Vape Review of Neon Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Neon Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

Vape Review of Neon Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

Apple Dazzle E-Liquid by I Love VG is an e-liquid that features the flavours Mandarin Oranges and Menthol. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Neon Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Neon Orange E-Liquid by I Love VG

what of there goes MBK baifu back again
and welcome back to the MBK baker
channel yet today we're going to have a
look at two more duties from Euler Fiji
it's going to packaging out of here you
all do 30 mils and that comes into is
know a TPD packaging get free bottle 230
mil at $49 a gourmet tea liquids co uk
and today we're going to be looking at
neon orange in focus
now you've got no knowledge and also
pineapple blast
there we go love the labels on mix it's
nice it's playing simple absolutely
brilliant and so we'll get down to the
first one which is neon orange give it a
bit of a smell take this ring off first
smells really Amin G which is a good
thing and on the side it says Malaysian
orange instead of a crushed ice 70/30 VG
PG these are and no UK company which is
absolutely fantastic so we've got this
on the smock alien with the mask RDA
freshly whipped up and really digging my
orange bites at the minute as well so
oh it smells like a nose fresh orange as
well not this of a couple of watts let's
give it a try then God that orange is
naeun of the same as the other oranges
that are reviewed in the past like that
a humour juice the orange is very
reminiscent to that and on that on the
analogy all you get that nice OC cool
effect it's not overpowering it's just
about right it's a note orange juice
taste you're getting this with the ice
that is very very pleasant very
refreshing as well so and it's going to
summertime goes it's a very nice
refreshing summer time babe
so that will get the thumbs-up from me
that's a really noisy liquid yeah I can
pipe that all day and yeah so we're
going to go down three week and come
back up with pineapple blast so I'll see
you in a second lingos so we're back
then guys and this one's going to be
pineapple blast focus invoke Suzie
doesn't want to work today but yeah it
is pineapple blast and this one says on
the website
pineapple blast is a duty Caribbean and
pineapple with that with a subtle heat
cool breeze so I'm guessing most of
these are going to have that coolness
about them so take the cap off take the
ring off give it a smell don't do that
that's my pineapple smells really good
so once again the smoke alien with the
mask RDA firstly wikked freshly juiced
let's give this one a go then goes on
the first after that's got a bit more
with that cooling effect in in it is
that exhale being a really nice juicy
pineapple also very very good oh yeah
another summertime that goes with you as
you can see clothes are brilliant and
I'm not onion running this at 55 watt
strip a bit more of that because that is
absolutely gorgeous the pineapple baked
I don't really tend to do pineapple
dates because understand I'll never
thought it'd be a good bite but it
really is and it stays in your tongue
for good three to four seconds
afterwards once again goes thumbs up
it's a really good illiquid so that's it
for this review then goes thank you for
watching please like please share please
describe you haven't already all the
soldier links will be down the bottom if
you want to get in contact with me email
address is just here and other than that
then guys that is it thanks for watching
and as always let your case be fruitful

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