Vape Review of O.F.T E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

April 18, 2018

Vape Review of O.F.T E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

Vape Review of O.F.T E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

O.F.T E-Liquid is mouthwatering and ripe slices of juicy watermelon infused with old fashion salt water taffy and hints of strawberry bubblegum. Ideal for vapers who enjoy a sweet and savory flavour all in one. Details 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Glas Vapor Based in Los Angeles, California; Glas Vapor was born from a passion to create the finest products possible while deploying craftsmanship that is committed to quality. With award winning flavours such as Pound Cake, Glas Vapor is ideal for vapers looking for sweet or creamy flavours that come to life.

Vape Review of O.F.T E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of O.F.T E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

who what's going on guys it's your boy
sexy babes aka the Cylon sensei I'm back
I'm back with another video and today
today we have another teachers review
and I want to say thank you to fate
Society for I won't stop
sponsoring your boy and give me a whole
bunch of juice to review but today we're
going to be looking at glass things oft
yeah I like to keep my glass of teeth my
glass is 3 milligrams nicotine but yeah
we're going to look at oft my glass and
we're going to review it and we're going
to talk about it so without any further
introductions let's go for today and not
tomorrow we're back we're back once
again guys and today we are reviewing
glass oft new juice I want to say thank
you to face our society for
all sponsor me I really do appreciate it
but this is what we're looking at today
I want to say I've never had glass
before I never have this could be the
breakfast time I've had it but the first
thing I would say is that this juice
this juice right here has really really
spectacular packaging I really do like
it but yeah this juice right here is um
it's a salt water it's a watermelon
software taffy and strawberry bubble gum
so yeah let's drop my bubble gum and
what about my salt where it's happy oh
take the cap off like so glass bottle
Pegasus 60 mils 30 it's something like
that but um yeah glasses I mean the
bottle is really really nice but we're
going to take it off the one smell it
I'm getting a nice strong watermelon
smell I'd get like a hint a strawberry
yeah exactly I'm getting like a
strawberry bubble gum this juice is a
55:35 blend I believe I believe 6535
it's almost 70/30 but we're going to
drip this on here you will get a cloud
production test and we're going to get a
flavor test one it's two so yeah this is
glass oft
okay this juice is good this is really
really good
the flavor profile I get on this is it's
nice a nice watermelon salt where it's
way better than my my gbt recipe I'm
sorry but uh way better and it has a
nice strawberry bubble gum flavor -
really really good yeah I get that nice
watermelon first and I get um strawberry
bubble going to exhale we're gonna today
out of a 10-1 outreaches juice I will
give the juice at nine point five out of
ten that's really good guys I'm not
lying to you guys it's really good and
if you want to pick up this juice right
here you can go to vape society
I'll leave the link in the description
and you can use the coupon code a juice
for 20% off so I think it will save like
three dollars the juice is $19.99 and
you're already saving three dollars with
the QR code ejuice but yeah guys this
juice is a good of you if you if you
like a candy strawberry watermelon a
saltwater taffy flavor yeah I highly
highly recommend this
I want to thank babe da society supply
that call for sponsoring me and send out
d juices could have tons of other
agencies to review other than that guys
that's it and remember keep on vaping
keep on checking the clouds stay off
them cigarettes and have a good day and
follow your boy on Instagram all right
for the day and not tomorrow and I got
dressed so you can call me Otto

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