April 18, 2018



Nerdy E-Juice Mixed Berries 100ml e-juice is a refreshing combination of strawberries, black berries, blueberries and raspberries. This flavor delivers a delightful e-juice for anyone who loves a juicy, fruity vape! Bottle Size: 100ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NERDY MIXED BERRIES EJUICE

what's up everybody got a short review
for you too not some the mixed berry
nerdy a juice it is a mix of strawberry
blueberry raspberry and Blackberry nerds
candy comes in 60 ml bottle ranges from
20 to 30 dollars we'll sing on the
internet and you can get it false fake
shot calm ejuice calm and XXL fake calm
but let's do a little close-up on the
label and everything and then we'll open
up try rap all right here's the label on
the nerdy bubble same as all the other
ones but they just changing color for
the writing and then they'll have
whatever fruit is in it this one's got
off for berries on the front of it here
is the barcode and the manufacturer is
me Bob ruthless it's made in California
on this says it's got the normal
warnings at all them all the other
bottles have but then down here it's a
little different than the rest this or
this flavored nerdy thing get the focus
okay there we go
it is 35 PG 65 VG or the rest has been
70/30 I don't know I guess we'll test
her up and see if it's better or if they
should have kept it at 70/30 but let's
get back to normal camera review more
try us out mention what we're gonna use
one you just one candy Wrigley do with
this 22 millimeter game go città the
use Clapton's in there was fresh talking
for schools
you gonna use a round turd iljimae
therese 3000mah all right we're back now
we're going to juice this thing well the
person won't think it's plastic office
bottle and smell it first
hmm it is the strongest smell in nerdy
flavor it definitely has the strongest
male out of all three of the nerdy I
have smelled
all right let's try out that's really
good that's one of the best candy flavor
DG says I've tried
oh that's Chris thing down good enough
there we go oh my gosh
you taste the strawberry and the
raspberry and then I kind of get the
blackberry and blueberry but the
strawberry and raspberries more dominate
in this mmm almost has like a eliminate
tartness to it
mmm very good a juice nerdy a ruthless
this is by far the best nerdy I still
got that flavor on my tongue like mm-hmm
I've been vaping this PABs and it's a
real strong flavor this is a really
strong flavor it'd be getting tanks if
we get dripping it anything you put it
in anything Earl and get some good
unless you're of course running some
junk cools and ain't gonna taste good at
all but man hmm that's gonna be another
one my top juices that I vape on that is
for sure and my fiance B hit me up on
that too I already know that well I
guess that's going about wrap this video
up I got one or two reviews coming up
that I'm very excited about it's about a
couple mods I can't decide if I want to
do it all in one review or split up in
the two but uh anyways I'm excited but
y'all have a good night
peace out and I'm gonna take another
puff on this makes me

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