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By Nataly Komova

Green Blast by Naked 100 features a blast of flavor and tart. Green Blast e liquid pairs honeydew sweetness, with the juicy tart like flavor of fresh kiwis, and finishes it up with the crispness of a granny smith apple. The result is a fruit experience unlike any you've ever vaped.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED 100 GREEN BLAST EJUICE

hey what's going on YouTube what's up Aspen Valley bakes it's chilly thanks everybody for tuning in once again to all about the paper and guys today we're bringing you a review of another naked 100 liquid this is going to be on the green blast so if you tuned in to the last review I did on the Hawaiian pug I give you all my thoughts on that but it was an excellent eliquid absolutely love the guava fruit and the passion fruit that was coming out of that and fold it with an x1 all day vape
and highly recommended it so this was also sent over to me about 4 days ago
from Aspen Valley babes for review this is on the green blast it's supposed to
replicate a granny smith apple with some creamy kiwi undertones now typically
even though my flavor profile is aimed more towards their fruit I typically don't really like apple flavors when it comes to e-liquids anyway typically I haven't really found any really good apple flavors out there that I was able to bake all day and that I was a huge fan of so we'll hope and see if this is going to be one of them so anyway guys that say a 60 ml glass bottles just like the Hawaiian pod comes in a 0 3 or 6 milligram nicotine I did get this one in the 3 as I stated before I vape at 6 but I went down to a 3 now trying to taper down a little bit so I will open it up guys will smell it I'll let you know what I'm getting off the scent coming from the bottle and then we'll go ahead well vape on it I'll be pulling it on my 24 millimeter goon and then for all you tank lovers out there I'll switch over to my my girlfriend's big baby bees I use mine on the last review and now I'll let you know what I'm getting off the flavor from my tank compared to my RDA alright so let's go ahead guys let's open it up one smell and I'll let you know what I'm getting from it definitely Apple why I don't really get too much of it yeah Kiwi smell I'm mainly getting like an apple and Apple smell coming from it but it's a good Apple it smells good it doesn't it doesn't really smell like not like a green apple like a lot of eat like  what's out there they basically like I look at Granny Smith just like a nice just a nice Granny Smith smell coming from it I really can't compare it to any other type of apples this but it says Granny Smith and that's what I'm smelling and you know what maybe I am picking up a little bit on the Kiwi but prominently  I'm getting the Apple so what we'll do guys we'll go ahead we'll vape on it and  I'll leave you to vapor production that I'll give you my thoughts on the flavor and again it's a 70/30 VG PG blend so as you can see the vapor production is really good I've really do enjoyed these 70/30 blends I have this set at a I have  it built in there a point 1/2 set of the honor twats on the green 24 let me go  ahead and do a couple more so the Apple is definitely prominent that Apple is just coming through on the inhale on the exhale and just like the lion paw get kind of lingers off the back here throat
a little bit and then lingers on the lips on the exhale let me see if I'm picking up on any of that Kiwi but as a rebound getting that apple flavor and  let's see if we click up on anything else so I'm more or less Cathy at the Kiwi I do taste a Kiwi coming out of it like a creamy undertone of a Kiwi not not very not very prominent like the Apple is but I do get that Kiwi on the XL now as far as the Hawaiian pod compares to this I absolutely would say right now I prefer the Lyon pod over the green bliss um could I beat this all day just by tasting it for from this a little bit
that I've been doing during the review it's not something I could do all day I
can definitely do the wine POG all day
every day that thing that Daddy like
what was absolutely perfect but this on
the screen blast it it's not something
that I'm going to say is nasty I don't
think it's nasty by any means and I
don't hate it
it's just to me it's it's alright it's
not fantastic it's not it's not horrible
it's okay if you like green a few lamps
are you like Granny Smith flavors if you
like apple flavors in general then
you're going to like this because the
apple is absolutely prominent so if
you're a Apple type of a liquid the
vapor however you want to tell everyone
aware that then you're absolutely going
to love it
it was like I said that Apple is
prominent it's not over overpowering but
it is definitely it is prominent with
the app flavor the Kiwi definitely comes
out on the exhale just a little bit you
get that little creamy on return of the
Kiwi to it let me do a couple more and
see if I'm picking up more on that Kiwi
but I can tell you as far as any other
fruit flavors that I'm tasting in this
definitely not I'm getting prominently
Apple and that little bit of Kiwi now
the Kiwi like I said it is coming it is
coming out on the exhale but it's just
there's definitely more apples so the
Apple definitely overpowers the Kiwi
with this one in my opinion but yeah if
your is for those of you who love apple
flavor e-liquids you're definitely going
to like this one I can guarantee that if
you are not in Babel flavors like me if
you just think they're okay then that's
how you're going to feel about this one
so if you're not really into the Apple
flavors I personally don't recommend you
picking this one up if you are into the
Apple flavors and I highly recommend you
picking this one up but yeah as far as
the as far as this this and the Hawaiian
pod goes I definitely would take
Hawaiian Pollack any day the week
with a green blast now like I said
before Assam Valley is also carrying
