Vape Review of Nasty Juice - Mango Bundle - E-Liquid 10 x 10ml

April 20, 2018 20 min read

Vape Review of Nasty Juice - Mango Bundle - E-Liquid 10 x 10ml

Vape Review of Nasty Juice - Mango Bundle - E-Liquid 10 x 10ml

Cush Man and Fat Boy by Nasty Juice are Mango e-liquids that contain two different flavours of mango and menthol. This e-liquid is available in 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Cush Man is part of the Nasty Juice Yummy series of liquids.

Vape Review of Nasty Juice - Mango Bundle - E-Liquid 10 x 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Nasty Juice - Mango Bundle - E-Liquid 10 x 10ml

what's up 510 vaping funds and Danny and
I'm back today with a juice review on a
full range and I have a special guest
hello matrix 95 ok then this is Liam
Liam's one of my guys and my team in my
whip star and we've got 1 2 3 6 juices
in the deer yep it's the nasty range its
Malaysian juice beautifully modeled by
my carnage friend corner chef
these are on Malaysian juices that's
called nasty juice there's six in the
range these are all in three mg they're
50 milliliter bottles aluminium bottles
to keep the refresh that's the word keep
them refreshed and keeping keeping good
and yeah 50 milliliters these retail at
$17.99 and they're beautiful
so what we're going to do now is causes
of load of them I thought I'd get a
second opinion
mainly mother day off together so we're
gonna sit in Netflix and chill and play
some siege yeah we're just going to do a
call the reviews cuz I said in the last
video that on to get him on perfect
timing that we've both got a day off
together so let's let's get into the
juice reviews good if you swap foot for
that first one wicked his so these are
the aluminium balls they've got a nice
Doody packaging yeah it's got like a
hipster with a big beard smokin my beer
looks like a mac and some pink or purple
hairs yeah doesn't about all 50 mil max
VG 70 33 milligram and if I can get that
to focus even though leaves beautiful
faces there you can see that there we've
got there's the hipster and that's the
nasty juice logo these are look the same
just with different colors so instead of
a sudden I do each bottle every time
this is what they look like Liam do the
packaging wrap the packaging you've got
like a ripped I spoke so that if you put
your hand behind it it is get Lee face
out of it face out a very good folks so
yeah I have ripped aluminium lips so
show you look see the label the inside
the bottle you got the nasty on the side
and then the back you've got your
you're nasty bearded man poke fit
picture like a few like Instagram and
Facebook's or details and then on the
sides it's got a it says made by human
it does Leo Givens which I like gesture
be well be well be wicked or wild Rover
to and we but no wine just be wild be
kind fuck it
and then at the top like a QR codes
anyway you can enter to win a free
bottle if you have the lucky one what
else to say it has a little quote by
puckered in don't be in a rush to get
big be in a rush to have a great product
whatever that means it's okay hashtag
nasty juice and inside you also get a
nasty sticker um and that's that's the
packaging they're all the same there are
just different colors little funky so
let's crack on with the juice because
that's what we're here to do right well
if you'd ripped it yet about your
already just a yeah be encrypted
I just tried mine beyond you are your
folks in 3d nice this a purple haze it's
a cold purple rose no wicked is anyone's
another is purple okay that's delicious
the inhales like really like fruity sour
I got these are all fruity well yeah I
know that but you're all fruity just an
FYI to fruit range where no I get am
like a very fruity berry inhale yeah and
a cold low minty kind of and already
getting the min but you're not getting a
mint like I'm the more Laura callings
and say move them in yeah cooling mint
I get like cold mint hey was that sort
like it was like a like a plasticy
sweets or yeah like it's like a take a
black chrome yeah yeah that's I think
that'll get where it is a black courier
getting that um but yeah it's all
Malaysian juicers seem to have this
called mint dia and that's like the
Malaysian style I believe I've got nummy
in book just as they're about three
other Malaysians your system well I'm
just looking at the I've got three other
uses no up here okay so Konami book and
something else booked or being something
I'll be there through the Malaysians and
they're all
called fruity one range Wells yeah
they're the one that give you brain
no that's for cooking flavor just there
that's another one coming in for review
but yeah this is like a black currant
like the cottage alright show off that's
the end of it I just have a trick like
please God prick mmm yeah well I'm gonna
my knife I'm this really giving up like
an artery vinyasa
I've got a point to build at 16 2016 9
