Vape Review of NAKED 100 GREEN BLAST

April 23, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of NAKED 100 GREEN BLAST

Vape Review of NAKED 100 GREEN BLAST

Naked 100 eliquid is a delightful blend of fruits and creams in an unexpected way, which brings unexpected flavor and hidden notes to your eliquid. Green Blast is a blast of flavorful green fruits! Sweet honeydew is cut open, filled with fresh cut crisp green apples, topped with slices of tart and tangy kiwi, and covered in a light cream; all blended up to create an exceptional balance of sweet, tart, and cream. VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Naked 100 Green Blast BEASTLY BECAUSE Naked 100 Eliquid creates fresh made combinations of fruit and cream, which produces delightfully balanced flavors with unexpected results. The Blast of Amazing flavors will have your tasted buds Flowing. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of NAKED 100 GREEN BLAST

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED 100 GREEN BLAST

overdose babes keep you awake sweat many
coils tight
hello yeah
that's Travis that's mean it's Josh yep
so we're are those babes true that
combine forces we make overdose rape and
today we are here looking at the last
naked 100 so this is one that's actually
part of the original launch of naked 100
they sent it out to us then days bad
days ago when we did the lava flow and
the other one yep so we did those two
but we totally forgot to do naked 100s
green blast and so they sent us out this
Hawaiian progress to the newest event
you know we the video is already up for
that so we thought we haven't done this
let's do it now let's do it let's do it
sorry boys it's been steeped you can
tell the difference in cars so here's
the one I thought that was just sent to
us bo3 bo3 and here's the naked one are
green blast and it's definitely steeped
to perfection so that's a beautiful
three it's a beautiful three and this is
green apple Kiwi and I'm gonna do yeah
so so what yeah sometimes green apples
little off for me but I like the idea of
Kiwi and honeydew right yeah as long as
the green apples not a little not too
sure we'll see we'll see yeah so let's
look at the bottom rope let's go up
close look at the bottle they're nice 60
ml bottles that's their standard yes
buddy's coming in under $30 I don't have
the price right up thought my head
thanks 25 it's around that yeah so so
that's a good price and we love the 60
ml standard hashtag and so yeah yeah
yeah alright let's go
cool stuff they have several lines now
but this is the one the second one they
sent to us yeah and it was their first
line I believe that came in the 60s yes
beautiful absolutely yeah great idea and
now they have the American Pie line as
well the whole snow comes and we have
those videos up if you want to check
them out you know yeah buddy
I want to look it up real quick for the
price uh and for the actual description
holy shit
you know I mean so we're going to try it
out yeah I'm just gonna the first exact
first site here all right I really like
it it is smooth and white and there is
like a little crane with that Kiwi
I remember them actually I read it this
morning before I came over knowing we
were gonna do it and it gets kind of say
that keep that key we brought a little
cream and it does when I think that that
melon also really adds to that smooth
kind of light December yeah hmm that
apples that's eating it and I love that
yes you know you're really getting that
Kiwi and then motherfucking cantaloupe I
mean no honeydew sorry yeah really
spot-on honeydew so breezy calm which is
like one of the bigger online retailers
for juice I've never bought from them
but it's always the first one that comes
up when you yeah Google searches so they
have it at twenty six ninety nine not
bad so that's a great price and they're
saying it's honeydew kiwi and Granny
Smith apple okay okay so that's what we
thought yeah as we thought
yeah do Kiwi great and that's what you
get on the bottle you guys saw it green
apple first and then you got your Kiwi
yeah and I mean I love that they do this
me too because
you know say with words no but here's
the international language of symbols
like here's what's in this bad it's a
plus and green apple I see that yeah I
love those little pictures they got
brewing highly descriptive and cute
thank you yeah nothing wrong cute so the
green apple is subdued but it's still a
very big part of the flavor yeah it adds
that little bit of sour yeah a little
bit a little bit of bright it's on the
train yes yeah yeah it's just not
driving exactly yeah and I get it on the
inhale and exhale which is surprising
because a lot of these really strong
flavors like green apple orange stuff
like that you get mostly on the exhale
but with this one I'm getting deaflink
inhale and exhale green apple I think I
can easily say this is probably my
favorite out of the naked 100 line um
just for me I mean some things knock
your socks off and some don't
yeah and this is just I could probably
I'll bake this whole bottle you know no
problem it is a really good summertime
rule perfect summer there's no doubt
about Allen Kiwi just great and they
really it's really well balanced because
honestly green apple and kiwi could
overtake this flight less scary and it
could and even the melon sometimes I've
had honey few babes it's too much that
