Vape Review of Neon Lime E-Liquid by I Love VG

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Neon Lime E-Liquid by I Love VG

Neon Lime E-Liquid by I Love VG is an e-liquid that features the flavours Lemon, Lime and Menthol. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Neon Lime E-Liquid by I Love VG

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Neon Lime E-Liquid by I Love VG

what up there goes MBK both back again
welcome back to the MBK vapor Channel
today we go look at a UK manufacturer
and this is I love the G this is the all
TPD compliant packaging you get free a
10 ml bottles in this box and the $14.99
so standard a 30 ml price to be caught
on sugar and we now look to flavors
today and today's fibers are black Burke
most standard labels as well goes it's
really really nice to see and neon lying
the first ring that I did in goes is the
black Berg and blackberries blueberries
blackberry a black currant twisted with
a signature cooling effect to leave your
taste bud twisting 70/30 p ovg PG so
let's give this a smell than Shelby goes
definitely know that Blackberry in there
smells really countenance so our X 200
again today guys with the mask RDI
let's give these and they're fatigued
and shall we
well Wow wasn't expecting that cooling
effect yeah okay or well that cooling
effect is method this is just like
menthol it's very very or okay and it
punches you straight in the back of the
throat that curling effect does it is a
mindful to me that is on that exhale I'm
gaining blue using raspberries nicely
mixed to get blueberries and black
blackcurrant to suicide on that exhale
really really nice and refreshing just
took me by surprise it's made my eyes
water a little bit yeah that's a
actually quite a nice babe I wasn't
expecting that punch of name for there
at all but it's cleaned up my songs is L
can now smell again I can smell I can
smell someone cooking down the street
I wasn't expecting that it's really
quite punching it's definitely not
important but yeah it's really nice
fight to be honest so that was black
Burke so I'm going to go down three week
and all go come back with me online so
I'll see you in a sec so we back up top
then goes and back up top we're just
back and this one is neon line so this
one is lemon and lime served over
handcrafted ice and also 70/30 pg/vg
and this one's in no milligram nicotine
so I'm expecting this to be like a
probably like lemon and lime drink maybe
so give me a smell definitely smell that
lime in there that lime is overpowering
Inlet in the aroma so only our actually
100 with the mask RDI let's give this
one a go then goes
so I bet multiply okay so it goes now
that's got cool are during that it's
very very minimal it like I said is like
a lemon and lime soft drink milk comes
to mind that is a very very refreshing
there is a know some it's coming up
summertime as well goes and that is one
that L over summertime bay mmm that
could be on Britain's and more on that
that's really not it just reminds me of
lilt you get the lemon and the lime
together it's yeah and that's really
really really not selling goes and I'll
put a link in the description to go may
a liquid coat UK amusingly so quite a
lot just recently but this is where I
found a way can go off and buy them I'll
put the Twitter link down in the
description as well $14.99 for 30 mils
three times 10 mil bottles in a nice
little package like this talking that
goes that's it yeah very nice very nice
a liquid so far we're going over 6 to do
and so until next time then goes thanks
for watching please like please share
please subscribe if you haven't already
and as always guys let your clothes be

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