watts point two as well all right I'm on
the tsunami she's got an air flow really
enhancing the flavor slightly and with a
limitless rdta good yeah nice em they
get some much of them some blur thumbs
up from me and me well when it's not you
accompanied your battle buddy does this
reat as about as a massive film what do
you watch fake tan milk look how big my
thumb is anyway don't you mean sickening
I'm guessing um anyway so yeah that was
wicked here's that's a black currant
fruit you mental
it's delicious tis a what cartoons and
there's rightness I'm gonna have to get
the next stripper out redriff Liam unis
re wick yeah and the next one is called
a SUP grip oh my and I've got bat in my
in my other device I've got that one
before ah
so I'm dripping this on my dot mod and
this on my cleaner 120 what's really
accidentally I cleaner 123 through a 20
on the RX 2 slash free and inner casing
gig which is literally like pretty much
even color is his tan it is but leaves
behind the sunbeds recently it's just
told me about this I never knew about
this dark dark dark secret yeah now they
tell of Z with the world now are 253
Wow so I've got a really tight drawn
this job mod and ones of you that was
really strong flavor ma'am and I got a
bit my mouth actual liquid that's really
thirsty it's quite kind of candied this
yeah it's bell at the far like the
ground up great yeah very much like that
so this is called a SUP grip and they're
the S on the the logo is a dollar sign
dollar and yeah it's very it's it's kind
of candied slush fresh yeah it is
but I say is very very much slightly
great bait but by far but it's got a
little bit of mint like a little bit of
that cool added just not as much do you
get the mint or not I get more uh I do
other group I get more a mint than the
last one
dear I'm not a simile oh but that would
make sense it's only should it should be
because I'm getting a less mint in this
but I got moment last one so this is
this is going back to what I've said in
a few comments to reply to some of the
viewers and flavor can differentiate on
your taste buds yeah so that's why
Liam's in so we can do this different
devices and give different tanks
different mods different powers so
obviously I've got this at 50 watts a
yarn a tea I've got a point one one coil
in this it can go up higher like we
better oh you killed your battery brah I
think good I'll sell it up but yeah this
is just a like a stripe great I'm gonna
get flavor profile for this one in case
you've missed anything
but I really made this all day will get
will really ethically show about kushma
messaging the Facebook page shut reply
no that's not you talk about it quickly
yeah I mean I can events all day it's
not it's not sickly it's not too sweet
but it is nice refreshing because that
call like some cooler cooler cooler
undertone to it gives that so nice
refreshing good for like a summers day
here's risking to winter now so yeah in
my a bit bit harsh
the phone on a cold day but it's very
nice I say on 80 watts it's not like too
warm the air flow is all bleep but sure
I've just got the M he didn't talk so I
don't want to interrupt its up group
there the flavor profile is black grip
combined with the right berry and other
fruits alike
okay produces this delicious grape juice
no sir the bitter exhale taste of
British top of the taste of berry
greatest you'll never get bored of yeah
I would want me the Sowers like a green
apple which is short I definitely get
the grip that's that's the minion
everybody yeah stop now that it's
mentioned the berries you get a sweet
nought of movies that same sort of like
Malaysian like plasticy sway a is nice
is like the Zelda peeling purple planet
of observe island but but like with the
last one that was the flip off the last
one wicked his wicked his was a mix of
blacker and lemonade that creates
incredibly extraordinary exhale taste
lemonade layer is perfectly blended
without overdoing a crit and heavenly
feel okay where's that one gone alright
okay that's what that's slightly bitten
as what you mentioned um well that makes
that mix that would that makes a lot of
sense then that little someone as you
mentioned is the is the lemonade so yeah
that add a plasticy field field because
like blackcurrant pear
what would you mean those they all will
have they're all gone of this year and
then this one this has berries and and
grip in it as well it's very nice very
fruity yeah for sure
right let's move on to is the next one
I'm gonna have to rework for this one
now I get a little fine I want to apply
to a customer it's alright I've got a
just made extra mods of last night for
this and yet this one is bad blood led
the Taylor Swift song I'm actually I
can't sing so I'm not going to continue
I know I know
tonight Matthew I have a pair of fuse
Clapton's on this which I built using my
sexy new Clapton make everything from
