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By Nataly Komova

Ejuice Deals is proud to introduce the legendary OMG Ejuice to our store. OMG WTF ejuice is one of the best selling flavors of all time, and while we waited long enough, we now can say we now carry the best strawberry sourbelt flavored ejuice to ever hit the market. This vape juice flavor is now available in 120ml, allowing us to make it affordable for our customers. Get ready to fall in love with OMG Liquids!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of OMG WTF STRAWBERRY SOURBELT EJUICE

love you too
it's me the mailman we're back with the
e-juice review this is one that I got on
my local shop
it's called WTF oMG e-liquid it's a sour
belt sour or strawberry sour belt and
it's it's pretty good
I've been vaping on it for about two
weeks and you know I really like it it's
a it's definitely a very subtle
strawberry it's a 60/40 blend with three
milligrams nicotine and you know
normally when I get a 60-40 I don't
really get a little bit of throw it with
it but not this one this one you know
almost zero throw it so I'm gonna take a
few few vapes off of it and you know go
ahead and talk about it a little more so
I'm gonna be vaping on my IG knee I got
a point three one build in there and I
have a baby on my bonza RDA okay I've
got got it pretty dried up right now to
get ready for this you liquid but that's
the bill that's got okay line up the
airflow go ahead drip it now it does
come with these little bottles it I
don't know if this is gonna come into
focus but it's got this gorilla on it
and so when I got the juice itself it
came in a box and it came with this
which are always handy so let's go ahead
and get this tripped
oh yeah you know I don't know how to
explain this strawberry but it's just a
very subtle very good strawberry it's
it's got a little bit of a sourness it's
not really sweet so I get really there
you know coming with this our belt but
it's really good it's very smooth no
throw hit at all and I'm not a big fan
of throw hit that's why I go three
milligrams and I tend to go max PG you
know to kind of kind of clear that up
but it's it's really good so you know I
have checked it out online it is out
there you know I got it at my local
league shop and I'm in California you
know and up in NorCal so you know I'm
pretty and it's made in LA I'm not
mistaken I don't know if it says here on
the bottle but I did think I seen it
online and it's made in LA so you know
it but I did see it online you know some
places were sold out somewhere I didn't
really know the website so I'm not gonna
link them but yeah that's the WTF if you
like strawberries very simple
strawberries that are too sweet you know
it's definitely not sour but not too
sweet you should definitely check this
one out especially for the price hundred
twenty milliliter you know online I did
see it as low as twenty four ninety five
and I paid $30 for it so both of them
are pretty good prices for 120
milliliter and if it comes with a little
little little dripper for you when
you're on the go so you know yeah that's
that's it you know if you like it go get
it try to find it you know definitely is
out there and yeah thank you for
watching hope you have a good day peace

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