Vape Review of Orange Burst E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

April 24, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Orange Burst E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

Vape Review of Orange Burst E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

Relive the glory days of sweet citrus juice boxes with a bottle of Orange Burst E-Liquid by Liquid EFX! From the first whiff of this juice, your mind will return to simpler times when an orange juice box was the highlight of your day. The entirety of this vape juice is conquered by a tangy orange note that carries swiftly from inhale to exhale! Be sure to buy a 60ML bottle of Orange Burst E-Liquid by Liquid EFX today!

Vape Review of Orange Burst E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Orange Burst E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

hi everybody hope you're doing great
today I'll be reviewing the burst
eliquid line provided by vapor for life
based out of Santa Ana California first
illiquid combines a chewy candy taste
with real fruit to provide a fresh fruit
flavored taffy bait d70 bg-30 PG blends
are available in 60 milliliter bottles
in three nicotine levels berry burst is
a blend of sweet and tart berries for a
chewy berry vape for the smell I get a
blend of blueberry raspberry and
Blackberry notes the in Health has sweet
berries with tart berries on the XL
straw burst is juicy sweet strawberry
blend it into a mouth-watering
piece of taffy I get creamy strawberry
notes for the smell both the inhale and
the exhale are a sweet and creamy candy
like strawberry sure burst is a
delicious rainbow of sugary ice fruit
transformed into an irresistible all-day
babe this is my favorite flavor of the
review the smell is top notes creamy
lime and orange with hints of strawberry
for the inhale
I get creamy strawberry blended with
limit then orange in the middle with
lime lingering on the XL
citrus burst is a delicate blend of
lemon and lime into a sweet and sour
citrus candy I get a creamy blend of
lemon and lime notes for the smell the
inhale is sweet candy light lime with
subtle tart lemon notes on the exhale
first is a great sweet tangy and creamy
lime I really like short bursts and
citrus burst both had excellent blends
of sweet smooth flavors the line
currently runs 2299 per 16 milliliter
bottle if you like to pick up the first
integral line for yourself just click on
the info link in the description box
below this video as always thanks for
watching please subscribe and connect
with me on my social sites have an
excellent day and made a baby with you

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