fiddly device via my twiddly drill bull
hammer it's a very very good device the
ball wanna know where I said that brown
so quick all this smells incredible a
cheeky it will taste them oh my god what
is this bad blood with ah it's not blood
bad until that it smells somewhat the
first one what with more berries enough
it might be a very mix yeah this is my
new Lightroom yeah I do like this the
aluminium bottles this into here who's
fresh in fact no come on I say at first
I look to the bottles like black is only
50 bills but it's a lot fear material
flawless 60 mils they don't look big
enough yeah it's a very very famous hero
with the aluminium so that's what more
invented wow I thought one of me that's
definitely berries that's pre so I'm
reading the M there but I'm bit very
sweet berries you just make a point
other real very very very neat Liam for
a body boy the description of this I was
correct it is some of the very first
ones blackcurrant so this one I can tell
mine down a bit you want to read it I
may read it if my dyslexia doesn't kick
into place yeah where's are we very
funny so black but their own bad luck
with our bad blood on it a blood so bad
blood is a nasty juice it is an e liquid
from the Brandon's fruity series this
scenery liquid combines a freshly picked
black currants it tastes like currants
little berries nasaan them that is very
with flavor and sprinkles them with a
cool mint leaving you're refreshed and
waiting for more so yeah I'm definitely
getting the berries like the other ones
but a lot sweeter this time for those of
you that I think that's the law mint
because I don't get cool ardor I don't
get anything called on menthol on minty
but I do get at the very end
yeah that's kind of from the exhale yeah
the end of the exhale and just just at
the end yeah you correct that you're
right for once
I'll agree though for that the real time
great yeah that's them like a that
almost tastes like a gummy candy yeah
yeah like the purple
it's a hurry I left a pile of odors
no I'm not going one no way for it
daftar is part of violets and take them
with sweat and Samantha's confused with
everything together wait for it there's
the subtle Palmer while I'm waiting for
it I don't think those guys it's been
funny mentor an inner third juice oh
well I put even so I'm getting pump is
on it on the axis and then I get wait
what you mean by the palm of violets
pour all it tastes like his very BORSTAR
mix yes and you get the white gummy
shoes with the white gummy bottom in the
plastic color tire it isn't the purple
one of them yeah no I don't get parma
violets I know you mean it's similar but
I get the poor purple shoes from the
horrible star mix for sure
yeah boy wear purple shoes that's that's
tasty I like that one
I feel I probably could get sick after a
while really too much ask ya like
sweetest of me but yeah I'm more as a
person and it's where I don't really get
sick of disease I love dessert flavors
because they're all completely different
and you know you get more out with them
yeah but it's nice to other fruit you
make a fruit you flavor a review and to
actually use for a bit yeah that a mix
it up a bit cuz I mix up with like to
get very strong and you know so but yeah
I like that one
I'm gonna have to quickly tick some work
out and rework this for the next one
because I've got to share the next two
months now always liquids definitely
morph like it's like a sucks
oh yeah all day like when we got fire
edge in their star yeah a neon green
slushie her sold out over summer would
have been read up in the called VIP it
was heaven Loretta and it was quite warm
some days you know with wine Dorinda
Northman yeah I the winter's coming
yeah but yeah but now neat lime slushies
come dunks but call that people don't
want to rip them but I can see people
enjoying these just because the fruits
are in it and everything uh so what's
the next one next one we have Baba
Devils teeth ah both both unjust ah it's
a flavor I don't like this certain
flavor but I'm still gonna are we Wiccan
I'm just gonna try and bear with me I
might just have to cut this but out
while I do my fair way fair with bear
with where's the bear man BRB him you've
got to cut in your hair I've never seen
it oh no I think the barber slip is
it'll slip slip the slip you slipped
with it in Turkish blood yeah like I
said we are both kind of on the shore on
this one
um at the same time it is enjoyable
I've got cutting a home in corner garden
fingers but no like it's really really
really strong little forefinger them and
it is it you definitely taste the water
how did you Ellen Grover
swiping I'm cooking cotton man there
with me tucking the cotton just took in
the cotton down the holes yeah this is
this is a honeydew melon one mmm Liam
why would you want to read the
description again with the obviously
best dyslexia best the devil's teeth let
me zoom in slightly they go let me just
