Vape Review of Orange Cherry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

April 23, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Orange Cherry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

Vape Review of Orange Cherry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

Ready your tongue for a sweet treat that fuses tart and sweet notes with Orange Cherry E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz! Upon the first flavorful draw of this vape juice you will find a sugary sweet cherry note bouncing about with subtle grace. A tart and sweet orange note emerges offering a refreshing fruit juice taste you won't be able to stop vaping. Buy a 60ML Bottle of Orange Cherry E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz now!

Vape Review of Orange Cherry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Orange Cherry E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

the fuck is going on YouTube
it's your two friendly neighborhood
hosts vapors Patton Matt back to you
guys with another premium ejuice review
you guys it's juice roll-ups my dad
almost said juice roll-ups and this is a
it's an orange cherry juice for the day
it's distributed by Norma carrier
yeah yeah either way it says on the
bottle it says orange cherry anyways
it's distributed by the liquid guys it's
a 70/30 juice is a 30 milligram nicotine
snow oh yeah and I think it's round like
what like 18 bucks you can buy this
stuff ringing beep smells good it's like
the cherry like Matt mentioning this
smells like cherry kool-aid kind of does
and it's like some citrus cherry
cherry orange kool-aid like so we're
gonna be vaping this on the rx 200 here
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter fuckin version to
RT and it's fuckin got dual Clapton's
I'm into point one force at sixty watts
it seemed definitely nice and smooth
that's crazy like I've gone through like
half of this and like first like it kind
of like I really notice the words I can
really notice the cherry but then like
after they pin it for a while kind of
like they can like switched and I it's
like perfect that's what that juice
roll-ups does man there's so many O's
you can't even see them it's just like a
cloud of those I know you're saying I'm
the fucking V dot I mean why do you
think he'd wear that let's talk about
these jeans that's right it's actually
really good and I'm definitely tastes
like kind like a kool-aid fruit roll-up
you know like some kool-aid like what
does he call big red big red had a baby
with a fruity look that's what it would
taste like it's pretty good or kool-aid
had a version of a fruit roll-up
kool-aid that's whatever I want to give
this juice I heard someone like straight
underestimate this shit you know Joe
like they said it was like garbage I
said they threw up off of that which
fucking they must have really bad taste
buds or they just don't like kool-aid
IRA floats your boat right thumbs thumbs
up almost two thumbs up I would like
radiant life with the blueberry
watermelon and probably be like
blueberry watermelon the bold cherry
orange yeah sorry blue raspberry
watermelon cherry orange and then the
strawberry dead last wrap this shit up
thank you guys for watching this video
if you found it useful in any way make
sure you think of yourself a pat on the
back we're watching this we appreciate
make sure to subscribe if you're not
already and stay tuned for more reviews

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