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By Tatyana Dyachenko

Three new flavors courtesy of Charlie’s Chalk Dust and Mother Earth herself, Pachamama brings you some of the most desirable fruits she has to offer! Peach Papaya Coconut Cream fills your mouth with sweet peaches, juicy papaya and rich coconut cream. Pinch yourself, it isn’t a dream, this flavor is just that good! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Pachamama Peach Papaya Coconut Cream BEASTLY BECAUSE Pachamama invites you to indulge on some of the most desirable fruits she has to offer. Charlie himself waited months on the cosmos only to find out the recipes were right in front of him the whole time! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of PACHAMAMA PEACH PAPAYA COCONUT CREAM

what's going on vapors wrong to my
review of peach papaya and coconut cream
by Pachamama butter mama is a 70/30 VG
PG blend nicotine options are zero three
and six milligrams and is described as
peach papaya and coconut cream from
Pachamama is a delectable blend of all
three and that pretty much says it all
really creamy smooth and tropical
oh wow that isn't meant right okay
firstly the peach the peach is there
this is on the inhale obviously the the
peach is amazing now I'm quite partial
to repeat vape so this is ticking a box
straight away the peach is punchy a lot
of power in it
not as much sweetness as some peach
flavors go but you are getting a good
amount of sweetness from that now the
papaya as well as Pete and I go this
works well but the papaya to me gives
more of a a texture off more than a big
flavor the peach is doing what it needs
to do here so in terms of flavor it's
not lacking that the pilot is giving off
a mouth filling texture which just grabs
hold of the tongue and is really
tantalizing them tastebuds in my opinion
now if you've had Popeye before you may
understand this I'm getting like a not
as such a dry hit it tastes quite it's
almost like a starchy texture there's an
undertone of the papaya now it's drying
out the mouth quite quickly which I
don't think I like it's kind of rinsing
out the peach in a way you get the
sweetness of the peach stays there that
the peach flavor out in itself gets
washed out right at the back of the
throat on the inhale I don't like that
at all now the coconut is interesting my
way I mean that I'm not getting much of
a coconut taste as such now there's a
fair amount of coconut face before and
none of which I've had actually had a
full on coconut taste so this isn't
overly surprising in my opinion but
there's one thing that the flavor on the
Box describes and that's coconut cream
now the word cream is a parent it's a
very crew there's a very creamy element
NER that with the dry note that I'm
getting from the papaya it almost
softens off from this cream which
rescues the flavor in a way but the dry
starchy no sticks to the towel which
don't like at all
now after inhale the characteristics
from the inhale are pretty much the same
apart from the peach that you get from
the inhale is amplified thankfully this
is kind of overshadowing that starchy
note that's still on my tongue which I'm
kind of forgetting about after that
because the peach is just Quinn back up
a lot of sweetness they're kind of a
tropical hit farm the guava flavor
itself and that cream is just from the
coconut users going around and around
and around which is nice there's just
something missing though I don't know
what it is it's I don't know
I can't work it out the elements from
the post inhale hold up really well as
much as that piece is amplified
everything holds up really well and I
mixed with this because that I keep that
dry heat just keeps coming again and
again and it the more of a pick the
drier my mouth is getting it's don't
like this now the exhale the peach
flavor has gone back down again but the
sweetness has come in masses this is
actually washing out that dry starchy
completely which thankfully it that's
what it's doing the creaminess from the
coconut is smooth as it was throughout
the rest of the vape and in fact it's
getting smoother as it goes it's going
over the over the roof of the mouth so
nicely and the papaya is kind of
becoming more flavorful it's becoming
more of a tropical flavor as well which
is nice the peach yet or I probably will
want a bit more for the peach from the
exhale but I can't forgive that
and you know what's better if you exhale
this through the nose because the
starchy textures gone completely but the
peach actually is a lot more better
going through the nose it's becoming the
entire flavor on the ex hair is so much
more fragrant it's so nice and it's so
light actually the more you've the
longer you vape it out as well through
the nose yeah
the peach grows the flavor of the peach
just grows on the back of the tongue so
nicely so if you do get this exhale it
through the nose and you'll be
pleasantly surprised that's highly
unusual but it works nicely unmixed for
this that starchy note throughout that
inhale in the mid is not enjoyable for
me but the exhale is so much better and
that's what you probably remember more
than anything because that's the last
thing you're really doing the exhale
through the nose is brilliant I really
do like that it's very fragrant very
refreshing very light flavor so it's not
too bad that's just that starchy dry
thing I'm getting I don't like that at
all if the coconut taste of coconut a
bit more I think I would have wanted
that and that's probably what I feel is
missing a little bit but the cream note
is doing what it is supposed to do it's
smoothing everything off and it's
rounding everything off really nicely so
it's not too bad
oh yeah it's just that's just that note
dry note I don't know what's up what
that's doing so hey go guys that is the
review for Pachamama done I hope you
found it informative make sure you like
this video and subscribe to my channel
thanks very much for watching guys entre
see you soon Cheers
from there's a bit of sweetness in there
there's a bitterness of that chocolate
just going through that cookie in and
out as well
now the cream you can taste but only
just it just floats on them

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