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By Ksenia Sobchak

Phix Flavor Pods are a must for the Phix Vaporizer because it makes vaping downright simple. Attach the prefilled pod and vape away! Hard Strawberry is an in your face strawberry blend that is sweet and refreshingly tasty. Compatible with: Phix Vaporizer You Will Receive: 1x - 4 Pack of Phix Flavor Pod Hard Strawberry BEASTLY BECAUSE These Prefilled Pods are what make the Phix Starter so easy and convenient to use. Just attach and you’re ready to vape. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of PHIX FLAVOR POD HARD STRAWBERRY - 4 PACK

welcome back YouTube once again we are
back here falling out with a Batman and
I got another review what we go on
reveal the fix by MLB and blue well stay
right where you guys I'm gonna win we're
gonna check this vocal take out so I'm
going out with the Batman baby come on
get you so cool that I asked the clouds
don't work check this shit out
alright so here as you can see we have
the fix by MLV arm and Bruel
manufacturing and on the package this is
how it comes it comes all wrapped up so
what we're going to do is let's pull off
the wrapping if I can get in there stick
plastic so alright so once we get the
wrapping off throw that to the side and
this is how it comes now on your
packaging like I said it has all the
contents and fitting that comes inside
closed system produce with open system
experience AC self ceramic coil inside
so it uses ceramic coils it's easy to
use no outset now the outside input
required convenient magnetic charger and
then it also has a little picture of the
pods that it uses on the side of the box
you know it does say fix and then once
you flip it over to the back it tells
you the contents on the package it has
one rechargeable fixed device one
charger and one fixed cartridge which is
a pod original blend tobacco Viper well
it has one fixed cartridge a 1.5
milliliter with 5% nicotine by weight
and it has all the details your
ingredients your warning nicotine is
addictive everything they want
to be put on in California you know it
has all the good stuff barcode you just
flip it around it just comes in a nice
neat simple package so what we do is
let's open it up and we're going to pull
out the contents and like I said this
high comes it comes with your little
charger cable take this little wire tie
wrap off and yeah charger cable is about
maybe 2 foot long it's magnetic as you
can see inside there it has those three
little pins that's what makes the
connection on the bottom to charge it
you pull out your fix and as you can see
down in there it has like two little
ports where the pins slide into and it's
also it has two little magnets on the
inside it's very hard to see but there's
two magnets on the inside of there so
everything on it it is magnetic and on
the bottom you can see it right here it
has the three ports where those where
the pins slide into the two magnets on
the side there's all the good stuff this
it's plain and simple so what you also
get is like they said you get one
tobacco pod and so you open up the pot
this is how they come there one like I
said it's a milliliter and a half
doesn't seem like much but these things
actually last actually for a couple days
so once you pull this cap off this is
how the pod comes and as you can see you
have your liquid in there on the bottom
of it that's what makes the connection
with those two little pins on the inside
and like I said everything is magnetic
so you just slide it in and it pulls
itself in right here you have your
little light when you take a pull on it
it turns on when you stop it actually
turns off it shuts off by itself right
here in the corner you have the fixed
logo and that's pretty much simple
that's how it is like I said you take a
pull on it
and it will turn on you stop it turns
off these pods they're not refillable
there's a couple other these cigarettes
like this that you can refill I believe
with MEC has one forget the name of it
can't remember there's a bunch of coming
out but this one actually here is the
one I've been using and I've actually
learned to love it it's very simple and
then like I said the magnetic does the
charger it slides right on in and it's
magnetic you can hear it snap and the
magnet is actually really tough I mean
that thing got some pull to it so we've
got strong magnets so that's nice it's
not going to fall out or anything when
you're charging it so that's pretty neat
also another thing while we're down here
what I'm going to show you they do have
these and thereby Bruel and as you can
see I have they got one package which is
a mixture it has your butterscotch your
strawberry has your ice tobacco and your
spearmint so you could get a package
like this it's just a variety package as
you can see you know the Batman loves
strawberry so I have their strawberry
hard candy by Bruel and they pretty much
comes in the same packaging as the
e-cigarette but there you go I mean it's
same packaging it just brings you the
pods and no yeah there you go
this plane is simple so let's get back
up on top we're going to bake one I'm
gonna give you details on this neat
little thing and I'm gonna tell you why
I love it so much
let's go back up on top pretty neat huh
right there you go to fix okay
now this thing here like I said I was in
BTC Mexico City Mexico my daughter with
the Gotham broadside mods and I happen
to meet David Lee now David you know he
gave me one of these things except I
mean you know just make one I try it out
I actually tried one from Joe Nash and
actually branded I tried it only another
little things fuckin me I never really
thought I would like but I did so they
did give me one so that's a shout-out
for David and he sent me some for review
he sent me an extra one
was going to do a giveaway here but
everybody knows that Batman gets up and
close and personal with some people with
giveaways I happened to have my barber
come over so he come over and he's a
smoker so he's just on his own said hey
I'd like to quit smoking
Audient and try said man you come at the
