Vape Review of NUDE G.A.S. EJUICE

April 24, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of NUDE G.A.S. EJUICE

Vape Review of NUDE G.A.S. EJUICE

G.A.S. by NUDE E-juice brings guava, apple, and strawberry together into one smooth fruity e-juice dream! Guava is such an exotic fruit, and sometimes hard to find in a grocery store. Now there’s an easier solution if you want to get that sweet flavor…try the Nude GAS flavor! While the acronym is humorous, the flavor is seriously yummy.

Vape Review of NUDE G.A.S. EJUICE

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NUDE G.A.S. EJUICE

what up guys it's Mickey babe Maddy you
and Mickey how y'all doing
so today we're going to be reviewing new
and to celebrate the special thing we
are in fact nude so there we go
first thing I got going on right now is
SVP strawberry coconut pineapple for the
win or so I think no that's actually
fucking tit no pun intended
got nothing funny that's really good
side a little bit
what is going on up all that right you
like that yeah you take you guys know I
would like to find my shirt but here we
but trying to cover up a little bit
alright we got man the next is going to
be deaf there we go and it's going to be
guava apple strawberry sticking with
that strawberry thing sound good
alright well I started the first one so
you could start this on that alright go
ahead man
the flight simulator heart
okay no content oh wow
oh shit that's fucking tit oh yeah and
even in the nude
gee I think a you know rock stars do it
you can do it too
so next we got pineapple orange mango
which is actually watching my tank right
now okay they're dropping here depends
on maybe a little bit
look Nick I stick you forward hmm little
bit too close for comfort in the
business about at all
you caved all the players yeah you are
you gonna make mom no your stop making
this calories every day look out my
street well that's good it's real good
left as a real girl oh yeah I started
this as a joke hey guys we should stop
and do this news because I would do a
nude they ran away so I'm stuck with
these guys you didn't have to do this ha
ha ha
so it's all good so far yeah the first
are so long yeah nice if your music from
all what's really nice even I say on the
final one we can do apricot hair and
kiwi yeah okay our last one man I'm
telling you Newt is fantastic great way
to do with this
so Maddie once you come back and say we
got going on right now oh my gosh I mean
today and tomorrow
um 20% off 40 bucks or more that's going
up about oh yeah definitely stop on by
that's a great deal only golden table
that fucking pip-boy rule
that might be my favorite one so far
honestly yeah they're dead in coffee
there it is we hadn't talked I got
Mickey's base and I'll Maddie is now I'm
making and this is our nude review on

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