April 24, 2018 9 min read



By Tatyana Dyachenko

Nerdy E-Juice Green Apple Peach 100ml e-juice delivers fresh green apples and peaches fused together to create the perfect fruit blend. Bottle Size: 100ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NERDY GREEN APPLE PEACH EJUICE

I going to review on a few juices got a
whole lot that I named a review and I'm
gonna try to knock a few out today so a
little more rustic than I was last night
so let's get started the first thing I'm
going to review which I've talked about
them before is drip treat is made by
ruthless AG's company California
see here they're both 70/30 you got all
your warnings and used with caution
alright good stuff see here you can
follow them at trick treats at Facebook
that Twitter and snapchat here's the
follow things and here's the warnings
and here's the frown boxes in the back I
really like the packaging ruthless has
got a few juices out that they've got
packaging like this and I already like
at you're looking down on them you don't
spend that on some juice you know police
needs coming some cool packaging I'm
going to be reviewing the Apple caramel
drop also made by ruthless and it is
also 70/30 neither one of them has
sweeteners in them and they ingredient
that's one thing I like is the
ingredients list and all that warnings
and stuff like that even though you know
for the most part people don't put
nothing bad in them but for those that
do put other stuff in them you know even
if it's a little bit of sweetener you
know I want to know about it I want to
know how it's going to do or my cotton
mycalls if you're using the tank and you
if the juice is got sweetener in it it's
gonna burn your clothes up pressure
that's just
just that sample and I'm also going to
do review on the nerdy and I can't
remember who it was what makes that I
just know my fiancé loves it and I got
a couple of samples of it in for the
shop and I'll let her try it and let's
just say two days later I had to buy our
bottle so I've got a few other juices
that's I'm gonna do reviews on coming up
after this one go ahead show you guys
before we get started the strawberry and
standard recipe treats or crispy treats
not across the crispy treats in the
reserved one I've been kind of saving it
to where I can do but full just by
itself review on the Reg reserve and I
got a couple other flavors toad bluff
got some of this leprechaun milk baked a
little bit in and this still sipping
it's kind of like a women a top flavor
it's actually really gets one of the
better lemonade flavors that I've tried
and this Bailey
I haven't dripped any of it yet but I
did put a drop on my fan and oh my gosh
she tasted it really good I just didn't
have anything that didn't have like a
pastry or something like that on them
and so I was lazy and it fell out change
out the carton so but let's go ahead and
get started on the juices today I'm
reviewing tonight and you start first
off it's going to be the jerk treats
blueberry delight
I've been running it on a few different
things that's probably my one of my a
couple all-day veins hmm I really really
enjoyed the blueberry drop right on this
goon and took both my black Cromer Haig
and my wimp this well I'm sorry I just
put in so much strawberry earlier in
this so I'm not running they didn't act
right now but I do run the strawberry a
blueberry MLM plus rdta
so if I tell you how much I like those
knocking my butt
and I'm going to do a review on this
game I just didn't want to play with it
for a little bit and kind of see if
there's any pros or cons that I dislike
or like it's got a cold build deck got
instead of just realer post it's got
plates and clamps come on
it reminds me of like a like a car or
amplifier or something you know or some
kind of home stereo this got clamps you
know a lot of your better stuff tits or
more hanging in stereos and stuff like
that's got clamps and stuff so I guess
is a good step towards
coming up with some better decks you
know building days
oh yeah I taste the blueberry on the
inhale like pretty strong and then on
the exhale you get the pastry and it's
just it's not like super sweet it's real
nice and fluffy just smooth tasting
blueberry paint or pop-tart and I love
I'm really liking this game tomorrow use
it okay now we're gonna move on to the
strawberry I think I got quite a bit in
if you hear anything in the background
my daughter my fiance's watching sick
and crazy on TV so part 9
we do have a crazy little family
that's good enough
now on the strawberry it's a little bit
I do enjoy the Lord I said it but thumbs
on my all-day vapes but the strawberry
is more strawberry dominant the
blueberry I feel like it's half
blueberry half pop-tart you know it's
equal you get taste is just like a
blueberry Pop Tart the strawberry
pop-tart is a more strawberry and then
you get a light light pop-tart but
either way it's still really really good
even if they wasn't shooting for the
blue but a strawberry pop-tart you know
then they called it something else
pastry oh it's still bite until late but
it's that good
other than that I owe ya and these were
selling for anywheres I think it was
like 17 or 18 - like twenty-two
ninety-five I thinks what I've seen
himself for we sell him for twenty bucks
normally at our shop but yeah that's it
that's it on the drift treats and let's
move on to the Apple caramel drop this
one it was a it was a little surprise we
got it and my fiancee saw the box and or
she told saw the packaging on on the
internet and she was like oh babe let's
I want to try that you know we eat the
suckers all the time love caramel apples
in general so I was like hey we'll try
it out I'm buying anything once to try
that so we got it and you know a lot of
flavors you can smell the box if it's in
the box like this or something you can
smell it and only what did you smells
like what it tastes like
sorry not with this this stuff has a
funny smell to it like in the box
I don't know if it's the box or the way
that the the juice smells and then the
