Vape Review of Pachamama Mango Pitaya Pineapple E-liquid (60ML)

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Pachamama Mango Pitaya Pineapple E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Pachamama Mango Pitaya Pineapple E-liquid (60ML)

Taste the flavor of the islands with a vape juice carefully blended to give the vaper a delicious wave of tropical flavor. Upon the initial inhale, your tongue will experience a body of succulent pineapple. The exhale of this vape juice offers a fusion of mango and subtle pitaya splashing across your palate. The finish of the vape juice will bring you to a beachfront with a cornucopia of juicy island fruits. Be sure to buy a Pachamama Mango Pitaya Pineapple E-Liquid (60ML) todayVape Review of Pachamama Mango Pitaya Pineapple E-liquid (60ML)!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Pachamama Mango Pitaya Pineapple E-liquid (60ML)

what's gonna vaporize wrong tomorrow
view of mango Pattaya and pineapple by
Pachamama Pachamama is a 70/30 VG PG
blend nicotine options are zero three
and six milligrams and is described as
mango papaya and pineapple by Pachamama
is a natural fruity vape of the islands
the carefully crafted flavour provides
sweet mango notes on the in her with
undertones of juicy pineapple and subtle
on the exhale
oh that's a that's a real fruit flavor
it's incredible okay the inhale is full
of the mango and the pineapple the mango
is giving off like a texture in a way
but it's providing a nice level of
sweetness there and also the pineapple
is giving off what pineapple does and
it's full on taste and a good level of
sourness throughout now Pattaya I had to
Google in an inter in fact its dragon
fruit if you didn't know what Qatar was
and yeah it's dragon fruit now dragon
fruit before so I didn't have to
research what Pattaya tasted like
because I retired before apparently now
the Pattaya is very subtle but what I do
like about it is the fact that it gives
off a very juicy texture to the point it
actually makes you salivate it's the
roof of my mouth is just going crazy
because it's just I am salivating really
well I really well really badly and it's
incredible on how flavors done that
because I've never done never had that
happen before
I like it because it's giving off a
juicy texture juicy taste but it's
making my mouth actually go nuts and
that's what I like and you getting the
teeth from the mango and the pineapple
to an amazing degree and yeah that's a
kick-ass in her eye if you do like that
after then how the mango is there in its
own little bubble and it's providing
such a refreshing flavor just in the
back of my mouth and all this flavor is
good and the pineapple is more in the
background more at the back of the
throat and it's it's it's pretty strong
but I do like it because pineapple is
such a good vape anyway and it's just
oozing flavor and it's oozing that sharp
touch to them that pineapple provides
and it's working with the mango in terms
of the texture that I'm getting from the
mango and the sweetness
now the put Pattaya is not necessarily
doing as much as what it did on the
inhale but I'm still getting a sensation
still on the roof of my mouth of that
salivation and it's enough it's doing
what it's still sticking to the roof of
the mouth and on top of the tongue and
ever this is a very well blended flavor
and/or this is the bottom one the best
fruit flavors I've had ever this is a
great blend now the exhale takes a bit
of a different turn the mango steps off
a bit which in turn let's add the
pineapple take over and the pineapple is
to me the hero of this flavor it's doing
so much you are actually getting a
sweetness like a tropical sweetness from
the pineapple at this point which
completely tastes different to what the
sweetness what you're getting on the
inhale that is completely different and
it's a good little jump from flavors
there you get the text from the
pineapple which is juicy its mouth
filling and is on its own an incredible
the potaro is doing its own as well in
terms of that that sensation you get
through the mouth it's coming back again
and it's great bit it's more sweetness
compared to that on the inhale and it's
nice it's very nice and it actually
works with the pineapple a bit more
differently than what it did on the
inhale because that mango is not there
as such now it's it's turned into a
completely different flavor and I like
that it's exhale through the nose and
it's clean refreshing vibrant uplifting
it's everything that you'd want from and
a pretty much a tropical fruit mixed
flavor it's doing so much to your senses
that my head may explode in five seconds
I don't know oh sorry it might get a bit
messy a bit anyway this this is an
amazing fruit flavor this is nothing
I've ever tasted in my life this is the
best fruit flavor I've ever had I will
be buying a lot of this and I hope it
comes out in bigger bulbs because I
could do that very very quickly so yeah
this is this is the amazing fruit flavor
and it's hugely enjoyable fragrant
flavorful tantalizing and it's just
taking every single box and this is what
I love doing as a reviewer this is why I
like reviewing because you I wouldn't
necessarily this will be my first sort
of choice to get bit I'm glad I've I'm
glad I'm a penis because this has
changed my perception on fruit flavors
completely hit flick my perception on
its head Wow such a good flavor
overall it's a solid fruit flavor great
mix good contrast good levels everything
sticks together really well it's clean
it's refreshing its Moorish it's smooth
its everything everything I like about a
liquids about vaping and about reviewing
it makes my job so good so there you go
guys that is review for Pachamama do and
I hope you found this informative make
sure you like this video and subscribe
to my channel thank you very much for
watching guys I should see you soon
Cheers well there's a bit of sweetness
in there
it's a bitterness of that chocolate just
going through that cookie in and out as
now the cream you can taste but only
just it just floats on them

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