Vape Review of PBLS Donut E-Liquid by Donuts E-Juice - Black Friday Exclusive

April 24, 2018

Vape Review of PBLS Donut E-Liquid by Donuts E-Juice - Black Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of PBLS Donut E-Liquid by Donuts E-Juice - Black Friday Exclusive

Introducing PBLS from Donuts E-Juice. Sure to follow in the footsteps of the ever popular 'Donuts', PBLS Donut is a glazed donut with fruity pebbles and milk flavourings. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of PBLS Donut E-Liquid by Donuts E-Juice - Black Friday Exclusive

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of PBLS Donut E-Liquid by Donuts E-Juice - Black Friday Exclusive

what's up vapors venomous vapes coming
at you for the first video to kick-start
this channel as you can see started off
right alright today it's gonna be any
juice review of pebbles Donuts now I had
originally bought a 30ml of this bottle
about a week ago and the the bottle was
completely different it was it was pink
and it had like donuts on it and it was
I believe what I'm thinking is the
original yeah this is what it came in
that the 30ml bottle I bought as you can
see it's pebbles donut it's pink and
it's got like Donuts all over it with
fruity pebbles on them and and it
actually says pebbles donut it actually
spells the word out pebbles and it's a
fresh glazed donut sprinkled with a
crispy fruity cereal pretty pebbles then
dunked in a delicious glass of milk and
then I get this I love this you so much
I loved this juice it is my favorite
juice to date like granted it's my first
premium a juice it it's it's fantastic
but sorry I love you so much I got a 120
of it and it comes like this this is
what I get in the mail now I ordered
this through West Coast vape supply
because they were they had a cheapest
bought that I could find and the picture
was this on their site it was this but
obviously you know in a 120 ml box and a
bigger bottle so a completely different
bottle shows up so I mean I don't really
know what to expect if it's gonna be the
same that did they change their their
packaging or their you know their bottle
labeling in the middle of making these
you know it's just a I don't know I
don't really understand but it says it's
a maximum
on this bottle I'm gonna tell you right
now it's not a max VG look look at this
that is very likely when I when I here
or when I read max VG I'm thinking like
a 1090 minimum like or 100% VG and this
I'd be giving it some credit calling it
a 20-18
or an 80/20 I'm gonna be real I think
this is a 30/70 like 70% VG which isn't
a huge deal I mean it's still gonna it
looks like it's it's got that you know
that oh it's got that uh it's got that
little bit of a dark hint to it so it's
kind of got that VG thing going on but
yeah the bubbles are coming up slowly so
it does have a lot of VG in it but I
don't know about max VG so yeah we're
gonna be taking it to town on this
Griffon 25 I'll blacked out sitting on
this a fusion duo I got you know me I
like to customize my stuff man like
these wraps from jail wraps calm
fantastic like there I stay stuck on so
easy and doesn't come off or anything so
I'm happy with it alright guys so let's
go ahead and get a smell test on this
bottle pebbles don't know let's see what
we got cooking yes the seal is broken I
didn't open it cuz I've obviously filled
my tank with it first brand new cotton
cotton bacon 2.0 so should be good okay
so right off the bat very of a fruity
cereal smell like definitely like you
know like a tricks are definitely not a
fruity pebbles but getting that doughy
kind of that doughy smell coming in like
kind of hitting the back of my nose
and then definitely that that milk that
milk is very strong in their not not
like overpowering strong but like it's
their you can smell like the donut has
been dumped in the milk okay guys
let's go ahead and get into this all
right so I have a dual kanthal building
here got her she's reading 0.14 ohms
got her at 90 watts start off with let's
take a rip
okay so on that inhale when I'm taking
it in I can definitely get that fruity
cereal that that that strong flavor of a
cereal and I'm in a bowl theory and I'm
just getting to the back of my throat
right around here I'm getting that that
milky taste that fresh doughnut out the
oven taste this is a good juice guys I
mean I don't know if it I mean I'm
