Vape Review of NAKED 100 VERY BERRY

April 23, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of NAKED 100 VERY BERRY

Vape Review of NAKED 100 VERY BERRY

By Nataly Komova

Brace yourselves, winter is coming with Naked 100 eliquid! Very Berry bombards you with sweet blueberries and tart blackberries drizzled in lemon sugar. This is one blend that perfectly executes a sweet and tart profile! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Naked Very Berry BEASTLY BECAUSE Naked 100 Eliquid creates fresh made combinations of fruit and cream, which produces delightfully balanced flavors with unexpected results. The Blast of Amazing flavors will have your tasted buds flowing. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of NAKED 100 VERY BERRY

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED 100 VERY BERRY

what's going on everybody it's me ten
bucks bring blood back for another
review so first of all I owe you guys
big apology I keep telling you guys and
my videos that the same day I'll be
making another video so on the days that
I promised to videos and didn't get a
chance to deliver I apologize for that I
know some of you guys were expecting
them but I just came not not necessarily
uh I just had some stuff I need to take
care of or something else got in my way
or something like that so I have all the
products that I said I would review and
I'm going to review them it's mainly
just one juice that I said I would
review but didn't get a chance to do so
I'm going to review that juice and then
I promise this time I'm not kidding
immediately after I'm going to review a
second juice so I will be posting to
juice reviews today back to back I can
promise you that so stay on the lookout
for that
so the first useful view we're going to
do is another one off of the Naked 100
line this is very very so if you guys
haven't seen my review for Naked 100 all
melons go ahead and check that one out -
very very good juice so I thought I'd
continue down the line and try another
one so I decided to pick up this very
very flavour so this flavor is supposed
to be a mix of blueberry blackberry and
a little bit of lemon so as you can see
the design on the bottle is the same
kind of sleek smooth material that they
put on all the very nice cool bottle
design label design I love it it also
looks beautiful so few stats this is a
50 milliliter PAHO in three like all of
my juices this cost me
I'm pretty sure it was still like 28 25
bucks something like that I'm pretty
sure it's around the $25.00 area for
so 70/30 pg/vg ratio porcini towards VG
and um yeah let's get into it so vaping
it today I have my cod beast King on top
of the aged Prince with a new GFP 12
vegetable oil so the same coil I started
in there started with when I first set
up the cloud beast King it's the same
same type of coil same amount of cotton
and wraps it's changed out the coils yet
almost getting to gunky so it's the same
kind of coil but it's fresh and it's
parsley dripped with this this is the
first juice I put in this tank so let's
get started
definitely smell the berries um
berries are coming through pretty nice
um I would say that it's definitely not
not very artificial this kind of smells
like a fresh berry I'm getting the hint
of lemon of course so the reason I was a
little hesitant with this juice that
because uh lemon baits are usually hit
or miss and most of the time they were
so I was definitely has identifying
anything with lemon in it but hopefully
that has worked out in my favor this
time so that my smelling some blueberry
definitely getting a little bit of lemon
out of the smell let's take a finger
I'm not getting number Wolof the finger
test to be honest a little bit of
blueberry and Blackberry but um
finger test isn't as strong as I
expected it to be not a whole lot of
lemon on the finger test give you a
little bit in the back of my throat but
otherwise long tip of my tongue with the
flavor did though the drift test
otherwise not a hold on a flavor coming
out from the finger test yeah but let's
give it a bait so like I said we're
hitting with the claw beast King I can
remember to turn on the box we are going
to be hitting at 130 watts with a point
1 2 ohm coil all right let's get into it
Nicki one on you in supreme Barry let's
give it a big definitely feel it a
little bit in the back of my throat
there's definitely a hard for flavour to
start for sure on is just something that
even I had to work my way up with in
terms of tolerance to make it an all-day
babe because it's that's pretty good you
get lemon in the slightest bit like it's
definitely not a lemon at all it's just
very very subtle lemon undertones and
it's like a fresh lemon not like a sour
and let the sourness of the lemon booms
like a lemon candy but definitely meld
so far it's pretty good I hope you're
not getting along okay paper getting