finish a large like well like turn it
around it was bigger
deaf drama stupid devil Steve obviously
when a seduced it's an a liquid from the
brands fruity series it combines
succulent Holly G melon and I do I like
I don't like melon at all you don't know
this is true this is it's like your
Oh literally Krypton pun Hey
cosmic fun kryptonite but I love a part
of either one anyway with the hide you
venom of a light sprinkling of fresh
mint so a short description there right
short but sweet that is
I mean so what is it this honeydew melon
yeah and like subtle menthol and fresh
mint so I'm expecting this to be like
the last one with a shuttle sweetness at
the end in melon but molecular weights
bit back it's quite nice Wow quite nice
fucking here and I am going to say
smelling it from the bulb does smell the
smell like now no abolish remover have a
whiff it does it Reno is very very
strong like a nail varnish remover as
acetone from yeah yeah yeah give you the
nail bars got the door open oh oh yeah
but it doesn't taste like it smells at
all so if you get a Barnaby's don't
don't don't never judge your bottle by
its mere I mean you can know it take it
off me then you can smell a bottle and
then dab a bit on your finger and lick
it off live by the clear sometimes
smelling a bottle isn't how it actually
tastes especially like one that is that
smells a lot of like the metallic can
with bits and bobs and you're right too
smart nail varnish and shouldn't this is
honeydew melon if you use your phone
I think I'm left with a menu of this one
I'm not massive fun
well it just tastes like I could
actually rip this melon whereas with
most watermelons or honeydew melons I
can't can't touch them it's kind of
sickly that's that that must be that
mint leaves out at the end it tastes
like you know add the little bits on top
of food
I just swallows up some chewing gum yes
yeah it is I swallow chewing gum and my
stomach is saying I'm not sure so he's
trying to trying to reject I've got up
it's just that mint isn't it the year
yeah see what you mean about that
chewing gum kind of yeah it's tell he
leaves your mouth yeah wondering quite
quite like that even not a melon
I could vape this and I will be you when
I've got a bottle when I've got to the
end of everything else little bit
send that getting rusty yeah about the
lip was about to said you need to kiss
me better but I was kind of gay
nothing on yet minute ah that's not that
don't I remember really dirty what's the
curry from last night
definitely the curry bro definitely
curry curry hands right yeah quite like
this one
I want to move to the next one doc
because I've just seen what it isn't
it's my favorite it's a fair but what is
the next one
Oh fat boy I love your favorite boy yeah
you love the fat one yes I'm very so I'm
sure what I don't like I drop my DP
you live in DP right I need a wick I
mean I need your trip
fresh stripper I'm just gonna tipster on
because there I'm confident with this
one my thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed
this one I have another set of microns
this time fuse Clapton's I'm adventuring
in a fancy builds at the moment just
because Grimm green keeps talking about
them in his vlogs how he always uses
like fuse Clapton's and everything so
I'm venturing into them and I've noticed
a bit of an improvement like with flavor
and whatnot if you just tried it though
I don't like Malia it's not like b-boy
Mo's like sweaty fab Weiss but now it's
a small body this week probably the
other on dices smell so this one you can
judge whether smell because it smells
that yep grete smells incredible
yeah just that's a strong mango light
it's like you're hoping like a smoothie
you know you pop the card like a mango
smoothie or the incense movies and the
other with it's just loved so the
description for this one cut by by natty
juice is a juice from the Bruns fruity
range so it's not all of them
this eliquid comrades are perfectly ripe
and juicy mango with a light sprinkling
of mint to add extra freshness to the
excellent VIP so it's another chewing
gum kind of pull over then mm-hmm
definitely a very very nice mango it's
very fresh and ripe it's probably one of
the nice Mongolia levers I've had and
definitely in a long time it's quite
ripe and fresh as the description said
these plasticky ones like what's that
mango or one binary virus mango guava
smells like cannabis so it's about this
very cheap and not fresh mango but yeah
it's kind of like I said my artificial
where this is nice and fresh and
delicious my is which is really nice is
really fresh and very sweet
a gurgle in them much of you back there
on the viewfinders going think we pick
okay did tickle my fancy that to the
first offense cloud alright i do then
okay don't do a face-to-face clover
slice the new everything
what's the new kind of cloud competition
to face to face one another on Crim's
