Vape Review of Orange Soda E-Liquid by Is It True

April 24, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Orange Soda E-Liquid by Is It True

Vape Review of Orange Soda E-Liquid by Is It True?

A rush of your favourite orange flavour, combined beautifully with a refreshing burst of fizzy bubbles. Unlike any other flavour, this liquid will have you calling out "Is It True?!" Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength

Vape Review of Orange Soda E-Liquid by Is It True

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Orange Soda E-Liquid by Is It True?

that's some good stuff oh hey what's
going on everybody I am John from Jassim
development and here at jfm development
we're all about the community hope you
learn how to mix do anything regarding
DIY but first today let's get right into
it it's all about Orange Crush
hey guys so everything today is all
about Orange Crush I just released a
flavor note video using flavor art blood
orange I'm also using a new flavor art
flavor called royal orange where
basically I want to make a nice bait
using those flavors and what of course
should I start with why not start with
Orange Crush you guys see me drinking it
all the time on this channel it's one of
my favorite sodas so let's waste no time
let's go down onto the scale and let's
start mixing this bad boy up okay so as
I said before we just started doing some
flavoured old videos on some new flavor
art flavors specifically blood orange I
just released the flavor note video for
that what I've been liking to do i I
just did it with Apple Dylan from Flay
Bora but what I really been like doing
is releasing a recipe right after my
flavor know using some of the flavors so
you guys can get an idea of what to use
with the flavor as I'm talking about so
today I'm making an orange crush type
vape yes I love Orange Crush so this
seemed to be fitting this is my first
version I've already mixed this up MVP
and it turned out really good sure there
might be some adjustments in the future
as I play around with some of these
flavors but as it stands right now it's
a really decent orange soda upbeat so
first let's go the first ingredient I
used here and obviously that's a flavor
art blood orange it's a very great honor
flavor if you haven't checked out the
new flavor note video for this yet go
check y'all but basically it's the meet
of the orange it's a orange with nice
and juicy and realistic tasting and this
flavour will get you there so for this
recipe I use it at one-and-a-half
percent it seemed like a nice ratio nice
percentage it's a half at three percent
where you would use that or like that
single play recipe but since I'm using
all the oranges here I want to cut that
down a little bit so let's use that one
and a half percent in this recipe so one
and a half is equal to 0.45 grams 0.45
alright some blood orange can play
Vartan very nice flavor if you love
oranges seriously check this one out
definitely check out that flavor no
video though alright so next up is fresh
cream now fresh cream kind just dripped
into the mix a little bit of body in
flavor art fresh cream is in at 2% or
0.6 3 grams 0.6 3 grams
alright so flavor art fresh cream is in
next up is Oba Oba now flavor are over
Oba I have to do a flavor non-video on
I'm still getting to know this flavor
quite a bit but what it generally looks
like to be is like a candied shell but
it's definitely one of wavers where it's
hard to pinpoint and explain the
description so I'm going to be working
with it a lot more before I do a flavor
nope if you want it but it's really hard
to explain but supposed to feel like a
candied shell what I'm getting from it
in this recipe is I'm kind of getting
that uh that orange sweetness that goes
into the orange Krush and this ova ova
seem to do the job very well kind of
give you that orange sweetness well I
think any any aren't the oranges are
doing the orange but it's kind of giving
me that like roundabout sweetness that
goes into any like nice orange soda
that's kind of getting me there so oba
oba is in this recipe at two and a half
percent or 0.7 nine grams point seven
nine grams so far though I have to say I
really been liking this flavor it's just
I I really honestly don't know how to
describe it but it tastes amazing it's
kind of kind of like a marshmallow in
oil at different marshmallows describing
them it's kind of hard kind of like the
same thing in a way anyways I'm going to
play around with it more get to know it
better and let you guys know alright so
next up is flavor art orange another
orange flavor see what I explained it by
flavor no video is good to layer your
orange because you get pieces of an
orange to meet a certain flavor and then
you put them all together and then it
makes an actual orange flavor okay so
here flip our oranges in here
1% or 0.3 1 grants and I have to hand it
to flavor art they are the kings and
making the most realistic food flavors
ever like you just can't beat it
like every single one of the fruits eyes
mess with so far it's so realistic and
different at the same time it's just
ok the next one is a new one as well and
this one's royal orange and I'm review
and flavor no video is coming very soon
on this flavor but it worked in this
recipe so I had to throw it in so sleeve
art royal orange is in at one-and-a-half
percent or point four five grams point
four five grams so you see how I'm using
three different orange flavors here I'm
using blood orange employer art orange
from Cleve are a royal are jet clear bar
and I'm kind of putting them together
like a puzzle piece to make this perfect
orange flavor and they're all going to
work in conjunction with each other okay
next up is super sweet from capella now
Alex B juicers and soda happens to be
very sweet so I'm going to put some
super sweet in here it's entirely
optional but sodas usually tend to be
sweet but here I'm using in that 1% or
0.3 convinced I really wouldn't go above
1% though that's pretty much the max you
want to take super sweet but I just like
sweet juices
okay so 0.32 grams okay and thus
following agreement this last ingredient
we have here it's kind of like the
secret weapon this is the secret weapon
of making a soda okay it's kind of like
a hidden gem and this is wine champagne
from flavor you're asking me why you put
in wine champagne or a play bar in here
you are making a beverage but you're not
trying to be an alcoholic beverage
you're trying to make an orange crush
soda well I've learned that wine
champagne and lower percentages you can
actually get somewhat of a carbonated
effect in your liquid so it's kind of
giving you that texture of carbonation
