Vape Review of Original Milkman by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

April 19, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Original Milkman by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Original Milkman by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

The Original Milkman e-liquid by The Milkman delivers a sensational vaping experience directly to your taste buds. Milkman takes a warm, toasted fruity tart and blends it with rich vanilla bean ice cream and a splash of fresh creamy milk. A vape perfect for all day vaping, Milkman is well balanced, expertly crafted, and truly delicious. Don't miss this flavor, buy your 60mL bottle of Milkman vape juice today!

Vape Review of Original Milkman by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Original Milkman by The Milkman E-liquid (60mL)

sub convicts Matty ice here from
convicted vapes my buddy Tristan
Thompson also from convicted vapes how
y'all doing tonight I hope you're taking
it so deep yes uh he's guest starring
again because you know I get lonely on
these reviews and Jeff Jeff hello earth
to Jeff come come do some reviews with
me Jeff anyway I got got another ejuice
review for you the vaping public because
this is what I do and got something
that's real fuckin hyped up the milkman
by the vaping rabbit is it vaping or
vaping Oh beeping vape the vaping rabbit
is who makes the milkman and guys as you
know this stuff is hyped the fuck up
it's all over Instagram all over
Facebook people been talking about it
hasn't all been loved believe me but uh
you know there for the most part is
people been talking this juice up
talking it up the milkman the milkman
Todd it's fucking great
anyway this is three milligram nicotine
strength plastic bottle sort of a very
cheap feeling white plastic bottle I
like the labeling the labeling made me
think it was going to be good because
milk milkman creamy you know what I mean
milky creamy I like creamy type custardy
strawberry custard e-type vapes but uh
the bottle is very deceiving here mm-hmm
because there's nothing white in the
bottle it's a it's actually a very amber
looking juice look dripping it
everywhere but it's uh let me you know
what let me read you a description to
this juice before we really get into
this this is coming off the drip love the website love drip Club
they have a lot of great juices great
shipping time anyway the milkman the
milkman is here the genius is behind the
vaping rabbit line of premium ejuice are
taking us all on a journey to the next
level of vaping with the milkman the
next level of vaping guys odds and that
sound X is another let that sound
exciting the milkman is taking a warm
toasted fruit tart which I'm guessing is
a pop
I'm guessing throwing it into a blender
with the dalip of delicious vanilla bean
ice cream and a splash of fresh milk
delivering a truly sensational flavor
right to your tastebuds and a delicious
vapor bowl oh it's vey pible really max
VG bottle well-balanced and extremely
delicious the milkman delivers you a
perfect vamping experience worthy of
being an all day vape 30 milliliter at a
time the decadent warm toasted fruit
tart milkshake flavor in the milkman
completely blew us away it's it's a
tantalizingly complex vape that
perfectly bridges the gap between
breakfast cereal flavors and dessert
flavors this is definitely a flavor you
don't want to miss each 30-mil bottle
ships in an official milkman carton I
don't have the carton to show you guys
but it comes in like a little milk
carton it's very very clever marketing
they got going here with this juice and
like I said it's hyped the fuck up so
this is a a pop-tart milkshake type deal
whatever the fuck they said what is a
strawberry warm toasted fruit tart
thrown into a butter without its vanilla
bean ice cream fruit tart and milk it's
3 milligram nicotine what we got here
and I have this loaded up and it's max
VG by the way max VG and it does look
thick it does look pretty thick
definitely a pretty thick juice I've
seen thicker but definitely on the high
VG side I don't know about max VG but
it's definitely like an 80/20 90/10 I
have this loaded up in the APO buy
ghetto in customs shoutout to get a link
love Chris's stuff and the abadan that's
right a badan box mod by El Diablo
shoutout to Gilbert makes great stuff as
well so uh let's get a smell test going
here mmm
I don't smell any milk I smell a little
bit of like a strawberry pop-tart don't
smell any vanilla ice cream I'll tell
you up here oh well he smells us let me
tell you let me tell you what I smell I
smell rotten milk like rotten strawberry
milk like if you left a strawberry Quik
out and it went bad it smells sour it
just smells doesn't smell too good not
sour but at the point where it's about
to go you know when you're like I
probably shouldn't drink this but I'm
gonna anyway smell sour
it smells like sour rotten milk to me
umm I don't smell the pop-tart on its
own I don't smell vanilla ice cream I
don't smell I don't smell it just smells
like sourness if that makes any sense
but let's do a little vapor production
test here vapor production is good
definitely pretty good vapor production
um I have no complaints on a scale 105
I'm going to say vapor production is a 3
or 4 mm hmm it's great vapor production
um throat hit guys there's a little bite
to this at 3 milligram nicotine it it
it's a little harsh on my throat I'm not
really digging the throat kick on this
um it's weird I'll take something I'll
have something to drink and it will
smooth out after the drink wears off in
my in my mouth it just gets harsh again
it smoothed out a little bit but there's
definitely a little throw kick for 3 um
a little tiny bit of burning out my nose
the sting my nose a little bit what do
you think on the throat are you getting
to throw it subtle not as not as hard as
it was when we first got it rolling but
