Vape Review of Nasty Juice - Yummy Series - Trap Queen E-Liquid 5 x 10ml Pack

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Nasty Juice - Yummy Series - Trap Queen E-Liquid 5 x 10ml Pack

Vape Review of Nasty Juice - Yummy Series - Trap Queen E-Liquid 5 x 10ml Pack

By Ksenia Sobchak

Trap Queen by Nasty Juice is an e-liquid that contains flavours of Strawberry and Mint. This e-liquid is available in 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Nasty Juice - Yummy Series - Trap Queen E-Liquid 5 x 10ml Pack

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Nasty Juice - Yummy Series - Trap Queen E-Liquid 5 x 10ml Pack

I'm not gonna lie tears I just started
doing this review sat down started
bashing oh it was going great
and then I realized I wasn't even
fucking recording the video so I fucking
sat and reviewed the first flavor just
drip the green Abe before I realized I
hadn't even fucking recorded up foxy one
of you guys and the squat review
Franklin that didn't feel right hold on
so much person pleas'd a palpable
underscore sure for you Frank you've
clicked on this video now I said in my
previous as nasty juice kind of full
range review that I had three more
flavors from NASA just to review those
were if you had to guess the yummy
fruity series it consists of trap Queen
now as you can see the tens I have a
different design have a more kind of
fucking out they're kind of shiny cool
design well they're all the things look
cool to be honest but these ones just
look even cooler so have a trap Queen
which is a sweet strawberries we're
gonna get a lot of strawberry notes from
this one green aid no this one is one
that a lot of people don't even know
that NASA juice is dead so they're
excited to see the review of this one
and we're gonna get a lot of Apple notes
from this I'm excited to see kind of
what NASA juice could do with Apple to
be honest and kushman know this probably
isn't the type of khushu that you're
thinking of right now it's actually a
mango I believe a sweet juicy mango I'm
gonna be Viennese on my usual setup the
I joke at Tim PD 270 I've got the auger
vague druga RDA I have a new build in
this time I have a dual Tiger wire belt
or Minette point two to weakness at a
hundred watts on hard ramp so here we go
let's open up to ten for trap Queen now
don't forget guys to enter nasties vape
and when if you pick up if you live in
the UK or EU and you lad obviously you
are living under the TVD / PR PR
regulations you can pick up one of these
sweet-ass TPD flashed er PR compliant
tens from NASA do so you get five ten
mil bottles in here and you can pick
these up for a $14.99 and you also get a
cool fucking ten as well which is pretty
sweet and like I said my last video you
can use this wherever the fuck you won
you can put your cocaine in there you
put your marijuana in there and there
I mean don't do that obviously I don't
condone the use of illegal substances
mr. Chan's gonna get banned one day
honestly so yeah the grand prize is a
car that's Playstations TVs headsets
iPhones there's a cord let's say we get
the camera focused there we go there's a
cord good luck to whoever that you know
I bet that was the fucking car
I bet some conscious won the fucking car
well there we let's jump right in I've
already done this I wasn't even fucking
recording I feel like an absolute
absolute fucking bail piece so I'm just
gonna have to do it again so I will try
to explain how amazing this likewell is
succulent sweet strawberry kind of
really fell on Phil on fresh sweet
strawberry track Queen it's even better
the second team to be honest it's
fucking good on the inhale you're
getting this you're getting a lawman now
it's law like law law like even lower
than the bass range that it's there's
definitely less law meant there than
what's in the the bass range I'm a
seduced but it's still there you can
still get a slight hint of that you get
a sweet succulent strawberry and that
goes right from the inhale right to the
exhale and leaves a beautiful sweet
strawberry taste in your mouth
it's a great fucking veep thumbs up
massive thumbs up I'll give that a 10
it's fucking cool it's green next up we
have green ape and I'm looking forward
to this one like I said green ape Apple
I'm really excited to attitudes could do
Apple it's like a straight-up like I
don't know if anyone here has ever had
the alcohol psoas Apple psoas this scent
is like 1 2 1
it smells like Apple psoas strip air
greeny what doesn't actually taste like
a fucking eat that is really fucking
good I'm definitely picking up Crisp
Apple like super fucking fresh juicy
crisp apple
yeah Wow that's Nate Orton now when I
first heard this range is called the the
yummy fruit a series I can't afford
yummy fruit that's kind of a crap name
you know what spit sounds a bit silly
but that's exactly what these liquids
are like they are just yummy there's no
other better way to describe them
they're very kind of fucking just Morris
reaps you know they're really really
really nice last but not least Cushman
oh yeah beautiful beautiful fresh mango
beautiful LED stripper kushman Wow
straight up fresh succulent just fucking
juicy ass mangoes it's it's another
great liquid oh fuck yeah that's nothing
written now it's another irritating
that's another fucking super good like
win if you're in the market for a super
super fucking nice ass fruity beep I
cannot recommend enough NASA drew says
well actually no I can't I can't
recommend I can't recommend it's only
mr. TBD I can't recommend this if you
like fruit then you may wish to think
about pecking up one of these and
eliquid and flavors for yourself that I
do not recommend but are very nice I
think that's good enough right they they
go that is the yummy fruit you CDs I
want to make a huge thank you to all the
guys and gals at NASA juice for making
this happen I really really appreciate
I've had a great time review in these
don't forget to air pick up a 10 and if
you do pick up a 10 entity vaping when
the fingers crossed you make when some
cool-ass she ate when we guys this
minute Scott review I hope you like this
video if you liked it give it a like if
you dislike it give it a dislike and I
will see you again in the next video

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