the way the bottles are yeah very
simple into the point this the way it
should be really is alright let's do a
smell check I mean it mostly smells like
a blue raspberry candy you know mostly
it's like they're not quite there but
it's almost there okay I mean I've gone
through a lot of blue raspberry flavors
in my time let's do a taste test now
like I said for the most part it's there
like 90% there okay that's how close it
is it's definitely pretty close alright
so I'm gonna be vaping this flavor of
blue raspberry in the support RDA
on top of the s modus minikin - I'm
right at a hundred watts and here we go
definitely totally smooth on the throat
smooth out the nose exhale nothing
burning her peppery that I could detect
there is a little bit of an aftertaste
of sweetener but it's not too gnarly I
mean it's actually really quite mild you
almost don't know it's there because
there's a lot of flavoring I mean it
definitely is a strong flavor not too
bad at all and it has that certain candy
element a lot of candy babes have it
where I'm like kind of left confused
like what is that flavor you know but
it's just one of those candy flavor
deals it's so hard to describe but it's
in there and it's really spot-on it's
really close so I'm gonna give this
flavor blue raspberry @kg + EO flavor
rating of four and a half out of five
that's where I'm at okay so that being
said let's go on to the next flavor
right about now the next flavor that I'm
gonna go over is grape they're all the
same type of bottles in the same artwork
and everything it just says grape on
this one as a picture of some grapes and
the description reads this grape follows
the flavor profile of the favorite
classic a true sweet and tangy grape can
de geez okay so it's like a great
pixie-dust type of thing you know how it
is and let's do a smell check I mean it
definitely smells really close okay I
mean it's been so long since I had a
pixie stick I really don't have anything
to really compare it to recently you
know but from what I remember it smells
pretty darn close let's go ahead and do
a taste test yeah it's definitely that
grape candy type of flavor it is sweet
but there is a tang to it just like
they're mentioning all right there's a
little bit of tartness that's going on
all right so this flavor I have loaded
in the twisted messes are da the squared
version on top of the limitless tube
right here and let's do this
smooth on the throat smooth out the nose
exhale I mean it's like the same thing
on the way in as it is on the way out
okay don't know if I mentioned that with
a last liver but they're all simple
flavors they're candy flavors there's
nothing really complex about them all
right so I'm really about at the same
spot it's like mostly close to what I
remember the great pixie dust
pixie powder or whatever you want to
call it tasting light it's got that
candy element and it's definitely got
that sweet and also the tartness of the
grape you know it's mostly sweet going
in the tartness you kind of taste that
on the way out okay that's the way I see
it at least so I'm at the same place I'm
gonna give this flavor grape @kj an do
flavor rating of four and a half out of
five that's where I'm at okay so there
we go that's my take on grape by Pixie
eliquid let's go on to the next flavor
right about now
the next flavor I'm gonna go over is
rainbow and rainbow says rainbow pixie
ejuice is a perfectly refined assorted
pixie dust every taste will have you
shouting in joy because this flavor is
perfected that's what it says so let's
do a smell check I'm getting a lot of
citrus notes I want to say like orange
maybe the lemon and lime definitely the
grape the grape that I had in that last
flavor it's in here as well
definitely could smell that all right
let's do a taste test Wow
it's totally like one of those pixie
dust pixie stick things it's almost like
a sweet tart almost almost like a sweet
tart the way the sweet tarts come across
it's sweet but it's a little bit tart
there's definitely some like citrusy
notes like lemon orange lime and
definitely that grape those are mostly
the ingredients that I'm tasting there
could be some blue razz in there as well
it's really hard to pick out because
they're like all mashed together you
and like I said it's not complex it's a
real simple juice but it's a good candy
to use you know so alright this is one I
got loaded in the bail version three RDA
on top of the ex taste and I am at 70
watts and here we go
okay smooth on the throat smooth out the
nose nothing odd or anything on the
nicotine that I could detect you know
I'm not that sensitive to it though some
people are more sensitive than I am but
seems good to go my you know as far as
I'm concerned alright so on the way in
on the way and there's like the
sweetness there's 11 some lime I'm
tasting on the way out yeah I want to
say like lemon lime orange and grape I
mean maybe some blue raspberry there -
now that I'm tasting it um it kind of
keeps you guessing like every time you
do it you're tasting different
components you know so yeah it's really
close I mean it's really close to what I
remember the Pixy Stix being like like I
said it almost comes off like a sweet
tart oh right there is a little bit of
tartness at the backend on the exhale
but it's sweet like most of the way
through the vape so I know where I'm at
I'm at the same spot I'm gonna give this
