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By Ekaterina Mironova

Phix Flavor Pods are a must for the Phix Vaporizer because it makes vaping downright simple. Attach the prefilled pod and vape away! Spearmint is straightforward; a refreshing yet tasty mint blend. Compatible with: Phix Vaporizer You Will Receive: 1x - 4 Pack of Phix Flavor Pod Spearmint BEASTLY BECAUSE These Prefilled Pods are what make the Phix Starter so easy and convenient to use. Just attach and you’re ready to vape. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of PHIX FLAVOR POD SPEARMINT - 4 PACK

hey there guys hey we can make my juice
not for today's use review we have the
spearmint spearmint spearmint thick
spots now you have these pods right here
and this is the same exact pod as you
guys to see it has these pods spearmint
has this mint cream over it and here you
go this is what a brand-new pot looks
like pretty legit hold it upside down
that's how you know you have a new pod
that's about how much should be in your
new pods here's the fix
pretty fancy looking drop your pod in
like this
it's pretty solid has a very tight draw
on it I don't know if it's intended to
be a tit but this tastes like I'm
chewing on some double mint by rigging
these gum
it's pretty heavy I definitely have a
head rush now I like this I really like
this device I like to taste these pods I
do wish that we had purchased the multi
pack where you get one of each flavor we
only carry in the store in this this
package of pods full pods
runs $25 in surreal I think it's a
pretty good buy in all honesty because
you're getting four pods rest with a
bowl for 18 bucks an ounce to 20 bucks
you're getting three pods so for an
extra five dollars you're getting
another five and they're all the same
size as the bow ties so I feel like the
nicotine content on this is a little
definitely a little bit more heavier
than the bow but I just think that this
device is going to be the device that
revolutionizes in the game I like it I
like taste of this juice like I said
that what tastes like a government by
rib glues them and you can see the
clouds and I'm blowing with it it's
really not meant to be blowing big
clouds it's really this truly would be
the definition of a stealth sleep it
really does not produce a lot of clouds
at all like the bow does and the Volt
also does so for this one but these pods
these spearmint pods and if you look
right here it says 5% this is right here
my bad
so that 5% right there and that really
is 15 milligrams of nicotine so these
are definitely heavy hitter pods it
definitely will give you like an instant
head rush like right now I'm ready I
don't either vape for a while now so
that's what I think of that when an eye
I definitely for the taste this one
spearmint Wrigley's gum all the way and
I like it I can't wait to let me able to
buy one of these once they once they're
able to sell these to us and definitely
picking up one of these guys my name is
Johnny Five hopefully you guys found
this review helpful informative make
sure you guys subscribe make sure you
guys ring the bell and make sure you
guys leave me some comments and the
compacts below have slope s all the
other videos to get to that comment box
and all might be a little bit of work
just with your phone before in a cell
phone or if you're on a computer you got
to use the click wheel and just scroll
forward and it'll take you to the
comment box leave me some love let me
know what you guys think I should be
vaping in the future the whole nine and
I will catch you guys in the next one
I'm surreal storeroom later taters

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