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By Ksenia Sobchak

Piranha is a tasty explosion of vanilla custard infused with fluffy whipped cream! Indulge in delicious creamy goodness. VG to PG ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 50 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Vape Naked Fish Piranha BEASTLY BECAUSE Although Naked Fish is new to the ocean, it is already making a big splash! Crafted and perfected in California, Naked Fish offers big flavor, big clouds, and extra big 50ML bottles. How’s that for BEASTLY? Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED FISH PIRANHA

another review right before I got on the
camera one of them decided to tip over
and I didn't have the cover of a way the
show must go on what's going on people
I'm jumping here to talk about what Pam
let's go naked fish let's talk about it
so I got history with this company I
remember when I first started doing
reviews in 2015 I reviewed three of
their juices and then I reviewed
stingray wahoo and Barracuda I got notes
and so glad that I'm able to work with
them again and this time the whole line
was sent to me and the packaging well
there's more juices but I took them out
yeah so on the packaging
if you against you ordered the whole
line you know you have the company's
information you have the nicotine
strength which is 0 1 point 5 3 & 6 you
got their social media information then
you have the names of the juices and
their juice description but also their
definitions the descriptions are also on
the bottle which is dope so you can put
that aside for now what am i they've
been on first piranha and it's naked
fish to all the drink the drinks all the
juices are named after fishes get it
make it fish piranhas yeah so piranha is
a vanilla custard creams and it's 70 VG
now I'm definitely getting the vanilla
and see my thing I have a problem when
juicers say custard cream because you
would you you expect it up
they full of cream and just gushing
gooeyness and no I'm not getting that
but I definitely get the vanilla custard
it's a light leap this one is light and
flavor you get like I said you get the
vanilla custard but I would love it if
it was more pronounced definitely to me
the flavor comes out more on their
exhale that vanilla custard comes out
more on the inhale you get in the
vanilla but it's more like an extract
account of vanilla but as you're
exhaling the sweeter vanilla comes in
like cakey kind of vanilla you paste
yeah you get what I'm singing it's not a
bad flavor at all
preferably I probably put this in a
tangle it is sit and soak up in a coil
yeah Mike the cream part no look at the
definitely yeah so we're to get into
blue marlin
that's another fish one thing I complain
about when I viewed in the first time
that bottles although the bottles are
beautiful I mean oh they're beautiful
I'm gonna put a link to the older the
first time I reviewed them down below
you can check what the bottles look back
before and even though these are
beautiful you can't see inside them so I
don't like it like for example I just
spilled some it'd be great if I got this
go like that and see what my love of
that I got I got a B Tilton and again
these bottles are beautiful but I'm like
here also it's a very thin juice so like
if you drip in it you got to make sure
you right now where the hell you gonna
drip it cuz see as soon as I pull it out
it just look at it I'm not squeezing
anything yeah so you just got to be make
sure make sure you near if you like it
again if you're dripping that boom you
right now we're supposed to go you gonna
have like a mess
so I'm here yes I've ate this before oh
my god this is salted caramel honey
honey honey why don't you put on poem
yeah is the shit
this salted caramel is delicious you do
okay the Karen Angola I mean right now
okay I just also 50-something I'm not
the 60 watts okay Bell it's a little I
wish it was a little bit more sweeter
because I've just stuff takes a
different kind of camera you know you
have a little sometimes you have them
growing up ahead like the little box and
those square caramels that's what a
counter reminds me I'll kind of it
doesn't bother it's kind of a toasted
it's a toasty kind of thing I'm getting
and it it works
the burnt was the wrong way it's a
toasty kind of flavor going on here
it's spot-on this I could drip all day
oh my
I never who would ever think a salty
camera so this is definitely what it
says it is again this is 70 VG out of
these two I definitely recommend the
Blue Marlin I'm gonna be back with the
rest of the line but I thought I'd drop
in here real quick and tell you what I
thought about these two flavors so far
and um I'll be back in the next girl
thank you for watching if you enjoyed
this review make sure you give it a
thumbs up leave a comment down below and
share it as well

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