Vape Review of Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Naked 100 Cream introduces Naked Unicorn vape juice, a delightful dessert blend by one of the industry's leading brands. Naked Unicorn is a rich creamy dessert flavor blended with sweet, fresh strawberries. This flavor hits the right notes as it is sweet, fruity, creamy and refreshing. Good to the very last drop, make sure you buy your 60mL bottle of Naked Unicorn by the Naked 100 Cream line today!

Vape Review of Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

what's going on bait fam ncb squad it's
your host and friendly neighborhood
vapor Matt back to you guys with another
premium ejuice review today I'm going to
be reviewing from the say negative 100
Rory ad is negative them trippin now
that nigga 100 cream line this is the
unicorn naked unicorn fuck and I had to
turn the label around just fucking check
it again you find this off of premium
he's just count code n Cali 20 it check
out after shipping for Scott shipping it
out to be about like 17 dollars and 13
cents so it's pretty fucking good deal
for the 60 ml bottle the flavor
description on it was that what was in
it was a rich and creamy dessert with
chunks of ripe strawberries so I don't
know if they're specifying just like
just a like whipped cream basically like
a rich whipped cream put on them I've
been baking for a little bit judging on
the smell of it it's just like a nice
fucking bomb ripe strawberries for sure
and like cream I'm not sure when they
say dessert and I'm thinking like almost
like pie crust and B there are some
bullshit you know Oh probably just
trippin but uh so this is a 70/30 mix
liquid you can find it in nicotine
levels at zero three six and twelve off
of premium vape so pretty
sure that's all the info you need there
did it smell let me give it like a
little drop taste test and I'll actually
fire it up you know what I think give
you my opinion on me
it's pretty mom
sorry if I seem like a little tire
whatever it is I am pretty fucking tired
up early open for works moaning got this
shit in the mail when I got home like I
have to review this shit so here I am
love strawberry and cream flavor
profiles probably one of my favorite go
twos it's pretty funny because I really
like a lot of char burn cream beeps but
I'd say like two of my like all-time
dates that I baked fucking a lot of ml's
from was the Rocket Man by one-hit
wonder which was a blueberry parfait and
then a blueberry jam monster really
fucking weird so know what's up with
that but like I date more that shit than
I made too many strawberry and cream
stuff but here we go so got this on the
smock alien got her sitting at 90 watts
it's a point one for triple core fees
Clapton build so it's a triple core fuse
Clapton it's not an alien build FYI
there I got some cotton bacon
version to sit in there shout out to
Michael Bauer for that cotton bro and
what 90 watts whipping order salad
should we're all good twist message
version 100 gr da fire it up
it's pretty good so it's pretty good
like on a flavor level of being subtle
or in your face it's like in-between so
it's not in-your-face it's not subtle
it's like right there in the middle
definitely good double inside like a fox
with I hate flavors that are really
subtle you really can't taste anything
on them they're really mellow because I
use a very Airy RDA normally all the
time so throat hit on it feel like the
throat hit is definitely under nicked
it's not crazy I'm nicked you can
definitely still feel a little tickle
like a nice little throat hit there but
it's not like a normal 3 is instead like
a normal 3 take like maybe 5 6 vapes of
the true because I DIY so I know what a
true 3 milligram of nicotine feels like
I'm gonna throw and it's like four baits
I'm good like I said on my JPEG oh shit
like fucking get lightheaded here in a
second with this not at all
still a little throughout it but I can
definitely change it maybe get 8 9 10
baits that I have to put it down so it
will the flavor on it the flavors good
um there's just so many strawberry and
creams out there pretty sure if you've
been in a vape game for a while you
already know that there's a lot of
strawberry creams
everyone makes strawberry creams this
one was called by quad with the buck
with or sickle something unicorn like
naked unicorn and then there's unicorn
milk by cuttwood I got some of that shit
over there you know what I mean so like
everyone's got some type of fucking like
unicorn blood or some bullshit some type
of unicorn unicorn it's not like random
shit so then they all end up being a
strawberry and cream at the end of the
day I'm a lot of companies do it's
really good like well it's good to be
wrong a baseball thing and I'd probably
definitely end up buying another bottle
of it so I definitely give a
recommendation but don't think it's
something crazy unique out of this
fucking world it's a really good just
basically strawberry
and good flavor too it's not subtle like
I said it's not straight in your face if
you probably use this off the recoil um
boy OC recoil you would probably be in
your face that shit puts off good flavor
but for something that's Airy it's nice
I really enjoy it I want to give this
juice overall um flavor um I think he
gets a solid 8 out of 10 I think I'll
definitely be able to vase the fuck out
this bottle the next 2-3 days kill it
off and stuff get rid of it and so if I
had another bottle I probably continued
to vape on it I can guarantee that so
doesn't want to give it at all weak vape
ability rating for sure so some are
really good a tad 210 just like I said
for anyone that's been in the big game
for a while this isn't mean can crazy
new to you now if you haven't really had
any strawberries and creams and you're
new to the vaping you're probably going
to really like this and you're going to
fall in love with it but I fell in love
with other strawberries and creams first
so you know what I mean but this is just
like spot-on to almost those so what I
mean but anyways I think I gave you all
the info that uh you would need to know
about this juice how about in this
anything's are about the little bit
tired like I said make sure to LIKE
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greatly appreciated hit that subscribe
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notification Bell if you like this
review maybe you want to see some more
content coming in the future maybe check
out some of our other reviews but I will
see you guys in the next juice review
thank you for tuning in shout out to all
our fucking subscribers and all our
loyal subscribers that we've had for all
this time and I'll see you guys in the
next review

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