was too much too sweet or something or
to brandy yeah just so much melanin just
like that's off-putting these are all
like they're all three fruits are ripe
and snatch really sweet and and put
together like you said very balanced so
it's very smooth on the palate very easy
to vape got a great lung fill its 70/30
but it's got great you know it puts off
more like an 80 that feels more great
great but when you love the flavor it
just adds to it I don't know it just
really does um this is my I would say
this my second favorite behind the lava
one one was a little creamier a little a
little more my lava flow lava flow yeah
this one is definitely my second
favorite it's a one with strawberries
the other one had the peach and ice
cream yeah it wasn't a lava flow but
it's the other one yeah yeah yeah but
this is really good
I mean this is really good and it's way
more up my alley than something like
Hawaiian pot and even though I thought
when Pop was good it's good it's more
tropical and this is a little bit more
like easy to digest for for my palate
and something with the balance I get I
don't know if it's coming from the melon
of the Kiwi but there is almost like a
little cream to it it's definitely the
edges are definitely rounded out on it
yeah yeah like like a milk tone I don't
know it's light but it's good there's no
sharp edges and with something like
green apple a lot of times don't be
sharp edges on this flavor you know what
I mean no it'll be too bright it'll be
too sharp no this doesn't suffer from
I'm gonna go a four point two damn yeah
I don't like it a lot huh yeah I'm gonna
say four I think that really if you're a
green apple person this is the one
you've been waiting for
without a doubt you know it's probably
the best green Apple iPad it's mixed
with a map those other fruits perfectly
yeah it's a buy if you like fruits or if
you're getting geared up for the summer
right I think that all the flavors are
well represented enough though to that
if any of those flavors are something
that you don't like maybe maybe it's not
for you because you definitely can taste
the green apple and the melon great
great great choices yeah they work
really well many great choices we
weren't sure obviously it took us a
while to get to the review but Hawaiian
pong reminded us in here we are we're
glad glad we got to do I'm really glad
because this is probably one of the
highlights out of the whole the whole
line bro straight fruit bang it's good
great smell - yeah just wonderful smell
Oh fruity all right oh right I mean in
and out without a doubt it's it's a
pretty good juice I would say it's a
biker from person so what are you gonna
do can't get any you can't get any
better than that
yeah if you see in the store check it
out go to the website down below however
you want to do it maybe check it out I
mean good it's good it's got a great
price for the size it's 60 mils and for
its premium quality it's definitely
beautiful shoes yep all right well thank
you guys so much for joining us as
always you know thank you the people at
the Schwarz naked 100 same people thank
you so much for sending it out totally
yeah nice surprise
we finally got a hold of it sorry that
it took so long for us to review it
here we are reviewing it you know we do
them in Paris apples so now we can
actually split the juice so that's good
we don't want to have to fight over the
green glass and this is you know what I
think this is a perfect timing because
if you're in your if you're looking for
something to vape over the summer time I
think this is it yeah this whole line
would be a nice summer babe check it out
yeah right thank you guys so much for
joining us keep it close tight keep your
wicks wet you got buddy I want to just
throw a shout out to new channels one of
our buddies
Blaine he's actually got a new one
called the vaping hunter Wow let's check
that out
and then a new homegirls been popping up
our Channel
I went and checked out her stuff it's
called a bait boy she's mini she's
actually coming from she makes some
beauty youtube videos and she's
transferring him to vaping cuz she got
started not smoking anymore very cool I
think she's coming from a totally
different kind of a kind of mind frame
where she's talking about you know not
gaining a lot of weight while quitting
smoking and the beauty aspects just you
know stuff like that weight reduction
health very cool coming from a lady
sometimes vaping seems a little Texas
it's a boys club it's very vulgar and so
for us it's great to see her coming out
as a beginner and pushing that beginner
stuff she is a really good counterpoint
to us yeah our videos and we enjoy her
so it's called vape with me check it out
and then the vaping Hunter babe with me
is really new really new yes she has a
handful of videos but they're really
good she has a very thorough the camera
qualities exits excellent cuz she's been
doing them in another avenue so the
video quality is nice she's she's
well-spoken very pretty to look at it's
nice to have a feminine face absolutely
great stuff she's not a few of like the
the vaping subscription boxes and stuff
like them a few flavors up so yeah just
go check her out maybe subscribe to her
that as a favor and the vaping Hunter
because that's our homeboy yeah buddy
for sure so do that alright yeah

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