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Caramel Cheesecake by Night Cap delivers a freshly made cheesecake with a smooth graham cracker crust, perfectly garnished with gooey caramel. This creamy custard e-juice flavor promises to delight your taste buds and refresh your memories of after-dinner dessert bliss.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NIGHT CAP CARAMEL CHEESECAKE EJUICE

what's going on everybody it's your boy
Jay banging bass man how's everybody
thought they're doing a baby man I hope
everybody having some wonderful babes
everybody's having a fresh start of the
week Monday I know shit Monday but hey
you don't got to be that bad you can
make it a product you want ha ha
but anyways man we're here talking about
the week and all that weird stuff about
some a juices man we got to do a couple
a juice reviews on nightcap this is a
strawberry shortcake right here mm-hmm
yes uh and the night cat that can melt
cheesecake battery now I'm loving the
design the labeling on this is very
clean elegant look man it's just simple
but nice it's 120 milk bottle 3
milligram nicotine that's where I'm a
boss so definitely for show made by dy B
premium liquids funk caught on that
California going on eat that honey oh
okay well let me give it a description
about the first one about to do and will
be the nightcap caramel cheesecake the
caramel cheesecake by night cap delivers
a freshly made cheesecake with a smooth
graham cracker crust perfectly garnished
with gooey caramel this creamy custard
ejuice flavor promised to delight your
taste buds and refresh your memories of
an after do after dinner dessert blessed
all right I wanna tell you everything
about the baked this on is a broadside
with the goon but it's Auto cloning
we're gonna be doing a review on this
it's all clones I'm banging base but on
the budget remember that I keep it on
the budget here but definitely for sure
I'm planning on buying the real one
cuz I'm loving this clone and I know I'm
gonna really love the real one but we're
not here to talk about this right now
we're gonna talk about the aegis let me
go ahead and take a hit man
on the exhale you're getting that
cheesecake creamy custardy with a
caramel note on that and a little bit
right after telling you get that crumb
there the graham cracker crust flavor
yeah I just like leaving the transect
you know this metals you out
glad you get done eating some and eat
that you know your dessert after dinner
somebody can get it out of Cheesecake
Factory that thing is just banging
nice cloud production no throw here no
tingling none of that bullshit it's a
straight-up fucking nice juice all right
let's get to the next one next won't be
doing this a short kada strawberry
shortcake right here let me give you the
description about that the strawberry
shortcake by night cat features and warm
slice of Anila Kate with a generous
helping of vanilla bean ice cream
garnished with summer ripe strawberries
now I am vaping it with this guy geek
bait wonder bait 270 full make my kit
I'm loving this thing what we do with
you on this - I know it's been out there
but I'm gonna still do it because this
for beginners and I started off with
this one I'm been using it for about two
weeks but when I had talked about this
is it
we talked about the damn strawberries
okay I get to the fucking shit let's go
that's sweetness it's this mumbling man
because it's that fucking good it's a
strawberry shortcake pastry higher you
will it's a strawberry shortcake
the vanilla bean the strawberries is
sweet the cake flavor is just all there
in the beginning of the exhale you get a
little bit of a cake flavor didn't you
get that strawberry and vanilla bean
sauce on the exhale and just leave that
aftertaste of sweetness in your mouth
that you want more one more hit
I mean kidding this name
I'm in kidding I only had it for like
two three days and this one I'm hitting
it too you can see I'm up there I'm
getting it but the strawberries I love
strawberries I keep going back to it
it's that fucking good now it's a
fucking banger
they both bangers when I rate those
things you on five both five all day
five all day base pair give now the
price point $15 $15 120ml bottom for $15
come on black come on yeah mm-hmm no
steeping nut is I gotta wait couple
weeks three weeks you know the steep now
this is straight up pop the seal drip
that bit it's vape it but offer up man
I do recommend these I truly do
recommend is if you love sweet flavor
pastry like the Strawberry Shortcake or
the the Cheesecake got a caramel
cheesecake you love those flavors these
right here you go to go so right there
if you want to know why I got this from
its from ejuice deals and I'll leave
their link in the description down below
man so I'll make sure you make sure
y'all go check this out man go check out
the website they got plenty of Belize
thing up banging as deal soon man for
some justice you know I'm always out
there looking for them cheap deals you
know trying to save a little book to buy
something else you know got a go right
hey gotta be that be smart budget your
money budget your money alright anyways
man if you liked the video hit that like
sup man even comes the questions leave
them down below and make sure you slap
that motherfucker subscribe blood for
your boy J right here banging basement
and I'm not

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