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Yummy Gum is a new flavor from the people behind Naked 100 E Liquid. This fantastic fruity gum flavor takes the best of what Naked 100 offers in the fruit class and turns it into a candy vape for the ages.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED 100 YUMMY GUM EJUICE

what's going on guys brand Campinas mate
today we're doing a juice review on
yummy yummy from the Naked 100 candy
thank you very much the guys over at
Baker set us out for me to
review crank dudes always taken care of
channel taking care that the big
community they got good prices on the
site furl they're really good have good
prices go over there to check them out
on top of that you can use coupon code
TNS bakes 15 you'll get 15% off your
juices which is like awesome you know
like that's good stuff go over there
check it out they got a lot of good shit
on there they've you know they've helped
sponsor a lot of juice reviews and I'm
very appreciative that only that they
really do have good prices on their
juice some of the best prices I've seen
for some juices out there so check them
out check them out where we're going
over yummy gummy from naked 102 candy
line yummy gummy by naked 100 candy is a
thirst punching blend of strawberry
bubble gum with luscious strawberry
infused nicely into the six-pack did
bubble gum for a baked unlike any other
are the latest collection from Megan 100
offering a heady mix of candy and fruity
profiles comes into 60 ml glass dripper
bottle this is a nice bottle that it
comes in Naked 100 is a pretty
well-known brand they got some pretty
ball mass juices out there you can get
on the site 1899 60 ml bottle and get
into zero three six milligrams of
nicotine it's at 70 bg-30 PG blend so
you know it's right there the sweet spot
I feel like the sweet spot to have you
know really really good flavor and
pretty decent cloud production what else
you know that's about it guys
that's all the details on it let's go
ahead and fucking check it out I haven't
got into this yet I just got out my nose
me smell it
all I sell strawberry and a little hint
of like a how do I explain like a white
powder eNOS that comes on the gun like
the old fucking bazookas and shit that's
what it reminds me so we will go ahead
get a drink on this dripper drawford
riper top we are using the icon RDA
you've got some dual parallel stainless
steel coil that on out 2.11 vaping it at
eighty nine point nine watts
we baked it let's talk about a little
bit I'm super smooth inhale exhale nose
drilled no burning nothing like that
very smooth the flavor on the inhale
it's a mild like I said too like the
powdery type of covered bubblegum that
makes you fucking salivate in the mouth
that's the kind of flavor I get on the
inhale the exhale I get that and it's a
strawberry bubble gum it's not a
strawberry and a bubble gum it's a
strawberry bubble gum it's not one
flavors than the other it's blended very
very well together the flavor is a
moderate it's not super high the flavor
is definitely there but it's not like a
super high overpowering flavor it's
really nice but it's right on the sweet
spot me personally I like my flavor
fucking jumping through the roof I'm not
saying the flavors not there the flavor
is totally there it's a good flavor too
I like it a lot so this is that
I'll give it a pass it's it's it's it's
good for me personally like I said I
could I could enjoy the flavor it was a
much more stronger kick to the balls
flavor that people don't tend to like as
much I like my flavors extremely fucking
strong like really really strong but
it's a good flavor definitely so hope
you guys enjoyed this review maybe found
a juice you would like like I said it's
not a strawberry and a bubblegum
it is a strawberry bubblegum if that
makes sense it's good stuff guys if
you're interested in checking it out go
ahead and go over to the vapor supply
do you can use coupon code t NS Mapes 15
to give you 15% off awesomeness who
doesn't want coupon codes I do yeah that
sort of you I'm Tina's apes and results
may vary

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