pretty sure they're different brands
that make this and West Coast they
supply screwed me but I don't know if
it's as good as this but let's go ahead
and get a few more ribs so yeah it's
great it's a fantastic juice I will say
that it's a little bit expensive
for tasting like it is I still don't
think it's as good as this and I believe
that this is the authentic pebbles
doughnut but that's what this is I don't
know if this is some kind of knockoff or
another brand makes it and basically
calls it the same exact thing but it's
pretty close it's pretty close to that
uh that pebbles donut with the the pink
box so yeah you're definitely getting
that doughnut that's covered in Fruity
Pebbles you're getting what it says
I taste every flavor that they proclaim
on their box I get literally taking a
hot doughnut dipping it in dip it in
some milk with some fruity pebbles on it
it's fantastic and being a doughnut vape
I personally love to vape it at a higher
wattage you're getting that heat and
it's making it taste like a hot doughnut
like here I'll take it up to 115 cuz
that's just too as 90 is just not enough
you know
so 1:15 here we go 115 Watts let's do it
oh yeah now once I've cranked up that
heat a little more I get even more
flavor I get even more of the donut I
get even more of even the fruity pebbles
on that doughnut yeah that's fantastic
so yeah I will say i love this juice i
will say that it's not it's not pebbles
doughnut but it is you know like it is
good so let's go ahead and talk about
throat hit I'm getting nothing being as
it is it looks like it's more of it has
quite a bit of PG in it I'm not getting
a harsh throat hit no burning in the
nose coming out none whatsoever
not getting any throat hit it's very
smooth very creamy it's it's a premium
I'll call it a premium even if it is a
Chinese knockoff or whatever it is it's
good it's a good juice it's it's not
packed VG like they say that's no
there's no way but it's great and the
fact that they were able to whatever
this is if it's a 70/30 you know 30 like
you know 70 percent VG they were able to
accomplish it with without hitting your
throat so I'm impressed a little bit not
impressed with West Coast ape supply
because this is not what they this is
not the picture that they they showed me
it's not what that was not what I
thought I was ordering nothing close it
looked exactly like this but a big
bottle so I don't want to say they're a
bad company I hate trashing people but
that was dishonest it's it's a different
bottle than when I got and
I don't think it's authentic but it does
taste great so so in conclusion guys for
me this is an all-day fete
it's its breakfast it's a donut it's an
afternoon treat and it's a midnight
snack this it's bomb like I love it it's
it's smooth it it just I don't know it's
it's nice it's sweet it is sweet I I
would recommend this for people that
like like bakery vase anyone that likes
like a like a cakey vape not saying that
this is cakey but it's got that doughy
that floury taste that very creamy out
the oven taste and you're also getting
that fruit taste I mean it's not super
fruity but you get those hints of those
fruity pebbles and it's just phenomenal
so I would definitely recommend this
vape for this juice for anyone that that
likes that sort of thing alright guys so
that is my review on the pebbles donut
eliquid stick around subscribe comment
share it with friends whatever cuz I'm
gonna be doing a lot more reviews on
juice that's really what I'm what I
wanted to put this channel out there for
but as we go into as this channel
progresses I'm gonna be doing reviews on
mods on tanks on RDA is all the good
stuff so please subscribe and I'll see
you guys next time
venomous vapes coming at you kickstart
off the channel you know I can't just
fuck off
like we said I said that the Griffin 25
you got a dual parallel or yeah cut that
all right so I got a dual cancel in
there I also get that milk I also get
that milk that fuck this buzz it's
hitting like back here in my throat I'm
getting that milk that that fresh
doughnut right out the memory the
freaking knife laughs and until next
time stay tuned for more ejuice mods are
ta r da reviews stay tuned
fuck me alright guys that is my review
on the pebbles Donuts be sure to stay
tuned in the upcoming

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