your painful so yeah for the face to
face cloud come on come greens european
via blog what just happened was the
camera died Liam on a coffin three words
on the floor and it's just like
literally just you know how bit of a fit
so we're going to do the cloud first
offense cloud comp again going and what
we're going to do is in the comments
actually we can't see but what you will
rather put Liam or Danny how are we I
don't know how you win this grim just
announced and they look quite fun so
it's going to anywhere great big
well no I've never kept thinking I won
cuz I at least V upon me um that's
that's that that's first offense cloud
comets em it's the only thing that we're
going to static tag is well yeah hashtag
face-to-face I'm not sore about where
we're at were loves Run Fatboy Emily oh
yeah that the great mangle no yeah he
had a cotton fit now doesn't remember
where he is gone to my head near Kyle
might be drivable yeah that's just gone
dry with a berth pretty fine some straw
right for me I've got to say I need I
need a dry off and render up the next
one so this is fat boy this is the right
mango and mint one yup it's delicious
or the best one so first I would say sir
yeah okay on par with like that that no
no for me that and the purple here's
wicked here's near them to a nice the
arts don't blue be drug
rebel yeah I'm gonna wear dripping wet
water Whittle I went up to wet and wet
my whistle in my wake for the next video
for the next day juice to UM next one is
where are we
we're on slow blow I couldn't be
bothered to rework that so I'm just
dripped on will really dry dry dry
cotton ground Rudra how am i singed
actually yeah smells really nice
which one's this don't try it before me
farther are you sure like premature oh
my jewels converse ah the size real
grunts low blow slip I can tell not me
windy pops loose low block the flavor of
pineapple right missus for the natural
pineapple slices the cameras can I'm
trying to work out what this maliska
doesn't smile it pineapple doesn't do
either but but my nose a block so it
kind of smells like the next part the
flavor of pineapple laden with lime soda
that will surely make you lose its
freshness without getting bored sounds
amazing the thin parts for a second
there we sounded like a QVC
four o'clock in the morning saundh out
your head at advertising channel so slow
blow with its pineapple in lime soda
sounds no maybe the whiff first for the
yeah okay mmm finally no it's kind of it
smells like lime you've you said you
have a blocked up nose you make them
that outfit I'll prove it this nostril
isn't blocked up it's just all right
okay I'll let your off
that's nice lit my goodness I've got a
good nose or bad nose that would just
rather nothing it's not that smell like
silver its got like a limey sha yeah you
worked in a bar with the other lunch
stuff you punk Orioles are you putting
the cocktails like lemon juice in
language or just always the webisodes it
so they cockpit the truth it's just
I'll get smells like a lime juice but
that pineapple must be the thing making
it not smell any which smells nice so
that's what I'm getting at a cigar oh
who says sauce it smells nice oh well
this is a compare for the narcissus nice
isn't su nationís
his competition for the night won the
National yeah that's definitely I'm
definitely lime definitely viable matcha
liam is breathing in that stuff oh yeah
that's definitely hit me instantly with
a nice flavor compared the last one
which was nice but this has tickled my
air dashboards a little bit work out the
difference there in health EXO
it's quite similar inhale and exhale you
get the I get the lime on the inhale
it tastes like lime I get more of an
acid aftertaste so here tastes like that
line shorter in America that I add on
them they also make ginger cream shorter
answer meows are playing and chronicle
of cream so do I go to bars screams bar
scripts earlier put this out at the bars
whatever the shout if you want to send
us some no anyways when I was on the the
play in New York and they had like
different kinds of drinks it was like
tonics order ginger and there's a lime
one and I got the lime on it in this
case like the lime Slurpee juice things
I add and then the exhale you get the
pineapple chunk down Goodman definitely
get the pineapple on the exhale because
that's where it gets a bit fresh on here
get fruity oh that's tasty real taste
like that that's the last the best of me
I mean if they will jump the gun my next
question is if you have to pick it's
combination three Oh top three and with
your third other one but without
mingling I'm doing the bit I think I not
mine I don't mind why don't we little
bit while we're the end of the video
Liam I will review tomorrow okay well I
heard that okay well in third place
here's a third place where I'm gonna get
my third one right yeah I know but you
better not copy me you've just seen mine