smell that the box has and those two
smells mixed together and it just smells
funny when I smelt the Box I was like I
don't know if this is gonna be take the
light home but it actually turned out to
be really really good
my fiancee the only two juices she baits
right now is this stuff and the nerdy so
hain't got no complaints on that she's
fresh in the vaping I'm actually using
two of her devices for this review just
so ain't God so I can be lazy and not
had three weeks and stuff I'm doing the
nerdy on her snow wolf mini and troll
RDA and then her newest toy that I got
her as her Rigby foam Reed v2 with the
black and gold twisted mrs. deck with a
glass slim cap with some fuse crap
come on both gasp well anyways most of
you know what fuse classes are the car
laughs will drop or Apple caramel drop
package is a pretty cool it comes in a
60 ml liter bottle the drip treats come
in to 30 it also comes with a chubby
gorilla unicorn bottle I think it's what
their code so you can put some in it and
carry this around that takes a what
we're doing or what we're going to use
right now
this fiber is it's good it's not super
strong it's a real white flavor wider
than the drip tree strip treats is
actually pretty sweet this stuff is I
guess from the green apple it kind of
mellows that caramel like a lot and it
just makes for a real nice lot late
and mmm at the shop we've gotten some of
it in and the few people that tried it
I've let a few people spoiled it and
I've let some people try it at the shop
and my personal and everybody seems to
like it so what are ruthless is doing a
good job
coming out with some really good Jesus
right now and you needed these
ruthless Jesus you can find that out
flawless bait shop calm or you can get
them at Parkway bakery reimburses
Tennessee okay let's move on to the
nerdy the nerdy it kind of tricked me
out also it's about I'm not a strawberry
kiwi person at all I love strawberries
but I hate kiwi can't stand it can't
stay strawberry Kiwi eat uses everyone
I've tried I just don't like butt
this nerdy on the other hand is really
good and you'll notice on love these
reviews so far that I'm doing I said
well these juices are good that's mainly
because I want to review stuff that I
think's good a lot of people ask me what
do I think's good when they come into
the shop so I just want to do some
reviews on some juices data
I think skid and I way people watch saw
something they want my advice on what's
good I'm telling you these are some of
the juice I work for a juice company and
I'm around juice all the time I can make
my own juice but I didn't want to just
did reviews on our dishes I want to kind
of step outside the box and let people
see that you know we love the whole fake
community you know we're not just like
oh you know our juice company only you
know yeah we want to sell a lot of juice
and we want to offer a lot of good deals
and a lot of good news for people but at
the same time you know we're cool for
helping other people promote their
so um another note I'd say that this I
know she can tell it's not very nice
I'm sorry my fiancee she
she's stealing them baby clouds a little
bit like a trig she kind of likes the
way it hits I got fees Clapton's on that
I got few Clapton's on the other one and
on that snow wolf it just don't push it
enough and I forgot my dad on there and
see if I can say yes real quick
pick up my snow wolf
the nerdy is a I believe is 7030 also
I really like his stuff too
it's supposed to be like nerds candies
you can see the nerd boom packaging they
did change the label I guess cause a
copyright or issues or something like
um we just got some in the shop another
day they got like a gray sticker or
label and then it's got like some nerd
glasses on but still same flavor just
different label I mean it's got the
warnings on that and stuff and all that
but it don't come in a cool box I wish
it did I think it would have been cool
they got two flavors I think it'd be
cool to offer you know your 60 mils for
the people who just want one of the
flavors you know that they offer out of
the two and then have like a nerds box
like the numbskulls box you know like
have two flavors in one box that way
it's like a nerds box but either way
it's just really good
hmm and this stuff like it's it's well
it actually like
on the inhale you know you get the
strawberry and just a hint of Kiwi but
the candy in it kind of kills that Kiwi
a little bit to where it's not dominant
at all
and then on the exhale you taste the
nerds candy and I tripped me out that
they like actually taste is like nerds
candy like it's wild
I don't know how they got that actual
nerd candy itself to make it taste like
that you know like there's there's got
to be some flavoring that actually makes
nerds candy taste like you know there's
candy other than the free flavouring
little bit in it but whatever they did
they don't get a job on it and my
fiancé loves it I'm glad that they came
up with that flavor collect one of the
flavors it's gotten her away from
secrets that my Apple caramel drop so I
give you two thumbs up for coming up
with some flavors that have my fiancee
quit smoking it's taking off
so about seals the deal on this review I
will be trying to do another review here
very soon hopefully maybe tomorrow night
I might actually try to do another one
tonight just depends on if I get some
stuff done I'll need to get done tonight
I've got a lot of advertising I got to
do and stuff like that so I will see how
that works out but I hope everybody
enjoyed this review and I hope I
answered any questions somebody might
have had on some flavorings or you know
faced wondering about a certain flavor I
hope I answered your question this is my
third review many more to come
and I hope y'all enjoy it you got any
questions on anything comment below and
very good
everybody gets made the thumbs up on
these I'm about to keep doing them
we'll see ya I'm good not peace

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