flavor rainbow a KJ + EO flavor rating
of four and a half out of five folks
there you have it and that being said
let's go on to the next and final flavor
right about now
the last and final flavor I'm gonna go
over is strawberry and the description
reads strawberry pixie e-juice is a
fresh sweet and tangy flavor that will
have you wishing the actual candy have
this flavor Wow okay alright I love
strawberry babes you know that guys
right and I'm actually this is my
favorite my personal favorite out of the
whole line but that's just like personal
opinion remember tastes are subjective
okay so let's do a smell check you know
what it reminds me of it really reminds
of like the strawberry starbursts okay
that's that's the way might my nose
receptors are smelling it you know so
yeah I mean it smells pretty good
definitely it's like a sweet strawberry
but it's a candied strawberry definitely
not a real strawberry let's do a taste
test I swear it is really similar to the
strawberry starburst seriously like wow
even though they're going for pixie
I'm telling you strawberry starburst you
know it's definitely sweet it's got the
artificial strawberry candy flavor all
right but it's very well done I mean
just by the way the taste is I already
know it's well done I've been vaping the
heck out of this one alright so we're
gonna take strawberry for a vape but
first I got something in the mail
yesterday something really special
special I'm really happy I got this I'm
so excited this thing is I've been
rocking it all last night and today and
it is the brass edition of the rig mod
okay with the matching hybrid RDA on top
and this thing is a great setup it
performs great it hits hard I have a
build in there that I put together it's
parallel 24 gauge five wraps dual coil
okay and here's what it looks like when
it comes to life yeah it's ready to rock
and roll right so alright let's go ahead
and take it for a vape
smooth on the throat smooth out the nose
exhale on the way in I swear it really
does taste so similar to a strawberry
starburst no joking seriously and almost
that texture to you on the way in I
almost feel like I got that texture from
the starbursts even though it's not a
it's a pixie e-liquid you know but
that's the way it's coming across to me
okay and on the way out you're getting
the sweet strawberry there's a little
bit of Tang eNOS like 3/4 of the way
through the exhale this one is far less
tangy than the other ones though ok and
also I want to mention that kind of
weird odd candy flavor that a lot of
candy juices have this doesn't have it
this flavor doesn't have it at all it's
actually quite delicious stuff and the
reason why I like this one more so than
the other ones is because it doesn't
have that weird candy taste that it I
don't know everyone's tastes are
different tastes are subjective but that
weird candy tastes that I'm tasting at
the end to the other ones and that I've
tasted in so many candy flavors is not
present in this it is like a smooth
strawberry candy reminds me of a
you know it really does and I'm not so
much a pixie liquid you know I mean like
a pixie dust rather it doesn't really
totally remind me of that but it's
pretty close and it's definitely to me
like a starburst and I'm at the same
spot I'm gonna give it a kjnt of flavor
rating of four and a half out of five I
was almost gonna give it a 5 almost like
okay the description is supposed to be
like a Pixy powder pixie dust type of
thing and to me it's coming more like a
strawberry okay like a strawberry
starburst but it's really good it's
definitely really good so yeah I mean I
really like these flavors I think
they're well done for the price
especially you can't beat the price on
these definitely not I definitely
recommend them double thumbs up kay
gyeo approved so that being said let's
move on to the vapor production test
right about now alright for the vapor
production test these are a 70/30 I'm
gonna use the rig mod with the
strawberry flavor I opened up the
airflow all the way on this alright so
here we go you know the way I do it one
this way one that way here we go nice
dense clouds they drop down they
definitely stay in the air
here's one for you guys lots of cloud
production pretty dense clouds for a
70/30 and at it's reacting just like a
70/30 should so the vapor production of
all these flavors from Pixy eliquid
is getting a kjn do vapor production
rating of 4 out of 5 that's what I feel
they deserve alright so that is my take
on all these flavors from Pixy eliquid
go check them out folks double thumbs
fkj hand eyo approved if you like candy
flavors I'm fairly certain that you're
gonna love these flavors especially
given the price you can't go wrong with
the price so make sure to go to EJ's and
check it out and make sure to use that
code KJ and do so you get 15% off your
already low-priced orders so that's
about all the time I have for you today
I hope you enjoyed my review if you have
any questions comments or concerns fill
out the comments down below you know I
love hearing from you guys and I will
respond to you in a timely fashion if
you have any questions so that's about
it guys take care have a stellar day be
excellent to each other and most of all
remember me
I'm KJ Andy oh your host for the most
take care and I will see you on the next
video peace

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