not in I'm coming bro oh no I think you
often my third place is wicked here's
that's the called blackcurrant lemonade
yeah because it was delicious refreshing
and I could viv this all day long
moans ASAP grape real I really enjoyed
it but compared to the other two I've
got the picked up next then it's not
competitor it
I love the other two I think that I
think we're going to be the same on the
next one mmm
in second place for me oh you've just
changed it okay I dropped him out or
okay the fat boy
mango with mint was refreshing tasted
great and I could fit this all day
that's my number yo and mine was slow
blow which was the boy just ride the
pineapple which is my number one because
I respect you had a great more flavor
than the mango just with a Punnett and
the lime you know the pine in the lime
and you me clear up it's a longer
coconut one alarm and a pineapple
ya know it's like a coconut you put the
dime in the cooking thing but love and
pineapple lime in the pineapple one had
a little bit more depth of flavor with
having two different
inhale-exhale flavors so that was number
one for me whereas the the beautiful
mango one was second and my my my mango
Fat Boy was was number one for me that I
just I I felt his paper all day every
day and I'm like open slow projects
because I'm enjoying it I enjoy both if
I drill them they're all they're all
nice they're all really beautiful they
are are really nice and to be honest
third place is a bit of a joint for me
it is hard at weed wicked and bad blood
cuz they were both black currants are
both very nice what's your least
favorite I need you for me I mean I
don't like mark I'm a mix of ivory
bearing Idol or honeydew really yeah see
the grip would be like second-last cuz
obviously grips a bit meant for me but
what the honeydew melon I didn't really
like at all it was pleasant and I could
vape it and as I said I went over and up
the rest of all my other juices I'll rip
it but it just didn't hit me but if
you're a melon lover you will like it
same as if you're a grape lover you'll
love ear sub-group you missed the lens
there on your door for Lou
career hands so that pretty much wraps
on the fall Nastia range they're all
70/30 they're all 50 mil bottles they
are aluminium the 70/30 three milligrams
good Royals yeah nice clouds perfect
tank juice at 70/30 as well tribal on it
this way because of that where the count
look look at the viewfinder Liam there
you go
so you can see the dense clouds now I
make sure yeah that nasty juice it's a
nice range if it's something in there
for everyone
mmm and that's what I like about a range
sure that about right on that bombshell
it's not top near the top vaping and
dududududududududu yeah that pretty much
wraps up this video I'll put a link in
the description to where you can get
these from like I said that $17.99 for
50ml and yeah if you like to need the
sound of any of those flavors pop online
and get yourself a bottle have a little
bit of a peer dare treat Senate more for
some people um yeah don't forget in the
comments box below comment he'll win the
faceoff competition and in the
description box you'll find my social
media Facebook Twitter Instagram the
website all that kind of good shit
subscribe it's down here is it I'm
computing yet subscribe down here the
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so hit this subscribe hit the likes it
want to see more if you like Liam been
on the air in the review - I enjoyed be
that I know you have you just told me um
you did when we come without if you like
Liam mean on this then let me know we're
going to do another video now and we're
it's a special video the next one is we
have we have done it I know because
we're going to do that video before this
one goes apart we
so this video is going to come after
another video and that other video it's
going to go today I have the very first
rice pudding that the dire by victim
ladies that review we're going to film
now that's going to go up today this
video is going to run in the future
I completely cocked up the way we filmed
this my bud so yet subscribe if you want
to see more videos like if you like Liam
being in this and everything else I'll
put a link to Liam's Instagram down
there now that it does matcha knows he's
a bit of a trickster bear in person yeah
so yeah thanks for watching and don't
forget to enter the smortest giveaway
that ends very soon well done Liam we've
got it a bit higher up though yeah the
giveaway ends very soon what about four
or five days left I think and it might
even be over by the time this gets said
it's been so long and yeah so thanks
watching subscribe like comment all that
good shit
looks like we're about to cloud the
camera before we end the video and do
that gay stuff so yeah you think about
what goodbye Internet yeah I have to do
it I have to do

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