Vape Review of Old Fashioned (30ML)

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Old Fashioned (30ML)

Vape Review of Old Fashioned (30ML)

Winner of the Best Show for Drinks and Cocktails at Vape Summit 2015, Old Fashioned R&R by Motley Brew is the perfect blend of whiskey, bitters, and citrus with undernotes of sweet sugar. Enjoy some good rest and relaxation as you vape on this full bodied juice. Think of it as old school meets new school with this great cocktail inspired e-liquid! Best part, you don't have to wait until 5pm to crack open a bottle of Old Fashioned R&R!

Vape Review of Old Fashioned (30ML)


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Old Fashioned (30ML)

real product that I'm going to review is
the smoke caterpillar RDA
so this was my very first RDA which I
chose after doing a bunch of research on
the best RDAs for beginners which is
probably a search term that most people
use when deciding to use their first RDA
well this was a popular RDA when it came
out in mid-2014 and it was still
somewhat popular at the time that I
bought it which was in early 2015 I did
an embarrassing review of this two years
ago which I'll link to in the show notes
if you want to see it and I still
remember getting this and thinking about
how sleek it looked I couldn't believe
the quality of this RDA for only $12
that's an amazing price for an authentic
RDA especially in 2015 so let's quickly
discuss the specs so it's made of
stainless steel it has 10 small airflow
holes five on each side has an
adjustable airflow ring and it has flat
head post screws with little grips on it
to hand tighten that if you want to do
it by hand and it has a decent sized
deck so I'm vaping this on the predator
2 to 8 mod built at Point 21 homes at 70
watts let's close off those airflow
holes so I'm going to put it at one
airflow hole which would be a pretty
tight draw nut mouth too long but close
I did vape Honeybear on both the
caterpillar RDA and goon and clearly the
flavor is a lot more muted in the
caterpillar no comparison to the to the
goon as far as flavor goes but it still
had decent flavor another thing with the
caterpillar is that the airflow holes
are really tiny so this isn't like a you
can get really deep lung hits on this
one it's designed for more restricted
airflow even with all of the airflow
holes wide open and I know that people
were drilling these holes a little bit
bigger at that when this was popular
just to get more airflow but I think
it's pretty good for what it was and you
know the deck it's it's it's decent you
know it's it's about the same size as a
lot of decks these days so it's not
terrible the post screws they're not bad
I actually kind of like how easy it is
to build the deck on here to install
coils you know what the hand tightening
them in makes it really easy and you can
just stick your fingernail in those
little slots to tighten it up a little
bit more if you want yeah it's a really
not that bad I don't really use it a
whole lot anymore because there's I just
have so many better rdas
but yeah it's a I think it's still a
pretty good atomizer I definitely
wouldn't pick it over well pretty much
anything on the market these days but
yeah it's just fun to go back and take
another look at it

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