Vape Review of Pink Lemonade E-Liquid by Element 10ml

April 17, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Pink Lemonade E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Vape Review of Pink Lemonade E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Sweet, tart, refreshing and zesty, Pink Lemonade e-liquid by Element is the perfect ejuice to cool off on a hot day. Subtle hints of sweet fruit blend perfectly with the citrus tang of lemon in this e-liquid that's been specially designed for drippers and mechanical mods. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Element E-Liquid Based in South Florida, Element E-Liquids uses superior ingredients and scientific precision to create a line of unique blends and tasty basics.

Vape Review of Pink Lemonade E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Pink Lemonade E-Liquid by Element 10ml

so everyone time to choose it's a very
concerned they were battling the
e-liquid review I'm going to be looking
at some element e-liquid it's gonna be
pink lemonade a little bit about the
company it's an american-made ela hood
they 100% pre steep so that annoying you
get your liquid after way to two to four
weeks before a human vapor it's all
pharmaceutical grade ingredients as you
can see this is a 20 mil glass bottle
and they come with these these are
unusual as they call them GA a J tip
dripper so it's like the end of a
dripping the end of it is and I suppose
but I'm not too sure why I think myself
to draw my own conclusion is when you
haven't got much left in the bottle you
know you can you can get the very last
bits out of the bottle and nothing
stopping you just tip a netball no favor
I'd it's nice to see something a little
bit different I've not seen that before
if you have let me know I've not seen
that before
and it's not elements oh yeah this is a
20 mil bottle it's three milligrams of
nicotine and this is the dripper series
so it's a TV 80% for ug twenty percent
PG I bought this from my local vape
store the ecig superstore Liverpool
think it was around 10 11 pounds with
the 20 ml bottle
John I'm fine with there's no problem
with that and little fact this pink
lemonade from elements actually warned
use of the show I favor X bowl in the UK
in 2015 so you know how I hoped I hoped
and now like I said it is it's intended
to be a dripper liquid I have been
dripping it on the on this or ex-soldier
with the candy on top but I've also
plasma tank at the moment says well I've
got some in the cleat oh and the Cleese
or with the think it's the point for
warrior the point for coil on the RAC
I've got a 55 watch at the moment so for
today's review we are going to be using
the cleat oh and anyone who's got one of
those big big juice and lats
there's no problem the 80/20 doesn't
cause any issues I understand
traditionally you should be dripping
this type of thing for now
it makes no difference in the cleat oh
not at all so we will move on and we'll
move on to the review now for me for my
profile I don't typically go with tangy
fruity liquids not at all boy it was
about two weeks ago I think I picked
this up and literally just felt like
something different that I back and see
but I just thought to myself I just feel
like something a little bit different
today so I went down to the local vape
store to pick one of these or pick one
off me brother as well and me brother
Michael really really enjoyed this I
think he's great to also be honest but
for mommy said he really enjoyed her so
pink lemonade let's have a smell he's
worried so as you know is what it says
it's pink lemonade really tangy tart
lemon was like a berry and berry smell
coming through there as well and on my
phone I've got the element website on
here so I read off the profile got
pucker up and prepare to relish a hot
summer day zingy lemony blend but just
the right amount of red fruit a slight
Tang on the tongue gives way to smooth
citrus exhale cool so I'm definitely
getting that I'm definitely getting the
red fruit and a bit of red fruit coming
through and nice tangy mm-hmm
nice tangy lemonade but it's not nothing
too harsh it doesn't smell chemically or
if that doesn't really smell bitter to
be honest just just nice and tightly
nice tangy lemonade snot so let's move
on let's have a vape and we'll see what
it's like
hmm great great clouds there from the
cleat zone mm-hmm and the high VG liquid
Wow it's nice having to go mmm okay yeah
so yeah you are getting straight away
you get a nuts hanging of the lemon
coming through really good nice and
tangy but not as the description on the
website says it's not too tanky at all
there's there's no bitterness there just
a nice smooth almost a smooth citrus
flavor I'm getting the hint of sweetness
I don't know if that's coming off the
red berries that are in the airport like
I said it's not it smells
the tank yet Tanya's probably the way
not a good word to use ball it smells
maybe sharper than it tastes if that's a
good way to use it it smells sharper
than it tastes
but the nice really nice rounded flavor
and it yeah it ate it tastes like a pink
lime and then block and say let's have
all the way
mmm-hmm yeah so again on the excel
really really smooth I'm marketing and
he throws it whatsoever off this no
through this at all again same on the
exhale you getting there very very
slight weakness with all that berries
coming through and again a lovely citrus
flavor on the basket on leaves a really
nice after taste in your mouth as well
for me it's not personally an all day
vape I don't I don't usually very Pam I
grew citrus type things stick to what
customers and things like that but you
know if you are in if you're into into
your fruits and things that's easily
it's easily an all day vape you know and
it might be people some people could
consider it to be a bit overpriced for
20 mils again it's not something I'd
typically buy every week it's not but
you know as a something a bit different
for me really as I said just one day
felt like something a little bit
different so we'll pick some up there's
a few others in the element range that I
do like the look off and all there's an
orange one and a V so I think I'll pick
that up next we'll see that what that
one's like but if any of you guys have
had any other element liquids if you're
a fan of them just pop a few comments
below let me know even if you know let
me know which one which one to avoid you
know maybe you can save me a bit of
money there as well so let me know which
ones to avoid but I do recommend a
really nice really good flavor and
coming through that not too strong but
it's by no means weak as I said it's a
it's totally pre-sleep than you can tell
you can tell really really full flavor

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