Vape Review of PBLS E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

April 18, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of PBLS E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

Vape Review of PBLS E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

PBLS E-Liquid is a sophisticated dessert blend of fruit infused cereal and macaroon, boasting a powerful balance of creamy and fruit flavour with a lingering sweet vanilla crisp on the exhale. Details 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Glas Vapor Based in Los Angeles, California; Glas Vapor was born from a passion to create the finest products possible while deploying craftsmanship that is committed to quality. With award winning flavours such as Pound Cake, Glas Vapor is ideal for vapers looking for sweet or creamy flavours that come to life.

Vape Review of PBLS E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of PBLS E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

oh my god so today we are vaping on this
super super rich in flavor glass pebbles
pebbles glass glass pebble sounds funny
so this right here is a 75 milliliter
bottle three on the nicotine got it from
premium vape supply for $25 and the VG
PG ratio 6535 I believe it is this is
insane I mean the flavors here are real
I don't know what a vanilla macaron is
but I know it some fruity pebbles are
and I mean the combination I'm very very
surprised that they got it so just you
guys got to try this buy glass cloud
productions pretty nice considering the
VG PG ratio I mean this stuff is on
point I mean oh my god look at that look
at the look at the packaging that's so
sophisticated and I mean I got this and
I was thinking like look at these guys
they're just hyping up their product and
stuff and yada yada and then I tried it
and oh definitely one of my favorite
the nicotine head is definitely their
minds on a3 like I said it's um a pretty
good throw hit pretty strong I'd
probably get that into zero because I'm
back and forth between threes and zeros
I probably try it on a zero next long as
it comes in zeros need to make sure it
comes in zeros I'll go ahead and put a
link in the description to premium vape
supplies where I got this from those
guys once again awesome timing as far as
shipping and handling they don't play
around good pricing you get a lot of
e-liquid for a good price from that
place and it definitely beats out the
local vape shops as far as price goes so
worth the wait and you don't wait that
long I mean shipping is really really
fast I'm actually impressed
so overall yeah this is definitely a all
day vape they have some other flavors
and I can't wait to try those out but
like I told you guys this is amazing you
have to try it you'll be surprised by
just like it the bottle looks
sophisticated the flavor is
sophisticated the bottle like a heads up
like yo this ain't no joke this some
real-deal eliquid
using the kangertech with a milot 3 but
I'm vaping off of right now my Kanger
kangertech tank has some uh so-so liquid
in it right now I'm not really a fan of
it but I'll do a video review about that
a little bit later so until then see you
guys peace

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