about six other liquids from the mega
100 blend so if you guys turn the middle
last review you already heard me go over
this but I'll go over it again they have
the Very Berry which is a blueberry
blackberry non lemon which sounds
absolutely fantastic I'm going to have
to actually cook up a bottle of that
lava flow which is a strawberry coconut
pineapple which I stated before if the
coconuts not too overpowering I think
that would be a good one for me because
I do love strawberry and pineapple
Hawaiian pod which I did on the last
review passionfruit guava and Island
fruits which was fantastic highly
recommend that one amazing mango which
also sounds fantastic it's a mango and a
creamy peach undertone that sounds
delicious I'm going to pick up that too
in all melon watermelon honeydew and
cantaloupe so those of you out there who
love Melanie liquids I definitely would
uh definitely would like to see what you
had to say about that one if you tried
it and then the green glass which is
this one which is a Kiwi Granny Smith
apple with the creamy undertones of the
Kiwi but like I said I prominently get
Granny Smith apple off this one not too
much of the Kiwi so what we'll do I'll
take one more off this and then we'll go
ahead we'll switch over to the big baby
and I'll let you know my thoughts off
that one yeah that Apple is just like
Wow Apple is just BAM it's right there
as soon as you inhale it you get that
Apple and on the exhale you also get
that Apple but then that's when you
follow up with those little that's when
it follows up with those little creamy
undertones a Kiwi but that Apple is just
really really prominent so let's go
ahead and switch over to the baby beast
here guys and I'll give you my sauce out
of it now the big baby I'm sorry then
I'll give you my sauce from it out of
the tank but yeah like I said if you
guys are into Apple flavors and I
definitely would recommend it if you're
not this isn't this isn't in my opinion
going to be the the one for you that's
for sure ooh almost dropped everything
there all right so let's go ahead guys
put this on here let's give this a go
okay again I could leave a guppy what
does she have in here here okay she's
got the this one's reading it up same
thing cool Olivia when I was using the
0.15 so I believe it's t 6 turn it down
go ahead it's 75 watts go ahead and give
it a vape I didn't fill it up all the
way just for the fact that if I didn't
really like it I would like to try to
save that coil maybe just use a
different a liquid so I do have it in
there about a quarter of a way full
let's go ahead and have a few pulls off
and I'll let you know what I'm getting
from the flavor out of the big baby bees
it's definitely not as not as potent
just like when I did do wine and hog
it's definitely not a so now the big
baby as it is out of my Guin RDA
but you absolutely still get that app
that Apple is still definitely prominent
honestly in my opinion I kind of prefer
it more out of this tank and that might
be because the apples kind of died down
a little but it's still not something I
could do all day even out of the tank
like yeah you definitely get that Apple
I still taste that little bit of a key
that little bit of a creamy undertone of
a Kiwi coming on the excel but mainly
that Apple is just really probably just
realized how many times I said
prominence during this entire review
sorry guys but as you can see that vapor
production coming out of the tankage is
really good just like the RDA the vapor
reduction is spot-on I really like the
dense thick clouds I'm getting from the
big baby beast and out of the goon RDA
let me go ahead we'll do a couple more
we'll wrap this up guys and then I'll
put a link down below if you do want to
pick up a bottle of the green blast I'll
put a link to the Aspen Valley page make
sure you get on their own page subscribe
to their news feed you can find the make
it 100 line for even cheaper than $19.99
sometimes if they do the Dahle steel
you'll get two Dalek steels in your
email like once every other day it'll be
on a different type you like with that
they're running a special on for that
day so I highly recommend that you guys
on go to the Aspen Valley website I'll
put the link down below and I get a part
of their um subscribe to their daily -
there subscribe to the news feed so you
can be part of our daily skills from
sorry I got a little tongue-tied there
but uh let me take a couple more then
we'll wrap this one up guys make sure
you also like comment subscribe if you
haven't subscribed to my page yet please
do I am doing a giveaway coming up soon
it's going to be on a piece of hardware
that's going to be sponsored and it's on
something that I believe that a lot of
you out there would love to get your
hands on so make sure you subscribe it's
going to be exclusively a Youtube
giveaway and your
I have to be subscribed to be a part of
the giveaway if you want to take part in
it and I'll put a video of later on with
all the details pertaining to the
giveaway yeah guys that that Apple is
just like there's no denying that it's
an Apple II liquid that's for sure
all right so anyway is it an all-day
bait for me no for you if you like Apple
I think more than likely it will be
because it's definitely um it's
definitely a good apple flavor it's not
bad it's just not something that I could
do all day so I can't really recommend
it as an all-day bait for anybody unless
you like apple flavor e-liquids if you
do like apple flavored e-liquids I would
definitely recommend you get your hands
on it if you guys have tried this and
you are in the apple flavor do you
liquid please comment down below let me
know what your thoughts are on it if you
have any other questions of course make
sure you comment down below so I really
do appreciate you guys tuning in today
again this was on the naked 100 green
blast so until the next one baseball and
be safe
take care do one more on the way out

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