perfect time I guess it was just a
calling I got an extra fix there with
extra pot and everything else so I gave
him the whole setup and now it's been
like a month and he has not touched
cigarettes since so that that's a plus
so right there that's actually a good
good way cuz I was able to give it to
him in person set it up and he's been
doing on his own thing right now so that
that's a good big plus for that now back
to there is now back to the fix in the
brew this is how they come you got your
packages the Bruel and you saw it comes
with one pot but you can get these they
get they have a pack with this one right
here this pack here has the different
flavors it has all the different flavors
with the boil you get the original
tobacco this packet here brings the hard
strawberry ice tobacco spearmint and
butterscotch tobacco that's what comes
in this little packet it's the mixed one
or you can order if you have a favorite
flavor just get you the package with all
that as you can see there oh shit I got
it upside down I got the hard strawberry
it is a 5 milligram or 50 50 milligram
nicotine 5 percent 50 milligram nicotine
it's a strong hit but when you got
something like this it's necessarily not
like for cloudlets it's fixed you know
you need a nicotine fix your airport
you're somewhere you got it in your
pocket oh just that's how it works you
hit it on it and like a cigarette and as
you can see like that little indicator
like like I was explaining in the
close-up watch it turns on when you stop
it turns off it turns on itself with the
and it turns off when you stop so that's
how it works it's a nice neat slick
little setup I've seen a lot of people
they've been using these things like you
got a bunch of different come today to
jewel huge well jewel the joke that I
saw it I wasn't impressed by it when it
first come out but this one here I
actually stopped by this would the
Batman's been vaping on this is like my
all day off carry this around with a
couple parts and halo on it now the pots
another thing I've come to find out
these things last I've had one three
days I've had a pot up to three days
just taking a little hit here now no
clouds nothing they're good you know all
that good stuff that us vapors like but
this is still vaping so you know it the
pots do last you now here I have two
cards that David sent me and it was it's
explaining about the charging and all
that good stuff
that's why I gave you the details in the
up close I gave you the details from how
they would want it done how they
expected so it is what it is and then
your flavors I have the flavor profile
you want to read over the flavor profile
the hard strawberry mouth-watering
jelly-filled strawberry hard candy
throwback to your all-time favorite
pocket fillers grandma can't stop you
now that's your hard candy and your ice
tobacco is a brew ice tobacco overlaid
with genuine mint leaves for those
menthol lovers crisp and ultra smooth
leaving you irresistible afresh we're
going to talk about these they're
spearmint all the experiment perfection
why stop take a puff close your eyes and
enjoy the tall Alps mountain freshness
senses sharpened wild fingers tingle
inhale great exhale excellent and the
butterscotch tobacco which is
traditional brewed butterscotch tobacco
delectable while rich and warm which
makes the perfect pair for Scotch okay
those are your flavors those are flavors
that it comes in they have what five
flavors that's the flavor that they come
the methyl ones everybody knows I read I
smoked Newports for 22 years so I hate
mental then baby I cannot wait mental
this thing here that ice tobacco and the
spearmint is such a smooth hit for those
menthol smokers or now menthol vapors if
you like those ice and they're everybody
coming out with a mental you're going to
love this it's it's nice it's neat I
don't have a mint on it but let me take
a hit
it's neat I mean the vapor production
you're not going to get vapor production
out of it and you do not want to take a
lump it when you get it don't try to be
a clown and show off it no just hit it
like a cigarette and you get your fix
now where can you get these you can
check them out on instagram at fix vapor
and at Bruel msg they also have their
website and where you can get this stuff
is Bruel msg dot-com and in the
description I will leave the link for
fixed vapor but a 4-pack of pots is 2299
and like I said they have all the
flavors that's how much a pack of the
pods is and the fixed by MLB the starter
kit is the little fix it comes with one
pot and the charger cable is $34.99 if
something would happen to go wrong with
the charger cable they do sell a
replacement charger cable for $9.99 so I
mean it's it's plain and simple I
recommend everybody if you just want
like something discreet keep in your
pocket take a quick hit if you're
someplace you're not allowed to smoker
you just can't get a bake just the way
things have portrayed the turnout we're
now they're considering vaping the same
as smoking we all know it's not but
these things come in handy for that like
I said I love it you got to try one this
thing I believe it beats the Joule and
there's a bunch of other ones but I like
this being that it's high nicotine
you do get it's good to get your fix as
a perfect name for the damn thing so I
recommend you go over there check them
out click the link in the description it
will take you directly over there and
get you one of these bad boys there you
the fat man brought you another one I
brought you little fix get your face
showed you to pod we talked about all
the good stuff so until the next video
remember to comment like share and
subscribe and I'm gonna try to keep
bringing you whole bunch of Awesomeness
click the little notification bell so
when I upload a new review you get that
little notification check it out and I
want to thank everybody for support I'm
going out with the Batman fix vapor brew
well MFG come on get you so ah I keep
forgetting that don't work see you the
next review thanks for watching

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