paper style for this because as you can
see I've baked a little bit but I'm not
even done halfway the book I'm not even
halfway to the bottle doesn't really
leave anything on your tongue since it's
not a weird aftertaste so bland
aftertaste but definitely about your
throw you still feeling stuff still
taste and stuff let's do a retro pale
and again still have allergies so I can
only breathe out at this nostril
definitely feel it in the back of your
throat it's clean mostly but that's
throw kick is something you're going to
have to get used to it's definitely
super mellow not getting a whole lot of
blueberry blackberry the lemon
undertones are really what sticking with
me right now but what I am getting I do
get the berries it's definitely some
sweet um let's settle um it's delicious
um in a way it kind of reminds me of
very confused by Holy Grail I reviewed
those juice in the past basting my
favorite juice of all time and this
flavor sometimes it tastes exactly like
it with all those nice berries mixing in
like normally I get really good flavor
out of this
it gives you a good tartness kind of
kick in the back you through
well anyway going back to the retro feel
the red trail is kind of clean retro
hell is not kind it's clean it's just a
kickin back you're feeling I said you
have to get used to all right so let's
go readings let's check out the body
first I want to see if I can do a
battery switch real clear I left my my
charger back at home so as a charge all
six of my batteries through the trip box
the ceiling lifts micro USB charge Abul
besides my free care tiny but I never
used that ever uh here we go much better
much better battery life flavors coming
through a whole lot better now
there's definitely probably the weak
battery not pushing up enough power on
you get a little sweet burst of flavor
in your mouth so to the body the body is
pretty good um it's just that take a
really long drag of this it's going to
definitely hurt your throat like it's
even making me cause the the throat
harshness is not extreme but it's
definitely there and some of you have to
get used to but it shouldn't take you to
not dangerous to it
definitely a decent-sized body full nice
and milky so the body is going to get a
9 out of 10 just because I wish the body
is good but you're going to want to take
short it short hits of this when you
first start so it's going to be hardly a
really great body so I'm going to say
nine out of ten nine out of ten to the
body back to the retro Hill coaster host
still clean but it's that thing in the
back your thread you have to be wary of
you're definitely feeling the blueberry
and Blackberry and it leaves behind a
lemon sweetness to it
not all lemon and not very powerful
lemon but just very mild this is
probably one of the only flavors with
women that have actually genuinely
enjoyable even though lemon is not like
a mane whole part of it it's supposed to
be more like an undertone and even with
that in mind is still one of the better
lemon flavors that I've ever had so the
retro halo flavor I'm going to go ahead
and give an eight and a half out of ten
just because it's a good flavor but
again that throat hit is kind of kicked
pretty hard oh it's the overall flavor
I'll wrap up the review it's a delicious
absolutely but for some reason it feels
like I'm getting a little bit of papers
time I haven't even had this long had
this for probably less than a week um
actually I've had this for about four
days and like I'm getting used to it
already even though this has been my all
debate currently I'm still dry still
losing a taste fast but otherwise this
juice I'm still tasting a pretty damn
well and it's delicious and it's nice
and sweet got good Barry kick so if you
want a good
kick even with only three Nick this is a
good use for you but it's sweet it's not
too much it's not too powerful it's good
so guys I'm going to say to my overall
reading for naked 100 very very flavor
is going to be a 9 out of 10 because
it's definitely once you work your way
past the throw hit it's definitely an
all day vape it's been an all day vape
for me since I pretty much got it it's
pretty addictive it's delicious it's
smooth except for that throat can hit
I'm going to keep mentioning it it's
just something you got to get used to
it's again it's not ridiculously harsh
will definitely feel different um once
you get used to that nice sweet berries
a little bit of lemon enos it's good I
like it
so guys has been my review for Naked 100
it's very very flavor thank you so much
for watching this video don't forget to
like subscribe comment took my other
videos all that good shit
stay tuned of another video coming at
you sometime today I promise but again
thank you guys for watching like always
I'll end you want to bake and I will
actually see you later touch on the next
one guys

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