Vape Review of Paco Liquid - Cherry Sherbet

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Paco Liquid - Cherry Sherbet

Vape Review of Paco Liquid - Cherry Sherbet

By Nataly Komova

Cherry Sherbet is a sweet cherry sherbet based flavour. The initial flavour on the inhale is of the cherry and on the exhale, it leaves a sweet sherbet after taste.

Vape Review of Paco Liquid - Cherry Sherbet

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Paco Liquid - Cherry Sherbet

what's going on YouTube this Monday hope
you had a great weekend
a quick review guys this evening on the
Packer liquids there are left branch of
global hub this is - number series so
we've got sherbet lemon cherry sherbert
and rainbow shower today we're gonna be
starting off on rainbow sherbet I have
made this already it's a really nice
juice I'm just faking it again on my
custom beast mod for my team world makes
good right there using my green be 1.5
maybe this let you guys know how it
tastes Wow so straight away again I show
but hit you're getting quite a few
different kinds of show enough it's
really tasty really tasty what can I say
it's a 60 ml short full bottle you're 50
ml of liquid enough for your mixture in
there let's make your free em jeans
there's 70 30 PG PG VG it's a nice
design no they've really outdone
themselves on this line guys they really
have this is probably the favorite line
of mine they have right
next up go try sherbet lemons just this
one right here as again 70/30 pg/vg
six more short full chubby gorilla bo
enough for your Nick shot coming up just
right for dripping not too thick not too
worried nice clouds coming off at that I
really like lemon lemon it's one of my
favorite flavors of like a liquid so
lemon share birth and what I really like
wow that hits the back of your throat
that's nice and again the lemons there -
sure boots there there's no fault with
that juice days already really tasty
juice guys I'd highly recommend that
there's a sherbet lemon sherbet lemon
right next guys we have got cherry
sherbert no I'm not really a fan of
cherry but there's been another range so
do the cherry flavor and I do quite
enjoy but today we're not here to talk
about them we're here to talk about
these guys so I will not mention them
as again 60 ml bull 50 ml liquid not for
your next shot these are all got nicked
shots in Excel a vein for free mg got
your ingredients manufactured by best
before and a batch code lovely clouds
again lovely clouds again guys the
cherries they're the service there it's
not too harsh on the phone it's a smooth
vape it is definitely one of my favorite
lines they do they've got quite a few
lines you have to check them out over at
global hub this line however it's called
pack or liquid there's a very very good
line guys very good line I would finally
recommend these juices to anyone that
likes a sherbet vape as always guys
monkey bay PK here review for global
cloud pack or liquid I hope to see
subscribe to my channel comment like
share it whatever you need to do do it
and I'll be back for another review
shortly hope you guys stay tuned

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