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By Ksenia Sobchak

Wahoo is what you’ll be screaming when you try this delicious blend! Light vanilla cream has been added to enhance the delicious fruity cereal tones. VG to PG ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 50 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Vape Naked Fish Wahoo BEASTLY BECAUSE Although Naked Fish is new to the ocean, it is already making a big splash! Crafted and perfected in California, Naked Fish offers big flavor, big clouds, and extra big 50ML bottles. How’s that for BEASTLY? Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED FISH WAHOO

what is up guys i'm nick and i am back
with another solo review for this
channel it is the vaping round table
thank you so much for tuning in and i
have naked fish to make it fishy liquids
the juice is actually called wow call
and as you can see right here this is a
kind of like a metallic purple bottle I
actually like this bottle they say it's
part of their collectors edition I'm
digging that I like it and this is a 50
ml bottle i bought this at a local
brick-and-mortar pay $22 for it it says
50ml this is a 3 milligram nicotine and
like i said it's the Pacific collector's
edition so any other I think I'm the
regular bottle it is a brushed stainless
it's kind of about that yeah it's kind
of like a brush stainless steel look
they have on the other ones this is the
collector so i i'm glad i got the
collectors actually I like Donald like
this um as you can see they just put
like a little fish skeleton on their
kind of neat anyway um wahoo kind of a
weird name we'll get into that a little
bit later um but on a juice is calm I
think that's what Bengie pulled up Benji
can you tell me what this is on EJ
syscom what they're going to pay for it
he chooses column right for the foodie
vanilla cream waddled by naked fish the
50 ml bottle is 2199 so you're working
water 22 years pretty well thought on I
would say so yeah yeah EG sakam 2199 not
a bad price it's not 60 ml that's 10
left oh well you know it's still a good
price I'm actually I'm quite happy that
they did that with a 50 ml bottle
instead of just saying hey well it's not
CML to thirty bucks forty bucks no they
went 2199 I like it that is good okay so
and actually it does say on the bottle
what it is or what it's supposed to be
anyway it says 70 VG so you got 70 30 p
g VG and it says fruity vanilla cream
and i think what they are going for on
this is a fruity pebble or four loops
just kind of like an you know we've seen
these babes a hundred thousand times so
your typical fruity cereal babe not much
better geez we've only been over this a
thousand times anyway um I'm gonna take
a babe
okay so for me I think it tastes better
out of a tank I'm gonna say that right
now I put this in my blazer tank the
since plays a tank and I was I was doing
about 146 wats on it I was just enjoying
I'm joined the hell out it's still
really good it is good it's good an RDA
so I mean if you're gonna be even on
already on our da it's good it's good I
I would prefer a tank just so you know
I'm going to tank this but is it a good
shoes yes it's a good juice it's nothing
it doesn't stand out from every other
cereal base but I am a huge fan of
cereal babes so I love pretty couple of
Fruity Pebbles babes I I have been
vaping one for the past I think month
and a half won by a drip tribe and I
think that's just called PABs is so
that's another really good juice so
compare that to this it's not quite as
good as that juice but this is a good
juice make it fish it a good job with it
it does taste like fruit vanilla and
cream so good job guys you did pretty
good on that um other than that that's
really all I have to say what would I
rate this juice oh gosh i would rate
this a solid six out of ten success
attend it's not a battery so if you're
going to pick this up just know it's not
going to blow it might blow you away it
didn't blow me away to be super honest
i've had way better I've had way worse
so it's kind of right there in the
middle I mean another big cloud
productions good I really do like a
cloud production on this and the it's
completely smooth I know tingling
there's really no throat hit whatsoever
so if you were wondering about that
that's kind of what's going on there
also I think this is kind of an
interesting name for a new liquid so
I just want to throw this at Benji right
now I Benji what what is the urban
dictionary say I don't know what they
actually mean by this so what an urban
dictionary say wha who is I have a
couple of good ones I have here we go
okay so there you go at three different
three different definitions on it the
first one says wahoo Nene a uva student
well EBA you have been warned the second
one means angel auditory order doesn't
give me a definition on what derogatory
word was a derogatory word cool over
there holding the hands of a kid dear a
pop color sporting butt plug using all
allowed ugly and rich off mommy daddy's
money apples what yeah I'm not kidding
pop colors for in-depth blog using all
around ugly and rich off mommy daddy
clay apples probably not what naked fish
is going for on that one these are just
going to take that on the big of wonders
when it says it's Scottish slang so tell
them who is crazy in the head and likes
to go fighting you're going to love it
okay so here's this example inquired if
document what do you get up to last
night and drinks government we were
showing abuse at folk in town and then
we got real tips a fuck out of a junkie
down an alley inquiring Scotsman nah
y'all are a bunch of logs and what's it
what's another one one closer what he
probably a min as long as it's used
toward attractive people I mean that
could be what they have in mind yeah I
mean it's to me wahoo just what they're
going for on the name is probably just
hey something bright shiny and
attractive I think I think I like the
Scottish one now yeah I like do you're a
bunch of was a man a Scottish man who
wants to
like so what I'm going and who wants to
go out and final don't have to be
scotsman don't be a racist so naked if
that's what you want to go on for I'm
going to say that's what you were going
for just because I like that so anyway
guys thanks for tuning in thanks for
watching the vaping roundtable and I
appreciate it like comment and subscribe
and let us know what juice you want us
to review we would really like the input
so until then thanks for watching

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