although it's not a hundred percent it
does do a fairly good job at it it's as
close as we've gotten so far
as close as
he is done okay so one champion is in
here at 1% or 0.32 grams so one
champagne is in and now it's time to put
in the negative so for the nicotine here
I'm using a hundred milligram nicotine
suspended mpg so you want to make sure
you shake it very well if this was VG
base you'd want to shake even more
because it's a thicker substance and
that minimum where it gloves and just be
very careful when handling this don't
get it on your skin make sure you keep
it out of reach of children and pets and
just take it slow this is the most
important part to get as accurate as
possible so I'm making a 30 milliliter
batch today and I want three milligrams
so this calls for point nine three grams
of PG based 100 milligram nicotine so
0.93 grams okay there we go right on the
nose so you trying to take that car very
slowly make sure you guys accurate as
possible and last but not least it's
time for VG v gie today calls for thirty
two point seven three grams of ug so
thirty two point seven three grams
alright so we're going to mix this up
now with my handy dandy more Pro mixer
this is one of the best parts if you
guys want an or pro mixer make sure you
check out the link in the description
what it is is just this mixer that
allows you to go inside the bottle
without having to deal with all the
hassle so if you see I'm going to just
put this in the bottle and it's just
going to blend it for me now I want to
deal with any of the hassle of shaking
it I want to work this is especially
good as like you have carpal tunnel or
something in your hand it just makes it
so you want to shake it and don't worry
you're not sponsored by nor pro it's
just a tool in my DIY arsenal dive wear
has helped me a lot okay each one make
sure to get it as good as you want
pretty much when you start seeing
bubbles that's exactly where you want to
all right well good right there she owes
a lot of little bubbles in there that's
all you need that's all you need then
just wipe off you mixer when you're done
with this then what I do afterwards
after I'm dump these videos and end up
sanitizing this mixer and it really
comes out perfectly so I can just pull
it out like that so you can actually put
in a dishwasher or however you want them
I mean you want to go through all that
but it does help all right so just going
to put the cover on just give a little
shake no good deal all right so I'm
going to meet you up at the other camera
we're going to vape on it and I'm going
to talk about it alright so if I'm
smelling this it sells like a nice
orange soda it's not believable is it
smells like crush it does I mean I do
think I'm very picky when it comes to my
art so if you can't tell I love orange
soda so of course I'm going to
scrutinize this recipe a lot I'm going
to want to make it till it's just
perfect or right now it does taste like
orange crush but I do think I am going
to tweak it out a little bit cuz I want
to make sure I get the best orange grape
Orange Crush maybe I possibly can
alright so let me just grab my RDA I'm
probably going to clear this out so I'll
be right back okay guys so as you can
see I did just clear out my RDA it's
very smoky in the room or very baby I
can't really help that all I need to get
this video out so don't mind that's a
little bit foggy that's just because I
had to clear my RDA because I'd have
anything to rework it right now I need
more cotton but so I just cleared it out
by burning off the what was left in it
before but now I just dripped in the
Orange Crush recipe that I just made
sorry about the jump cut but here we go
let's try this thing out it's awesome
it's awesome it tastes great now this
one I did find out that it's good to
give it a couple of days just for those
oranges in the cream and everything just
to kind of meld together a little bit
but after three days it's pretty spot on
Orange Crush don't get me wrong I am
going to work on it a little bit but it
is awesome it does hit the spot if
you're in for
Orange Crush beep if you want that kind
of soda babe but it's definitely an
awesome way to use these new flavors
from flavor especially the blood orange
I really like what I did here again get
you get that nice soda big and it's just
in it in that oba oba man that oba oba
did something special to it where it
kind of gave you like that sweetness of
the of the orange like if you drink this
right here the Orange Crush gives you
like this oranges but usually there's
different sweetness and that oba oba
kind of did that for me you're not
supposed to be used as a candy shell
work perfect here in that wine man that
wine champagne it's weird it gives you
like the the reminiscence of like
carbonation I can't even explain it but
it's very cool I've actually used wine
champagne from flavor art in my Mountain
Dew vape which I've already done I made
a really good Mountain Dew vape and I
used wine champagne work perfectly the
same thing here it kind of it kind of
mimics the carbonation in a way it's
really good but again it's better after
three days I liked it better after three
days it came out really nicely all the
oranges calmed down a little bit it got
a little bit more carbonated II and the
sweetness kind of came there as well and
those oranges just meld together
perfectly so anyways I hope you guys
liked this concept of releasing a flavor
note video and a recipe back-to-back
don't you guys worry if you guys are
Orange Crush nuts like me I am going to
be revisiting this recipe till I get it
perfect but I did want to release
something with the brand new flavor art
flavor as I just released the flavor
notes for and again flavor art thank you
so much for sponsoring me I really do
appreciate it it gives me access to
these excellent flavors so I can come up
with cool recipes for the community that
I have here and it's just wonderful I'm
really enjoying it and thank you to each
and every one of my subscribers we just
hit like 2,200 subscribers we are
growing fast and I can't thank you guys
enough without you guys
I wouldn't be here so thank you very
much and if you're just getting started
with DIY make sure you check out the
links in the description there are
plenty links to help you save some money
while you're getting started in DIY you
can also use things like the liquid barn
jfm 15 code to get you 15% off liquid
barn anytime you want and also get the
cheapest 30 mil bottles glass that you
can get anywhere else so make sure you
check that out thank you guys so very
much for watching please like and
you guys have yourselves a great day

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