Vape Review of NAKED 100 SOUR SWEET

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of NAKED 100 SOUR SWEET

Vape Review of NAKED 100 SOUR SWEET

Naked 100 Eliquid adds three savory and sweet blends! These candy blends deliver unreal flavor that closely mimic the real deal! Sour Sweet is a mouthful of fruity candies mixed with tarty sour candies. Crack open a bottle of Naked 100 and prepare for something truly special! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Naked 100 Sour Sweet BEASTLY BECAUSE Naked 100 Eliquid tackles the most popular candy flavors and if it’s anything like their previous lines, these blends are sure to be perfection! These three flavors are some of the best candy blends you can get your hands on! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of NAKED 100 SOUR SWEET

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED 100 SOUR SWEET

hey guys with afros another review I'm
extremely excited to talk about this
flavor because it's one of my favorite
brands that make it 100 so the Niccolo
going to just release there can you line
and this is great because most of us
know they can make some really high
quality juice so the flavor we'll be
talking about today is the sour sweet so
going off of the pincers on the side of
the bottle looks like we have lime so
it's like sour patch kids and then lemon
go ahead and get the track
just as good as other flavors from make
the 100 not better I was I've been
making this juice for about a day now
and it is my second favorite make good
flavor right behind the lava flow which
I baked on for almost a year straight
but stuff is really really good and not
something that I tend to get really
muted up to you vape it's like sort of
other juices to say what is likely
doesn't seems like a specific candy um
you definitely get the line you didn't
want a sweet line but I would have to
stay on the inhale is very very subtle
almost flavorless you just get kind of
like a sweet sugary flavor on the inhale
then as you exhale you get a sweet more
flavorful lines if you tried some of
these other flavors you know that some
are more flavorful than others for
example that music may go is a lot
stronger than a seed like the very pair
I would have to say that this is along
the lines of a very very when it comes
to how much flavors actually in it it's
not too overpowering and yet you get a
very subtle okay on an inhale you get
more of the flavor exhale and that
sweetness I kind of coach you time it's
very very very good like I said it's a
second favorite flavor right behind a
lava flow and that's their most popular
flavor I'm sure that I've tried that
it's outstanding and this stuff is right
up to par let's see uh that may be candy
line as well as maybe it's tobacco line
their mental line and their original
line are on our website now and they all
come in 60 ml bottles and that's going
to wrap up today's quick look of the
Nikkei 100 sour sweet thank you

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