it's it's definitely there and it
lingers it's a definite tingling
sensation on the throat that the only
way to make me go
all right guys flavor oh man this is
hyped up guys it's hyped the fuck up
flavor fucking sucks
okay this shit is fucking gross um I
don't even taste anything that I live in
it takes nothing it's bland it's bland
yeah but uh it's got this shitty taste
too I listen I get no pop-tart taste
I get no vanilla ice cream taste and I
get no milk taste it tastes like just
sour nothingness
it's it's gross it's it's fucking gross
I don't know how else to say this is a
very strange flavor it's not complex
like they say on the website oh it took
of the whole new level of vaping and
it's complete this is fucking bullshit
okay this shit I had high hopes for this
- guys I really did I had very high
hopes when I saw this I was like I had I
just thought to myself this is probably
gonna be good the milkman
I thought creamy custard II flavorful
vape and it's just the total opposite
it's fucking gross um let me drip a
little bit more here I shouldn't wonder
that was a little dry it's a
disappointment because it looks so good
it's you know it's just one of those
things that you know you expect
something out of just the way it's
marketed with all the hype on it and it
doesn't deliver it does not deliver so
the question is where the fuck does the
hype come from yeah where does it come
from I don't get it I don't know where
that is coming from but this is this is
complete bullshit throw kicks back a
little bit I taste a little bit of burnt
machine oil and no it's not my atomizer
this atomizers like a year and a half
old and it's been cleaned multiple times
without call soap you name it used over
and over with flavors I do like but I
get this nasty burnt sour taste from
this juice it's just not good guys it's
not fucking good I don't get any
milkshake any pop-tart no I don't get
anything they talk about and
flavor description in this and which is
fine if it was good alright flavor
description is off but the juice is
still good it's not good this shit
fucking sucks
I wouldn't recommend this don't waste
your fucking money this is all fucking
hype guys it's all hyped absolutely this
is complete bullshit
I'm a little upset I'm a little upset
it's in my atomizer right now to be
honest with you I think what I'm tasting
is their attempt to make like a pop tart
crust like a tart crust and the crust
just comes off horrible in here it comes
off terrible and it's just gross
fuck man this fucking this is fuck you
know what you know what this needs you
know this needs to make this better
that's what it needed the fucking
garbage cuz this shit sucks don't
believe the fucking hype guys total
bullshit I know that they described in
that profile whatsoever and it's not
good and here's the thing I know you
guys if you watch my reviews you always
hear me talk about you know you know if
the juice is good that's one thing but
does it make you feel like shit I have a
little bit of a headache right now I'm
feeling a little bit nauseous a little
bit feel like my forehead sweating this
juice makes me feel like shit it makes
me feel like crap um this is one of
those juices that makes you feel like
I don't know if it's the nicotine the
flavoring or what it is but I think
they're using a little grade nicotine
because it does not make me feel nice at
where the tingling is coming from to
thumbs down on the milkman by the vaping
rabbit fuck that garbage don't believe
the hype guys just goes to show you that
that shit is hyped the fuck up and uh it
sucks so that's my review you got
anything else you want to add to this
cuz I'm not even want to waste any more
time yeah honestly I mean I just I want
to ask the question where the fuck does
the hype for that come from I need to
babe something good
the juice man I could understand you
know I mean at least the profiles are
there they're different they're not
exactly what you know they are described
as but there's flavor to it this
actually doesn't have a flavor to it
any of what's described you can pick up
on key notes in those juices of
this has nothing new zero of what what I
tasted sucks
I did get flavor out of it it was like a
Berk like if you left the pop-tart in
the toaster oven too long and you took
the perfect the burnt corners of it and
broke it off in ate the burnt corners
that's what it tastes like with a little
bit of sour rotten milk on the end of it
I'm happy with that cuz I like the bird
corners no good man no good let me vape
some of this fucking Philip Braque to
get that taste out of my mouth ah much
mmm just a little lost eek peek guys I
got this Pacifica mod pretty sweet mod
it's got a quartz glass sleeve over it
the custom three toned patina mm-hmm I'm
gonna be reviewing this real soon just a
little sneak peek I'm gonna throw a
review up in the next day or two so
watch out for that but too fucking it -
two thumbs down two thumbs down on the
milk bit on the milk man total bullshit
don't discuss to show you don't believe
the fucking height man don't believe it
that's all I got for you guys thanks for
watching until next time subscribe share
like comment get on the convicted babes
Facebook group all capital letters
convicted babes for having a fucking
blast on there you'll see Tristan in
there maintaining what a Tom get on the
ecig outpost but get some convict juice
it's pretty good we haven't had any
complaints so I'm pretty happy about
that and you can email me - if you want
anything reviewed anyone out there you
can get me up on my email and Meg ahead
Emme gah EAD at Comcast net and guys
Keep Calm vape on and tell them tristan
take it fucking deep that's right Oh
deep to the bottom heavy fucking metal
stay thirsty my friends don't believe
the fucking hype that should suck the

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