Vape Review of Paco Liquid - Sherbet Lemon

April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Paco Liquid - Sherbet Lemon

Vape Review of Paco Liquid - Sherbet Lemon

Sherbet Lemon is a sweet lemon sherbet based flavour. The initial flavour on the inhale is of the lemon and after, it leaves a sweet sherbet after taste.

Vape Review of Paco Liquid - Sherbet Lemon

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Paco Liquid - Sherbet Lemon

hi guys Lee here from socialite Comrie
review time again and this time we are
reviewing the lemon chili liquid and
with six milligrams as you can see there
on our monster max kit and battery and
tank as well it will be done on that
full airflow as always and which
produces the most vapor so it's best for
that also with the monster Matic does
allow us to sub own vape as well which
is fantastic for bringing out the
flavors in all our liquids without
messing around will vape on this and
I'll describe exactly what it tastes a
lot so let's give that a go we're going
to vape on 40 watts straight to the
point no messing about full flavor
as always the max does not let us down
and produces fantastic very and vapor
and fantastic flavor that is for a
I must confess I have been vaping on it
all day and I do really enjoy it it's a
fantastic lemon sherbet II taste we do
call it lemon chill because it does give
you a bit of a coolant taste as well
called and kicking the back of the
throat which is really nice and
refreshing but we will probably going to
change the name to the lemon sherbet
because it's so sure but it really is
nice definitely something I recommend
and if you're into sweet or in creamy
e-liquids and this is definitely
something you want to try and really be
impressed with the lemon chill something
I didn't think I'd enjoy because you
think a lemon it can be quite sharp but
this is nothing like that it's actually
really just tasty and if you into
sherbet you're gonna love this one
whoop I could really just make on this
all day long six milligrams is plenty
strong enough in our sub where does sub
I mean you don't need to really be going
any much higher than that I mean you can
if you want but it just gets way too
strong for me six milligrams is plenty
and it just allows the flavour to come
out more in the e-liquids as well which
is great which is what we're after when
you sub I'm vaping because you know if
all these flavours coming out with the
desserts the fruits that's what you're
into really is getting the flavor out of
them and just for the enjoyment and the
levant chill which will be lemon sherbet
and definitely does that for you just
look at the vapor as well fantastic look
guys I'll leave it out nice short and
sweet definitely want to recommend
definitely one for you guys to get as
well you won't be disappointed to take
my word for that and then talk again

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