April 18, 2018 4 min read



By Tatyana Dyachenko

Frost Bite by Naked 100 Menthol a refreshing tropical blend of sweet golden pineapple, fresh slices of honeydew and delicious cantaloupe. All with refreshing icy exhale.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of NAKED 100 FROST BITE EJUICE

hey guys thank you for coming to check  me out now this video is going to be  about another eliquid that I picked up  from premium vape supply now I picked up  a liquid from the Naked 100 line I hear  quite a few people talking about the  Naked 100 a liquid a lot of people  really really like them so I decided to  go ahead and try them out also now their  liquids come in a zero three six in 12  milligrams of nicotine for those of you  that like that higher nicotine content  or they want that like harsher throat  hit you can definitely find a liquid  within this line that you may enjoy they  have nine different flavors within that  line and these liquids come in a 70/30  VG PG blend I picked up the e-liquid  called frostbite and some of the other  illiquid that they have are let me read  them for you  they have all melon amazing mango brain  freeze green blasts Hawaiian pop lava  flow very very very cool and three of  the nine of them are menthol flavors  again I picked up the Frostbite now the  flavor profile for the Frostbite is  supposed to be like a sweet ripe  pineapple mixed with crispy honeydew in  tanky cantaloupe now in real life I do  not like honeydew and cantaloupe and  melon I eat fruit every single day as a  snack I like watermelon bananas  pineapples berries strawberries but I'm  not really a big fan of like honeydew  the melon or the cantaloupe at all I  don't know why I just don't like it  but I decided instead of buying  something that has like strawberry  flavors let me try out another or a  different flavor to give my palate a  rest from all those strawberry and berry  flavors now the bottle just looks like  this it comes in a 60 ml glass bottle  with a dropper top the side of the  bottle of course have some warnings this  is a three milligrams of nicotine if I  didn't say that before and it does have  like a little flavor profile on the side  I guess this is supposed to be like  cantaloupe pineapple and honeydew  I do not know what honeydew or can a  little taste like at all because I hate  it and I never ever eat it but I have  been vaping this on my own to go all in  one ego device and I  have actually been liking it now for  some strange reason all of a sudden I am  really into this menthol thing you know  that I found a new all-day faith within  the 5150 line but sometimes you need a  little break from your all-day baby you  want to switch it up a little bit so  this was definitely a flavor that I am  liking right now I'm gonna take a vape  on it and let you guys know what I think  and let's just go ahead and do that I  want to start off by saying that if you  are not a menthol fan or if you like a  little bit of menthol in your liquid but  you're not like a huge huge menthol fan  this is definitely one that you do not  want to try out the menthol in this is  not shy whatsoever on inhale and on  exhale what you are going to get from  this liquid is a fresh pineapple taste  it's very juicy and it does taste  definitely taste like the actual fruit  as if you just cut open a pineapple  however the pineapple is mixed with a  big blast of frost as the bottle says or  menthol the menthol is all throughout  this actually liquid is on the inhale  it's on the exhale it's mixed with the  pineapple and of course I don't know  what the honeydew or cantaloupe tastes  like so I'm not really too much worried  about those but you are gonna get the  menthol all wrapped around that  pineapple now I do get like a little bit  of tankyness or stinkiness with this  liquid if you've ever eaten like a fresh  pineapple you know after three or four  bites your tongue starts to get a little  bit of a stinky feeling I do get that  with but again with the flavor  description they say that that is the  cantaloupe you'll be the judge of that  I don't like cantaloupe at all out of  the ten I probably give this one about a  nine I am definitely thinking about  trying out some of the other flavors  within this line and this was definitely  a great purchase for me if this sounds  like something that you would like to  try out definitely check the description  box down below I will put a link down  there along with the coupon code so you  can go ahead and pick one of these up  again if you are afraid of menthol or  menthol is not your thing definitely try  one of the other juices on within the  line because this one is actually very  very frosty as the title says it's  called frostbite this is not for the  faith apart or non menthol lovers now I  thank you guys so very much for watching  I will see you guys very soon and happy  vaping

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