April 18, 2018

Vape Review of Original Nilla | Nilla Vapers by Tinted Brew E-liquid (60mL)

Nilla Wafers e liquid by Tinted Brew presents Original Nilla, a flavor that will transport you back to a simpler time, picture yourself dipping a classic vanilla wafer cookie in a cold glass of milk, now imagine that sensation in vape form, there's nothing better! This mouth-watering flavor features highlights of vanilla, creamy sweet milk & crunchy wafers that all come together to form a flavor truly worthy of being called an all day vape. Each package of Nilla Wafers contains 1 x 60ml bottle and 1 x custom Yellow chubby gorilla bottle. Get nostalgic and pick up your bottle of Nilla Original vape juice today!

Vape Review of Original Nilla | Nilla Vapers by Tinted Brew E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Original Nilla | Nilla Vapers by Tinted Brew E-liquid (60mL)

hi youtube its Olivia thank you so much
for tuning in today I'm going to be
bringing you a review of nella vapors
and this is made by tinted blue liquid
company this is an absolute awesome vape
guys I cannot stop vaping this see I
love the flavor profile
it's got creamy sweet milk kind of
reminds me of you know condensed milk
and then you get that sense of
crunchiness like a wafer and then you
also get vanilla so if those flavors are
in your flavor profile you will
absolutely enjoy the same ah it's just
so great so when you receive it it's
going to come in a 60 ml bottle and then
you're also going to get an empty 30 ml
gorilla bottle so this is very
convenient if you are a dripper like
myself or if you have a tank and you
want to fill it up on the go
and then not to mention the packaging
kind of reminds me of Nabisco Nilla
wafers and it has like that nice matte
feel to it and I'm the kind of person
why see you know really cute package I
kind of hang on to them you know just
like a presentation thing it's really
cool so diving right into some
information about this e-liquid it is a
70 bg-30 PG blend it's available in
nicotine levels zero three and six and
it retails for $19.99 at West Coast vape
supply calm so I'm going to go ahead and
give you a nose exhale and enough exhale
and tell you what I think
so I love the cloud production I love
the way it smells through the nose I am
definitely sensing the vanilla the sweet
milk and the way first this is easily
easily easily in all days a it's so
smooth and it smells delicious so let me
go ahead and give you a map exhale very
very smooth
hmm and that vanilla kind of resonates
in your mouth is so delicious so there's
no throw head there's no irritation
you're definitely tasting more vanilla
if you inhale and exhale through your
mouth and you're also going to get that
creamy sweet milk and that sense of that
crunch so I love this it's just so great
it's fabulous and the price is fabulous
- its $19.99 for a 60 ml bottle
including an empty 30 ml gorilla bottle
it's available for sale at West Coast
vape supply calm and the shipping is
the customer service is friendly the
company is awesome so thank you so much
for sending this to me for the purposes
of my review I do appreciate it so
please like comment and subscribe to my
channel and as always we are all in this
together so keep facing on keep us
strong guys

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