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By Nataly Komova

No Hype Eliquid is simple and straight to the point, no flashy colors or packaging, just a bottle with a flavor profile on it! If you though the Butter Pecan Ice Cream was great then just wait until you try Banana Nut Bread, you’ll go bananas over this fantastic replication! These tasty blends will not mislead you and they are offered in large bottles because a simple 30 mL just won’t cut it after tasting one drop! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Large 120 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of No Hype Banana Nut Bread BEASTLY BECAUSE No Hype Eliquid doesn’t have a fancy box, or flashy colors. These are simple high quality blends with an affordable price tag built around no hype! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NO HYPE BANANA NUT BREAD

whatup guys we're back finally we're
back sorry
first I promised you all some trip
footage I am currently working on that
there is there's quite a bit of footage
I'm trying to get edited into a
presentable format it took a little over
29 hours to drive from West Virginia to
Arizona which is where I am currently
staying so I haven't gotten that video
out I haven't gotten the vlog out for
that so I will get to it promise I
promise that it's coming but today just
so I'm getting back in touch with you
also the one thinks that I have
disappeared from the earth we are trying
some no hype vapors it is tropical fruit
candy this one is actually my cousin
picked this up but he didn't care for it
so I'm giving it a review and today we
are on the twisted message squared RDA
it's just a regular parallel build 24
gauge five wraps came to a point one two
and we'll need Abel so let's get some
dripping going let's see buddy
it gets a candy esque flavor
initially the inhale is basically
tropical fruits but the candy is
throwing me off a little bit I'm not
sure of what flavoring agent this
company or another company that I have
tried let me think it was he clean I
think it's the name of it anyways I had
a jolly rancher candy from them that had
this same candy style flavor to it ah I
don't really want to say that it's good
it is favorable there's 120 in here
luckily we can pick this up pretty cheap
I'm you it's not a big deal but there's
like a plastic residue style flavor um
like if you would have unwrapped a candy
and if you may to and read plastic
wrapper that's kind of what you get get
the flavor the sense of the flavor but
then there's like a plastic flavor to it
it's not super intense but there is an
author there
stop head
I'll probably get through that
eventually I mean I may not but that
plastic style flavor kind of makes it a
little harsh a little difficult to
convey boy it leaves an odd aftertaste
very odd aftertaste I think we have new
neighbors the house beside of us was
also present and I think that we have
some possible new neighbors I saw the
moving ship today so hopefully they are
cool cool
no hype vapors of the name no hype
pretty spot-on
this isn't one that I would suggest
everyone go and buy because I don't like
it that well I will babe it because it's
and I went through all of the really
good juice that I have this is a it's
called unconditional love it's a cotton
candy but it's made by the same company
that makes the frozen yogurt flavoring
that I love so much like this one this
one's really hard there's something
about the sugar make up in a bit it just
hits the fruit weird I don't care for
this one I've had that for like a month
and for me to not go through a sixty
mill is ridiculous but I just don't care
for it even though I don't care for this
I prefer the no hype over this one but
no height for this don't run out and buy
if you see it you find it super cheap in
a smaller form you may want to try it
but I would not recommend going to any
store and picking this up in one to one
it's just not something that I would
recommend because I don't like it
alright guys I appreciate you thank you
for taking 6 minutes and 15 seconds out
of your day to watch this video if you
enjoyed it please follow back subscribe
like comment share all that good jazz
you can follow me on instagram also
bumpstep vapors and we will have more
content coming should be able to get my
cousin and a few videos and hopefully
spice things up a bit
but anyways again thank you for taking
the time to watch this video let me know
what you think peaceNO HYPE BANANA NUT BREAD

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